September 2 2014

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Peachy Keen Blush For Spring


A spin-off of spring’s coral trend, apricot blush seems to be usurping better-known shades of pink as the cheek color of choice these days, popping up in makeup collections and on the red carpet with increasing frequency. As far as we’re concerned, Chanel’s new Fandango and Givenchy’s Maharani Orange shades take a close second and third to Benefit Cosmetics’ Georgia face powder, an old favorite in this color category that still gets the job done. But according to New York-based makeup artist Mariel Barrera, cream blushes are the way to go if you want to fully rock this look. “A cream-based product helps your blush look like skin,” Barrera says, pointing out that the appeal of an apricot blush lies in the fact that it can mimic the sun, providing a much more natural finish than, say, an icy pink or deep berry. “The color tends to work better on women with darker complexions,” Barrera says, ” although if you have fair skin you can still wear it; just be wary of over-applying so you don’t look too orange.”

Application tips: Apply your apricot blush similarly to the way you might apply a rouge, starting on the apples of your cheeks and blending outward toward the cheek bones. Then add a little color to the bridge of your nose and forehead, anywhere the sun might hit, to make it look as natural as possible.

Mariel’s picks: If you’re ready to pass on the powder, try a cream blush like MAC Cosmetics blushcreme in Cheery or Tarte Cosmetics Cheek Stain in Sunkissed.

Photo: Courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics Helps You Start the New Year Right


Banking on a bout of collective debauchery come December 31, Benefit Cosmetics and Hanky Panky have teamed up to offer The Overnighter Set. The package includes a low-rise thong and four mini versions of the cheeky beauty brand’s essentials to get you through New Year’s Day, if the previous night’s festivities leave you a little worse for wear—and without access to your full arsenal of products. Turns out, you can in fact make a “walk of shame” look glamorous with a few quick swipes of Benetint rose-tinted lip and cheek stain, Some Kind-a Gorgeous foundation faker, California Kissin’ smile-brightening lip shine, and Eyecon brightening eye cream—which is a decidedly better way to start 2009 than, say, having to go commando as you make your way home from an unidentified couch with mascara everywhere but your eyes.

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Fake Flush, The Real Deal


In this season of wind-burnt cheeks, I have rediscovered an affinity for blush—or rouge, as my grandmother called it (terminology that is long overdue for a comeback, as far as I’m concerned). Since standing outside for long periods of time or pinching your way to a perfect pink is both uncomfortable and excessive, simulating a flushed, I-just-came-in-from-the-cold -and-boy-do-I-look-fabulous face is a great way to perk up your complexion, which has likely lost its summer glow. This gem from makeup artist Alice Ghendrih is currently driving my application aspirations. While I’d like to be able to duplicate her placement—reminiscent of doll makeup and applied slightly higher on the apples of the model’s cheeks than usual—and that searing shade of rose (a pink so pink that one might be inclined to cry digital enhancement), I will most likely continue to reach for something a little more conservative, like Benefit Cosmetics’ Posietint applied dead center. You, however, dear reader, should feel free to venture outside of your comfort zone.

Photo: Miles Aldridge for Numéro 98, November 2008.

Makeup and Fashion Trends, Now a Packaged Deal


Pulling off fall’s biggest trends is as much about layering knitwear as it is about building the perfect cheek contour. In an effort to help you get your fashion and beauty fix, has teamed up with Benefit Cosmetics to showcase six seasonal runway trends complete with expert advice on how to create each look (and how to quickly and easily exert your purchasing power). “Winter Florals” by Vena Cava and Rebecca Taylor are complemented by purple shadow and a rosy cheek stain, while an “Ombré Ombré!” Alice + Olivia dress is paired with eyes dusted in a neutral shade gradient. The step-by-step instructions provide product recommendations and the know-how for fail-safe application techniques: You need to swirl the shadow brush for maximum blending effect. A simple stroking action just won’t do.