August 20 2014

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The Leave-In Mitt Believes In; Beyoncé Gets Bangs; And More…


Justin Bieber’s new fragrance, Girlfriend, is coming to a beauty counter near you this month but this teaser trailer for the scent starring the teen dream himself should get you plenty excited in the mean time. [E!]

In a first-person account of what it was like to be the backup hairstylist to the Romneys and Ryans at the Republican National convention—from a liberal, no less!—we’ve gleaned the following tidbits of information. 1) Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan style their own hair; 2) they do so with product recommended to them by their corps of groomers, like the Fat Boy Perfect Putty that is currently going around Hair Force One; and 3) this product can be purchased at Urban Outfitters. This should win them at least a few youth votes during tomorrow’s election. [The Cut]

While Halle Berry is also a fan of using putties and waxes to style her short crop, she insists that her signature style doesn’t define her. “It’s just an accessory that I get to wear, like a handbag or shoes.” [People]

And in more hair news, Beyoncé has gotten bangs. Blue Ivy’s mom took time out of her busy campaigning-for-Obama schedule to watch a Brooklyn Nets game—and show off her new fall fringe. [Us]

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Obama Gets Into The Politics Of Polish; JPG Defines The Andrej Pejic Appeal; and More…


Barack Obama’s re-election committee reportedly has a special incentive for prospective campaign donors: nail polish. The Obama campaign is reviving a product initiative it started last month and is selling a custom, three-piece collection of Le Métier de Beauté lacquers at $40 a pop. Sure, they’re receiving a little bit of flack for shelling out to the tune of $10,000 to create the varnishes, but, like, polish for politics is kind of an awesome idea. Mark us down for a set. [Politico]

As per yesterday’s news roundup, Hunger Games hairstylist Linda Flowers confirmed that Elizabeth Banks’ character’s hair in the movie required the most work. But Jennifer Lawrence’s on-screen tresses may have required the most money. Lawrence apparently refused to play guinea pig when Flowers was experimenting to find Katniss Everdeen’s perfect shade of brunette, so the coiffing star bought five $6,000 wigs to arrive at the right color before actually dyeing Lawrence’s blond strands. [Daily Mail]

Why did Jean Paul Gaultier enlist gender-bending model Andrej Pejic to be the face of his forthcoming Le Male fragrance campaign? Because he’s the “modern woman-boy of today,” according to the designer—obviously. [Grazia]

Apparently, the awkward skin issues of your teenage years may not necessarily be over and done with. According to a new study, adult acne is becoming increasingly common in women well into their 40s and even 50s. [Huff Po]

First came the beauty contract, now comes the book. Revlon brand ambassador Jessica Alba has confirmed that her first book will be released in early 2013 and will include some of her favorite beauty tips and guidelines to living an honest, healthy lifestyle. [She Knows]

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A Fragrance For Nicole; Limbal Rings, A Defintion; And More…


It was really only a matter of time. Today comes the announcement that Nicole Richie is entering the beauty market with a signature scent all her own. Due out next year, the perfume is being billed as cool and classy, “with an edge.” [WWD]

In other things we could have predicted, Jersey Shore‘s Snooki has just launched a new collection of indoor tanning products. [Us]

A new study suggests an unlikely feature is the key to determining physical attractiveness in someone else: the eye’s limbal ring. Apparently, in the 20 milliseconds it takes to assess a person’s attractiveness, we’re factoring in the size and shade of the circle around the iris that separates it from the whites of the eyes. The bigger and darker the limbal ring, the more attractive the person appears. [HuffPo]

For the record, President Obama does not dye his hair—nor is the excess of salt in his pepper strands the result of job stress. “My grandfather was gray by the time he was 29,” Obama insists. “So I figured it was going to come. It just happened to coincide with the presidency.” [L.A. Times]

The fact that Lindsay Lohan is getting a one-way ticket back to jail is top o’ the twitter feeds today. And coming in a close second? Her courtroom bronzer abuse. [TMZ]

Photo: Steve Granitz / Getty Images

Angelina Does Pro Bono Work For Chantecaille; Beyoncé’s Heat Rush Is On; And More…


And the answer to the burning question of who makes the lip gloss Angelina Jolie was spotted reapplying at the Golden Globes is…Chantecaille. Angie is apparently a fan of its Brilliant Gloss in Love. We give it till the end of the night before the color is sold out at Neiman Marcus. [StyleList]

The latest topic of celebrity hair color conversation? Barack Obama. Word on the street is that the President dyed his graying locks a shade of black for last night’s State Dinner with Chinese president Hu Jintao. And why shouldn’t he? This is being hailed as one of the most important visits by a Chinese official to the U.S. in 30 years—the man needs to look his best! [Daily Mail]

In a bit of sad news, Chanel has shuttered its all-beauty, all-the-time concept shop in Tokyo, which means a similar outpost in, say, New York, is unlikely. [WWD]

Get excited: Beyoncé’s newest fragrance, Heat Rush, just launched—and with it comes this video of her selecting its notes. “It’s kinda like…I don’t know; it’s sexy. I like it,” she says of the perfume. We’d except nothing less, B. [Grazia]

Today’s news bite from Berlin fashion week is even more outrageous than yesterday’s: For an otherworldly look, German designer Patrick Mohr plastered over eyebrows and glued together models’ mouths. If there were an organized models’ union, they would presumably be nonplussed. [Bella Sugar]

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Emma Watson’s On the Short List, Why Beauty And Manual Labor Don’t Mix, And More…


More news about Emma Watson’s much discussed new pixie cut has surfaced. Word on the street is that the Harry Potter star and Burberry muse cut her locks for a chance at the lead role in the highly anticipated film version of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Carey Mulligan is also reportedly in the running to play the spiky-haired part of Lisbeth, and seeing as how she’s got a few years on Watson in the pixie-cut department, she may have the advantage. [Marie Claire U.K.]

A new study contends there’s an ugly side to being a pretty woman—if you’re going after a particularly masculine job, that is. Whether or not you find the prospect of working as a prison guard, car salesperson, or construction supervisor appealing, inequality in the workplace in the twenty-first-century is still totally intolerable. [Independent]

President Obama has slipped up. A few months ago, he joked that Snooki and JWoww would be excluded from the nationwide tan tax that went into effect in June, but during his recent appearance on The View, he claimed not to know who Snooki even was. “I know he knows who I am. He has to stop lying,” the Jersey Shore sun worshipper has quipped. The President’s speechwriters are no doubt working on his retort as we speak. [E!]

Body-toning footwear like Sketchers Shape Ups and FitFlops may be too good to be true, after all. Time to crawl back to the ol’ gym. [NYDN]

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