September 1 2014

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A Nail Art Project For Fashion Mavens


If Stella McCartney’s Fall collection and the ladies who have been loving its meticulously crafted sheer wares are any indication, adding at least one lace item to your wardrobe this season is a must. But for those of you who prefer to wear your lace on your hand as opposed to your sleeve, an old nail technique is gaining new favor. Our partner in nail crime over at All Lacquered Up suggests applying a layer of nail adhesive to your nail bed, securing a piece of lace in the color of your choice over top, painting on another coat of adhesive, and then trimming off the excess. We actually saw Creative Nail Design techs perform the same feat with fishnet stockings backstage at Baby Phat a few years ago, but using lace elevates the whole process in the class department. Removal is a bit trickier than with plain old polish, but it’s nothing a nice acetone soak can’t fix. Add it to your weekend activities’ list.

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/FilmMagic