August 21 2014

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Tyra Thinks Bigger Is Better, Courtney Love Reinvents Herself On Twitter, and More…


Tyra Banks is fulfilling her promise to “help us all feel as fierce as we truly are” by launching a different kind of ANTM-type contest, which will focus on teenage plus-sized models. The competition will aptly be called the “Fiercely Real Teen Model Search.” Fierce. [NY Daily News]

A new survey shows that Japanese male college students are more interested in moisturizer, cleansing scrubs, and beauty salons than they are in cars. Please, oh please let this trend trickle west to the U.S. mainstream! [Business Week]

Thirteen-year-old blogging phenom Tavi may get front-row at Dior, but does she have her own cosmetics line? Fifteen-year-old Ava Anderson does. [Stylist]

“Quality issues with the glassware” have forced American Apparel to pull its new line of nail polishes from shelves. But not to worry; you’ll be able to buy butt-less leggings and a bottle of new and improved lacquer again in a matter of weeks. [The Cut]

Courtney Love has tried most things in life, but posing as a self-taught makeup artist online was uncharted territory for her. Until now. Watch out, Lauren Luke. [Stylist]

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