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Beauty Sound Bites: The Hair-Brushing Chronicles of Mary-Kate Olsen


olsen-twins-tommy-ton“You know, the truth is I feel like I just learned how to brush my hair like last week.”

Ashley Olsen told the Elle in a recent interview that her hidden talents lie in doing other people’s makeup and cutting hair (although she admitted the “blunt, A-line” shape she recently gave a friend had to be “neatened” up by a professional). Based on Mary-Kate’s quote above, the other half of this dynamic duo must have missed out on those DIY beauty genes.


Beauty Sound Bites: Kloss Talks the Walk


karlie“I love being a part of fashion week. I live off the adrenaline of shows. I wasn’t planning on walking so many shows, but it’s a pretty special year: Donna is celebrating her thirtieth, Diane von Furstenberg just celebrated her fortieth. It’s a season that’s not to be missed, so I couldn’t sit this one out.”

We heard rumblings that Kloss was “too famous” to walk the New York shows. Judging by the ten runways she strutted down for Fall 2014, that rumor was totally bogus (which the model clarified above). I asked Tracy Kloss (her mother) backstage if the super ever gets tired, and she stated quite simply: “No, she’s always had high metabolism and high energy.” And perhaps she has a bit of FOMO—as she doesn’t seem to be slowing down during fashion month anytime soon.

Photo: Sonny Vandevelde;

Beauty Sound Bites: The Nose Knows



“Your brain can be tired, but your nose is just a transmitter. The nose can never be tired.”

In other words, if I were to be a body part during NYFW, I’d like to be the nose. The French perfumer extraordinaire has his own namesake line containing over 19 scents, but he’s also the sensorial genius behind such hits as Carven Le Parfum and Acqua di Parma Iris Nobile. His secret to developing some of the world’s most beloved eaux is taking a break every two hours to clear the mind and working with the windows open. In New York, the open-window policy often poses a challenge, as many buildings see it as a safety hazard and opt for central air instead. “Scents are flattened by air conditioning,” Kurkdjian explained. “For example, the [same scents] are flatter in the U.S. than they are in France.” The key to crafting great perfume, it appears, is as simple as a breath of fresh air.

Beauty Sound Bites: Stick to the Point(s)


chanel-eye“To get liquid eyeliner right, I always look at the eyes straight on—I never apply makeup to a closed eye. I make two dots, one where I want the line to start and another where I want the line to end, and then I draw a straight line. It’s all about connecting the dots.”

Every face painter has his or her own technique for creating the perfect swoosh with liquid liner—a product that can trip up even the steadiest of hands. I’ve heard of penciling on a stencil before tracing over the top with eyeliner, crafting the shape in three parts, and even using a credit card to nail a sharp edge. Leave it to this master of maquillage, however, to make achieving the often-finicky flick as easy as a kindergarten worksheet. With strong, graphic eyes appearing on multiple couture runways (Chanel and Giambattista Valli) thus far, it seems studying up on the classic look isn’t a bad idea. Consider this your Cliffs Notes.

Beauty Sound Bites: And the Bride Wore Red



“It’s like being with a bride on her wedding day. It is so special and means so much to me. It is such a special group of people who are with these women on their big day.”

For first-time Golden Globe nominees, the red-carpet experience can be just as overwhelming as it is exciting. Lippmann, who did Lupita Nyong’o’s nails, provided a Zen-like, pre-award-show morning for the star—a welcome break from the hectic months of endless promotion for her film 12 Years a Slave—complete with laughing, singing, and, of course, pampering. On Nyong’o's nails: Deborah Lippmann Nail Color in Naked and Diamonds and Pearls. On the duo’s playlist? Beyoncé.