August 23 2014

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Understanding Lollipop Bling; Obama Dyes His Hair—Or Does He?; And More…


It turns out Mariah Carey’s name for her new collection of fragrances, Lollipop Bling, isn’t that random after all. When Nick Cannon proposed to Carey, he apparently presented her with a Ring Pop, and inside the package was a proper engagement ring. That’s where Elizabeth Arden got the idea for the singer’s perfume trio. Phew. We were readying ourselves for another bout of post-Glitter “exhaustion.” [NYT]

Exciting news from across the pond. Liz Earle, our favorite U.K.-based purveyor of natural skincare products, is branching out into haircare for fall. Taking into account the U.K. vs. U.S. launch date lapse, we’re gonna guess that they’ll make landfall here right before the holidays. Two words: Christmas list. [Elle U.K.]

Did he or didn’t he? Inquiring minds want to know whether or not President Obama has been dying his increasingly graying hair back to black. Take your mind off the oil spill for a minute and peruse the before and after pictures. [Huff Po]

He may be darkening his salt-and-pepper strands, but Mr. Obama is definitely not indulging in the eighties fad of shaved designs that’s currently experiencing a revival. But man, things would be a whole lot cooler if he was. [NYT]

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The Reason You Love Obama; Hair Gel: It’s Baaaack; And More…


New scientific data confirms that the more attractive a political figure is, the more they’re seen as trustworthy, intelligent, likable, and able. Huh. No wonder I was totally enthralled during all 70 minutes of last night’s State of the Union Address. [Telegraph]

Yet another reason to avoid designer imposters: New reports suggest that urine, bacteria, and antifreeze are among some of the filler ingredients put into fake high-end fragrances. Beware the street vendor with advance bottles of the new Balenciaga perfume! [NYDN]

Here’s another backstage scoop for you. Well, sort of. Beauty legend Trish McEvoy will make a cameo on Gossip Girl in March as the key makeup artist at Eleanor Waldorf’s fashion show. [Stylist]

Liposuction that can be performed while you’re awake is now available. The new procedure promises less bruising, less pain, quicker recovery time, and, of course, the satisfaction of actually seeing them suck the cellulite right out of your thighs. [Open Press]

Hair gel use is on the rise. Blame it on the Jersey Shore. [L.A. Times]

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At Sundance, The Gift Of Glam And Giving Back


In addition to the myriad movies and quality celeb-watching currently afoot at the Sundance Film Festival, a whole host of brand-sponsored “gifting suites” are adding to the spectacle on Park City’s Main Street. While the dismal economy has had a slight impact on the typically lavish goody bags on hand for A-list attendees this week, sneakers, watches, electronics, and beauty products still abound for those with the right credentials. has created an “Uncommon Giving Lounge” stocked with cold-weather travel essentials like Advil, Airborne, and Mission chapstick, as well as Anastasia brow kits and best sellers from Stila Cosmetics, for the likes of Susan Sarandon, Emmy Rossum, and Emma Roberts, all of whom stopped by the tent this past weekend. For its part, debuted designer collaboration bags from Shoshanna and Lela Rose stocked with prestige makeup. But it wasn’t all about beauty aids for beautiful people. Perhaps in the spirit of President Obama’s call for an “era of responsibility,” the online retailers are also donating some other essentials—including humidifiers, sun care, and first aid supplies—to the Association of Hole in the Wall Camps, to benefit children with serious medical conditions.

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Smooth, Clean, And Oh-So Presidential


If, like me, you were willing to forgo the inaugural posters and paraphernalia on offer in Washington today in order to avoid both the cold and the crowds, you can still buy a piece of themed, novelty-item history—created with beauty on the brain. CK One isn’t the only brand to jump on board Obama marketing mania; ThemeFragrance’s restorative and cleverly named O Balm Ah is a multifunctional salve and lip treatment that will bring, er, positive change to otherwise chapped dry skin, while Dugshop’s Obama-shaped Hope on a Rope natural vegan soap is purple—not red, not blue—in anticipation of national unity under our new commander in chief. A .5oz can of its Whoop Ass Hand Balm will also be included with every order placed through tomorrow, which we can only assume is intended to signify a certain “taking care of business” mentality with which the new administration will, fingers crossed, approach the task at hand.

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CK One Goes For A Truly Universal Appeal


The fact that Barack Obama’s messages of change and hope have actually inspired our great, apathetic nation will be something to behold when he gets inaugurated on January 20th in front of what will no-doubt be a record crowd gathered to see greatness unfold before them. If you choose to watch from home on that Tuesday, you will witness another display of unity in the form a new CK One commercial that is, coincidentally enough, said to be inspired by a social movement of people coming together. The “We Are One” spot will feature a song written by Jamie Burke—the long-haired British model, musician, and onetime Sienna Miller boyfriend—who also appears in the TV and print campaign which, get this, also features models of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones. (Apparently, change has indeed inspired the fragrance company once known for propagating heroin-chic and kiddie porn.) To reinforce Burke’s original composition, a limited edition CK One bottle printed with the words “We Are One” in a number of languages will be on sale, set in a base which includes a removable MP3 speaker. A lighter, all-over CK One body spray will also make its debut later this month.

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