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Turning Japanese


Rino NakasoneToday marks the start of Tokyo fashion week, and to celebrate, founder of, photographer, and makeup artist Robin Black collaborated with fellow face painter Megumi Asai and actor Mariko Wordell to create a five-day series of Polaroids and 27-second films that feature an actress, fine artist, choreographer, manicurist, and model—all hailing from Japan. “We picked subjects not to reflect traditional Japanese beauty or any of the current trends, but rather because they are talented, interesting women with widely varied looks,” said Black. First up is dancer and choreographer Rino Nakasone. In addition to acting as Harajuku Girl to Gwen Stefani, Nakasone has worked with American pop stars like Britney Spears, Rihanna, and Janet Jackson. And aside from the intriguing images, arty videos, and write-ups in both Japanese and English on the site, Black lists the actual products Asai used to create the look (a rarity in the world of beauty editorials). In other words, you have a fair shot at re-creating Nakasone’s crimson cat-eyes and matching mouth stateside.

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