August 21 2014

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Karen Elson and Amanda Peet’s Hair Pro Shares Her San Francisco Hot Spots


When hair pro Michelle Snyder, formerly of Bumble and Bumble and Whittemore House, returned to her hometown of San Francisco a few years ago to open her very own salon, the New York clients who had come to rely on her signature cool-girl cuts with a retro spin were collectively dismayed. But NYC’s loss has been SF’s gain. At her Barrow Salon, Snyder is continuing to dole out ‘dos that have earned her a cultish following and celebrity fans like Zooey Deschanel, Karen Elson, and Amanda Peet, alongside a stellar team of creatives she handpicked, not to mention playing host to pop-up shops and regularly visiting talent. Anyone who has had the great fortune of being at the receiving end of Snyder’s shears knows that her personal style—vintage dresses and serious lipstick—is as worthy of accolades as her cuts. Here, the hair virtuoso shares some of her personal go-tos.

THE EYEBROW GURU: Amanda Toscano

“My favorite eyebrow specialist is by far Amanda at Habit. She has an amazing eye for what constitutes the perfect arch on everyone. The best I’ve ever found.”



“I love El Niño MMA gym. I have been doing Thai boxing for six years, and this gym hands-down has the best workouts and the most eclectic group of people. It’s not for the weak…and that why I like it.”


THE SIGNATURE SCENT: Agent Provocateur

“Agent Provocateur. Always. I have been wearing this fragrance for about 10 years. It’s the perfect combination of rosy and sexy.”



“My favorite stores to shop are Reliquary for their beautiful Victorian jewelry and Ver Unica for their 1930s dress collection. I also love the Alameda flea market for clothes and household goods.”

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“The best place for a boozy brunch on a Sunday is Thee Parkside. The chilaquiles are delish!”



“For all things complexion related—facials, Botox, laser, etc.—I go to Anna Petras, NP [aesthetic nurse practitioner] at Inner Image. She introduced me to SkinCeuticals Phyto +, which has really helped to improve my skin tone and texture.”


THE HAIR HELPERS: Eileen McCarthy at Barrow and Coby Alcántar at Little Axe Salon

“Eileen is my favorite. She is so good with all color, but her rich brunettes are perfection. And I see my friend Coby every time I’m back in New York. We have a thing where we always cut each other’s hair when we see each other.”

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“I am in love with R+Co Outer Space hairspray. It’s dry, so you can layer it, and it smells so delicious and earthy. Also, Oribe’s Gold Lust shampoo and conditioner is instant gratification in a bottle for beat-up hair.”

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“In Fiore has so many beautiful products, and they are local, which is great, but my favorites are their lip balm and eye balm. I love Kiehl’s vanilla and cedarwood body wash and Santa Maria Novella bath salts—I love all of their scents because they feel woodsy, hippie, and yummy. My all-time favorite red lipstick is Ruby Woo by MAC, but I’m also in love with Bésame lipstick! Their reds, which are inspired by styles from the 1920s to 1950s and which we sell at Barrow, are my favorite.”

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Spend Your Weekend in the Clouds With Marc Jacobs



On a blustery evening back in February, fashion’s elite watched Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2014 collection float down the runway at the Armory underneath a ceiling scattered with Magritte clouds. Now that the Polar Vortex has passed and the designer’s latest fragrance, Daisy Dream, is making its public debut, Jacobs is celebrating with an open-air lounge this weekend located just outside Madison Square Park. In addition to stark white couches buffered by pillowy, blow-up clouds (which make for the perfect retreat after a day of power shopping on lower Fifth), there are iPads installed in the space that allow you to virtually record your hopes and dreams. Expect an e-mail from the “MJ Daisy Dream Capsule” a year later reminding you of the goals you set. Here’s to making those lofty ambitions a reality by the time next summer rolls around.

Marc Jacobs Dream Cloud Lounge, Madison Square Park triangle, 23rd Street between Fifth Avenue and Broadway, August 14-18 from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Don’t live in NYC? The Dream Cloud Lounge will be making its way to Chicago (August 21-25), San Francisco (September 4-8), and Dallas (September 12-16). Or enter your dreams online at


Photos: Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

A Brooklyn Jewelry Designer’s Laid-Back Beauty Routine


suzannah-wainhouseIn the ever changing—and, perhaps more accurately, quickly homogenizing—creative landscape of New York, jewelry designer Suzannah Wainhouse stands blissfully apart: both she and her work, resolutely singular presences. I first discovered her impactful creations, many of which have an antique, often native quality to them, at Williamsburg’s Beautiful Dreamers and have counted myself a fan ever since (I can rarely be found without my leather-bound, arrowhead Ida necklace). This summer Wainhouse has been dreaming up a new African-inspired collection of jewelry, while also spending plenty of time in her painting studio (look out for shows in September and October) and trolling the beach at Fort Tilden. Just as striking as her jewelry is her own extensive collection of tattoos, all of which have been done by friends (most recently, Brooklyn’s Bailey Robinson) and are, therefore, quite meaningful. Wainhouse, whose beauty icon ideal would be a mash-up of Jane Birkin and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, has a routine that is pared down to say the least. Here, she shares some of her go-tos.


