September 1 2014

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Frédéric Malle Partners Up for the Holidays



Of all the sensory experiences that define the holidays (seeing the falling snow, feeling the heat emit from a crackling fire, and hearing those tireless Christmas jingles), it’s the smells of December that are perhaps the most lasting. Just in time for the season of giving (and getting), fragrance icon Frédéric Malle launched his Joyeux Noël candle last night with a dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s Sidebar in Beverly Hills. Puck’s wife, Gelila Puck, assumed hosting duties alongside Barneys New York (with whom he’s partnered with for thirteen years)—drawing the likes of China Chow, artist Tierney Gearon, Co’s Stephanie Danan and Justin Kern, and Parabellum’s Jason Jones and Gabriela Artigas.

Working together with nose Dominique Ropion, whom Malle calls “the greatest living perfumer today,” the candle’s fragrance originated from a scent he created many years ago for a charity at the Centre Pompidou. Inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s Fanny & Alexander, a film that also resonated with Ropion, the festive blend features notes of pine, cinnamon, and cotton candy for an unexpected boost. The limited-edition bougie is presented in a box designed by artist Konstantin Kakanias, a longtime collaborator with Malle. “All of the illustrations are really down to earth—exact renditions of the way we see the atmosphere,” he explained of Kakanias’ contemporary caricatures.

And for those of us who barely have time to shop, let alone wrap, consider eighteen of Malle’s classic scents—all boxed up in Liberty of London prints (marking the five-year relationship between the brand and the British retailer). If these limited-edition launches are any indication, this perfumer is quite the team player.

Joyeux Noël candle, $95,; Frédéric Malle x Liberty fragrances, see

First Look: Gaga-Inspired Holiday Nails; L’Oréal Fêtes Four Decades Of Being “Worth It”; And More…


As part of Barneys’ Twelve Days of Gaga holiday celebration, the New York retailer is previewing limited-edition products, one day at a time, on a newly launched microsite. Today’s edition: bejeweled flame press-on nails handmade by nail artist Naomi Yasuda. In a word, hot. []

Looking for the perfect gift for the fragrance obsessive on your list? Two new books full of perfume prose should do the trick. [NYT]

This year, L’Oréal celebrates 40 years of its “because you’re worth it” campaign, which the brand and its many acolytes say still provides a “necessary validation” for women worldwide. [WWD]

New pictures from the set of next year’s highly anticipated movie adaptation of The Hunger Games have emerged, showing Elizabeth Banks in her character Effie Trinket’s signature cotton candy coif. And you know what? Banks looks good in pink. [People]

Photo: Courtesy of Barney’s

Byredo Goes Into the Mystic


Oud is many things to many people. To the musically minded, it’s an almond-shaped, intricately embellished stringed musical instrument from the Middle East; to those who imbibe, it’s a style of medium-bodied brown Belgian beer; and for the linguists out there, it’s simply the Dutch word for “old,” or “archaic.” For the perfume community, oud is an exotic and incredibly rare oil made from the wildly fragrant resin of the Aquilaria tree, also known as Agarwood. Originally from the Assam region of India and now found throughout Southeast Asia, the fragrant elixir has been prized for thousands of years for its purported spiritual, mystical, and aphrodisiacal powers. A bevy of noteworthy perfume companies have given the magical extract a starring role in their eaux; there’s Pure Oud from By Kilian, Oud Wood by Tom Ford, and Midnight Oud by Juliette Has a Gun. This week, Ben Gorham, the brains behind Byredo, adds his own pair of oud-centric blends to the pot. Accord Oud is a heady blend of smoky and sweet with notes of blackberry, saffron, clary sage, patchouli, and powdery musks to round out the composition, while Oud Immortel feels like an ode to the ingredient’s exotic origins with potent notes of incense, cardamom, papyrus, Brazilian rosewood, tobacco leaves, and moss. Is it an aphrodisiac? As far as we’re concerned, totally. From the second we spritzed each onto our skin, it was love at first smell.

Byredo Accord Oud and Oud Immortel, $195 each,

Ila, For Good Skin And Good Vibes


Call it cynicism, but there’s something about the “energy medicine” field that just doesn’t sit right with us. Despite something of a new age upbringing filled with crystals and soy products, we can’t seem to latch onto the concept of bio-energetic auras and their alleged effects on health and well-being. So we were somewhat skeptical about Ila, a London-based company currently making strides across the U.S., which has created an entire skincare line around the notion of improving the individual magnetic energy spectrum through slathering, spritzing, and soaking. That is, until we learned that the brand has gone as far as to conduct bio-energy testing in order to prove its products’ efficacy: In Pune, India, females between the ages of 30 and 45 who used the collection over a period of three weeks showed detectable changes in their energy fields before, during, and after treatments. The ultra-luxe Face Oil for Glowing Radiance might make a believer of us yet. In any case, Barneys and the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles in Beverly Hills are convinced.

Photo: Courtesy of Barneys

Vincent Longo On Faking It


Long, thick, dark lashes make everyone look (and feel) better. It’s a fact. But until lash extensions come down in price and Lumigan gets FDA approval, most of us will have to be content struggling with the barely adhesive glues and difficult-to-maneuver falsies of red carpet (and drag queen) favor. There is a better way, though, thanks to Vincent Longo, whose La Dolce Vita Lash Collection is arguably one of the best on the market. One-third the size of traditional false lashes, they amplify your natural lashes in a way that is subtle but still dramatic. They also come with a specialized, exclusively formulated glue that goes on bright blue for perfect placement then dries to a clear finish. If you still can’t get them on right, though, Longo will make a house call to help guide you in the process. Seriously. He’ll be at Barneys from 1 to 5 p.m. tomorrow to showcase the line. Call 212-833-2654 to make an appointment.

Photo: Courtesy of Sephora