September 3 2014

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Lisa Hoffman X Tom Binns; Sarah Palin’s SoCal Beauty Moment; And More…


Beauty baubles have always been just fine by us, but Lisa Hoffman just made her perfumed trinkets that much more covetable by enlisting the, er, packaging services of jewelry designer Tom Binns. Yes,we would wear that aromatic necklace-turned-diffuser, pictured above. [WWD]

Bye-bye, back-combed bump; hello, frosted lipstick, questionable highlights, and a noticeably-thin frame. Sarah Palin gets a makeover, Hollywood style. [The Cut]

Ben Affleck’s shaggy, side-swept hair in the new flick Argo was not a Justin Bieber homage, OK? “I am a big fan of Justin Bieber’s, but I was not trying to emulate his haircut,” Affleck insists. “I felt like I was more of a Kurt Russell in Escape From New York vibe.” [CBS]

Let it be known: Pulling out one gray hair will not make two more grow in its place, according to Philip Kingsley Clinic trichologist Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips. It won’t prevent that single silver strand from growing back either, however. [Huff Po]

Jean Paul Gaultier has just released his latest bottle design for Diet Coke, which features a tattooed female silhouette—and an equally inked-up Daisy Lowe as spokesperson. [Telegraph]

Photo: Courtesy of Lisa Hoffman