August 29 2014

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A Foolproof Liquid Liner? It Now Exists



“The world needs another eyeliner”—said no beauty editor, ever. Admittedly, it’s a market that’s suitably saturated, but with Benefit’s latest launch, the brand aims to innovate. Meet They’re Real Push-Up Liner, a sister product to the hyper-lengthening (and cultishly adored) They’re Real mascara. As the first gel liner in twist-up pen form, it offers the portability of liquid liners with the opacity and long-wear time of a gel. The patent-pending, flexible rubber AccuFlex tip cozies up to the lashline to make sure your cat-eye ends up where it should be, and dispenses an ideal amount of liner, whether you’re going for a touch of daytime definition or full-on Bardot bedroom eyes. While it doesn’t launch officially until June 27, Benefit is currently offering the chance to snap up a tube in their virtual queue at (stragglers click now, you only have a few hours left to get in on the action). Hey, having first dibs on a foolproof flick is worth waiting in line for.

Photos: Getty; Courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics

Smooth Talker


benefit-bathinaI find bath oil to be a tough sell—you either love the slick stuff or absolutely despise it. While I consider myself a storied member of the lotion camp, Benefit’s Bathina Soft to Touch…Hard to Get provides multiple reasons to stray into glossier territories. The lightweight, non-greasy spray infused with almond, olive, and avocado oils softens skin and leaves a subtle sheen—not like you’ve just coated yourself head-to-toe with PAM. Plus, each pump generates a mist that covers a fairly wide area of the body, allowing the formula to absorb quickly and evenly. The powder pink bottle—emblazoned with Bathina, an illustration created by a pinup artist that also serves as the face of the brand’s cult-classic body balm—was inspired by a vintage perfume flacon…accidentally placed upside down on a Benefit staffer’s desk. The story behind the packaging seems quite fitting for this cheeky brand that has turned the beauty business on its head with a quirky, problem-solution approach to cosmetics. (Case in point: They’ve sold millions of bottles of a rose-colored tint initially intended to deepen an exotic dancer’s nipples.) And with this new formula doubling as massage oil and the vintage-esque vixen seductively showing off her satiny arms and legs as she chats on the phone, one is left to wonder, who exactly is on the other end of the line?


Super Bowl Sunday: A User’s Guide


Aside from my significant other of five years and my rescue pit mix, Lola, you could legitimately say that fashion, beauty, and football are the great loves of my life—a funny paradox that comes to a head this time of year, when the Super Bowl and New York fashion week come dangerously close to colliding. There are few like-minded women in the industry who wait with bated breath for the fashion week schedule to come out, like I do, to confirm that there will not, in fact, be any overlap between beer drinking and screaming at the television and stiletto wearing and all-day call times, but I have been fortunate enough to come across a few. While my team, the Philadelphia Eagles, was sadly (way) out of contention for this year’s Super Bowl, it will be a particularly exciting game for two of those kindred spirits, some of fashion’s finest, whose hometown heroes will be battling it out on the gridiron while the whole world watches. So, in case you need a reason to tune in on Sunday—before and after the halftime show, that is—read on below for their quick guide to key players, what to bring to a potluck party, and the perfect red lip that says, “Let’s go, ‘Niners!” if wearing an oversize jersey is entirely out of the question.

Name: Kelley Ireland-Kelly, content director for Ralph Lauren.
Football Fandom Beginnings: “My grandfather was the first football coach at UNLV and later became the athletic director. My father played for him and that’s how my parents met, so football has always just been important. I dated a football player in high school, too, and we would spend weeknights watching ESPN—it’s just in the blood!”
San Francisco or Baltimore: “San Francisco. My greatest memory is still ditching class to drive to Haight Street to find just the right pair of Levi’s cutoffs.”
49ers or Ravens: “I think the 49ers have had a pretty compelling story line this season. I think everyone wants to see the second-string quarterback win the Super Bowl—they write movies about this stuff!”
Favorite Player: “[SF coach] Jim Harbaugh. Does that count? He’s from my high school (Palo Alto High School), so I like to show support. Second would be Frank Gore. He was my running back in fantasy football, and despite the rumors that he would get injured and bail, he took me to the playoffs.”
Game-Day Prep: “I have a ten-month-old, so showering is a pretty big deal for me right now. Maybe I can squeeze in some face lotion, but it will be a game-day decision. I do have a red and gold silk pajama set that will be making an appearance, though.”
Tailgating Snack of Choice: “Wine.”
Best Bowl-Day Beauty Bet: “A poppy red lip, like Benefit’s Full Finish Lipstick in Flirt Alert. The company’s based in San Fran, don’t you know.”