“I try to keep my beauty regimen simple and use only organic products and lots of oil. I use a lot of Josie Maran and Suki products—my favorites are the Josie Maran Argan Oil face wash and the Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser. For oil, I always love Spectrum coconut oil, Dr. Alkaitis face oil, and Rodin face oil.”


“I love Gypsy Water by Byredo, because I don’t go for overpowering scents and this one is really light.”


“I only wash my hair once a week with Phyto Phytojoba Intense Hydration Brilliance Shampoo and Phytobaume Repair Conditioner, then use Weleda’s Rosemary Hair Oil afterward.”


“I almost never wear makeup, but on the rare occasion that I do I like lipstick by YSL and Dior mascara.”


“I walk to and from work every day across the Williamsburg Bridge, which is good exercise. Sleep and lots of rest seems to be the best wellness treatment of all!”


“I love Great Jones Spa for their hot stone massage and the incredible steam room. And I get facials from my friend Hillery [Sklar] at Miomia in Williamsburg. She has a really gentle yet effective technique of steaming, extracting, and hydrating the skin.”

Photo: Jessica Malaforus

Get Up Close and Personal With Beyoncé



It’s no secret that Queen Bey possesses an otherworldly glow. In fact, we’ve written about it in-depth here on Beauty Counter and even produced a video tutorial dedicated to the subject. But the selfie the beauty icon posted to Instagram last night took our obsession up a notch. (Not to mention it made us long for nude stiletto nails branded with our own initials instead of J+B, two letters emblazoned on much of the On the Run tour merchandise.) I confirmed with her go-to makeup man, Sir John, that there was no filter on this particular photo. (Yep, she really does wake up like this.) For mere mortals with visible pores, he suggests reaching for a glycolic scrub or fruit enzyme peel twice a week to smooth your complexion. Follow that up by slathering a rich eye cream all over. The other half of Beyoncé’s onstage summer radiance prescription: While your moisturizer is still tacky, apply a lightweight foundation for a dewy finish, then dust a matte peach blush on the apples and a “dark cinnamon” shade in the hollows of your cheeks. To take luminosity to the next level, smudge a pearlescent shimmer on the tops of cheekbones, above your brows, and down the bridge of your nose with your ring finger. Highlight eyes with a touch of glitter liner on top of a black gel formula, a trick Sir John employed for the past three shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco. “It looked like a strip of emeralds on the monitors,” he said. And when all else fails, select Hefe before posting your self-portrait to social channels to instantly amp up the bronze factor. Modern technology: Blessing the rest of us with Beyoncé’s supernatural skin.


Photo: Instagram; Parkwood Entertainment

Hannah Bronfman’s Beach Body Secrets and Top “Gym Selfie” Tips



When I spotted Hannah Bronfman in Lisa Marie Fernandez’s Resort ’15 lookbook, I went straight to the source to get to the bottom of her enviable bod. In addition to the DJ and girl-about-town’s workout and nutrition tips, I also discovered that Bronfman is launching a fitness addition to Beautified (an app that helps you book same-day beauty services) next week, which will allow users to snap up last-minute spots at studios such as Flywheel, Physique 57, and Barry’s Bootcamp. It should come as no surprise, seeing as she’s the reigning queen of the gym selfie and counts Broadway Bodies‘ Beyoncé workout among her favorite ways to break a sweat—even acting as a guest instructor for the intense, hip-hop cardio class. But booty shaking aside, here’s how Bronfman stays in swimsuit-ready shape.

I’ve heard a lot about the Beyoncé workout, and I’ve noticed on Instagram that you’re one of its toned, twerking followers.

Yes. It’s so fun. It’s amazing. And that’s not my workout by any means, it’s just one thing that’s really fun and you get to sweat and use body parts you don’t usually use at the gym. My whole thing is all about muscle confusion. I think it’s really important to work out different muscle groups all the time. My body gets used to certain workouts pretty quickly, so I try to really mix it up. I love boxing and Pilates. I also love to throw in things that I don’t always do all the time, like a class at SLT, Barry’s Bootcamp, or this new studio that just opened up called The Movement—they have this really cool resistance yoga class. I’m very much into exploring and looking at classes and trying to find places that offer [atypical] things. Bari is really great. They’re in Tribeca and they do trampoline and resistance [training]. They’re all about plyometrics, which is the idea of explosive movement. Body by Simone is great, too.

Sounds like you’re really all over the place.

Yeah, I really am all over the place. The most exciting part of my week is being able to map out what class I’m going to take on what day. If I could work out five days a week, that would be ideal, and doing something different every day is my ultimate [goal].

It’s pretty impressive that you hit the gym five days a week.

I try. It’s hard because I have to be at the office at 9, and not every gym offers ideal times. So half the time I’m just going to Equinox and getting on the treadmill or something boring. I work out either every morning or every afternoon, but five days a week.

So, how hard is the Beyoncé class? I would think rhythm would be a prerequisite.

It’s really not that hard. I do come from a dance background, but there are a lot of girls in the class who don’t and are so coordinated. You have to have a little bit of rhythm, but the instructor takes it slow—he’s not just throwing you in there. He shows you the steps. We do [each sequence] multiple times before moving onto the next count of eight. And I’ve actually had the pleasure now of teaching one of the classes.


No way! Sign me up…and put me in the back.

Yeah, I think I’m going to try and do it again. In which case, I’m definitely going to be telling some of my industry friends, because they’re the ones who are like, “You gotta take me to a class!”

It sounds like you could fill in as a backup dancer for Beyoncé’s On the Run tour.

Oh, my God, I would die. I’m begging my 13-year-old sister—she got tickets to the concert. I’m literally bribing her to take me. She’s like, “You’re so not cool.”

Whatever you’re having, I want to eat it, too, because your body looks pretty amazing in that Resort lookbook. Do you have a favorite summer snack?

I’m obsessed with Quest Bars. They’re incredible. They’re the one bar that I’ve really found on the market that has so much protein and barely any sugar, and I think that they’re so delicious. Their Cookie Dough one is insane.

Are you into juicing or cleanses?

I actually am not a cleanse or juicing kind of girl. I find that juicing leaves me pretty bloated, and there’s a lot of sugar [in juice], so I’m actually obsessed with smoothies. Smoothies keep all the fiber, and I find them to be more filling. When I was first wrapping my head around smoothies, I actually bought a book by a trainer named Harley Pasternak called The Body Reset, and I really think it works. I wasn’t doing it to lose weight; I was kind of doing it to aid digestion. And it was amazing. When I’m sick of my green smoothie that I’ve been making for months on end, I’ll just go and open the book—he’s got really good seasonal recipes.


What is your favorite smoothie for summer?

[Pasternak] does this peach-ginger [smoothie]. I think another really good one is a cucumber-mint-chlorophyll, which is really refreshing.

Do you make these recipes at home?

Yeah, I’m addicted to my Vitamix.

Since you seem to have mastered the concept, what is the key to taking a good workout selfie?

The key is to get in a position that you think is impressive, and then snap a good angle. I like to sit on the exercise ball on my knees so my core is super-engaged and I snap a pic in the mirror. I’ve seen plenty of treadmill selfies, too!

About how many tries does it take to get the perfect shot?

I can usually get the shot in three snaps, but it never hurts to hit the burst button on the iPhone and pick the best one.


Who is the person who takes your videos and photos for your Instagram account?

Brendan Fallis, my partner in workout crime, takes my videos and photos. I do the same for him—his videos are a bit more impressive than mine! My little sister Bettina is becoming quite the iPhone photographer as well.

What is the key to a good booty shot? You have quite a few flattering ones on your account!

It’s about light and angles, but you just need to feel confident and have fun with it! Instagram is full of inspiration for photos.

Why did you decide to expand into fitness with Beautified and how is your approach different from other apps out there?

Expanding into fitness is a natural progression for Beautified. Working out and staying fit is [obviously] a big passion of mine. My partners, Annie [Evans] and Peter [Hananel], and I feel strongly that beauty and wellness go hand in hand. We’ve partnered with the best fitness studios in the city, including Barry’s Bootcamp, Body by Simone, Flywheel, Bari, and Physique 57, to name a few. We approached fitness the same way we have beauty: to provide the easiest way for our users to find and book last-minute classes while on the go. We are very selective with our partners and do our homework to ensure that only the top studios are on Beautified.

Yes, I can tell you haven’t been cheating on your homework…or skipping P.E.


Photos: Courtesy of Lisa Marie Fernandez; Instagram