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Beauty Throwdown: Battle Pore Primers


Face primers, like serums, always seemed like an extraneous step in my morning routine—before I hit my mid-thirties, that is, and things like creases, dullness, and large pores became way more noticeable in pretty much any kind of lighting. Needless to say, now I’m all about primers. So when two newcomers arrived—Benefit’s Pore Professional and Tarte’s Clean Slate Poreless 12-Hour Perfecting Primer—my interest was more than piqued. Both promise to blur fine lines and fill in uneven areas to minimize pores while also delivering skin-illuminating ingredients, but the issue of which would do so more effectively, thus providing a truly flawless finish, was still in question. Being the intrepid beauty sleuth that I am, I have devoted the past few weeks to deciphering the ups and downs of pore perfection and am now ready to present my findings below. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

The Pre-Makeup Balm: Although Benefit’s Pore Professional has a slight, complexion-enhancing tint, it actually applies translucent with a nice silky texture and melts into the skin in seconds. Formulated with vitamin E to soften and fend off free radicals, this oil-free “pro balm” truly did help bounce light off my face so shadows and indentations looked less noticeable. It also left a super-smooth finish, which meant I didn’t have to pile on as much makeup to get that almost pore-less effect. Hours later, my face had a velvety glow and there was nary a blemish in sight.

The Natural Refiner: Designed to extend the wear of your makeup for 12 hours and impart an airbrushed kind of look, Tarte’s Clean Slate primer relies on botanical ingredients (echinacea root, hibiscus, and super fruits like goji berry) to mattify and tone the skin without any parabens. While the texture is a bit gummy at first, it blends into your face with the heat of your fingers. A pea-size drop also works as a waterproof base under makeup to lock it down, minimizing any streaking and deflecting shine, which can magnify the size and shape of pores. As an added bonus, it stayed perfectly intact despite my habit of resting my cheek against my hand and pressing my face up to my daughter’s throughout the day.

The Bottom Line: Those who have skin that’s on the dry side will appreciate Tarte’s richer consistency, whereas I preferred Benefit’s more lightweight finish, especially with New York’s rising humidity levels. But both performed equally well under makeup and helped refined the look of enlarged pores. Obviously, neither was able to eliminate those pin dots entirely (sigh…), but as a quick fix in the morning, it’ll serve you well to keep both of these tubes in rotation.

Photo: Courtesy of

Beauty And The Beat: “It’s All For A Good Cause: My Face,” Says Rock Icon Jennifer Herrema


Jennifer Herrema ranks pretty high up there on our girl crush list. Besides the impressive music résumé (she started the alt-rock band Royal Trux when she was just 16 and has gone on to front RTX and now, Black Bananas) and the fashion moments (there were the Calvin Klein ads at the height of the heroin chic era, followed most recently by an ongoing denim collaboration with Volcom), there’s her look, which despite years of hard partying hasn’t changed at all: Thick, eyelash-grazing fringe, smoky eyes, and a don’t-mess-with-me smirk still epitomize the nearly 40-year-old rock star. On the eve of Black Bananas’ debut album release, spoke with the music and style icon about how she’s maintained her beauty routine all these years, why she only uses dry shampoo, and her forthcoming collaboration with jewelry designer Pamela Love. Stumbling upon some juicy preliminary details about her new fragrance (that’s right; a signature scent is in the works) was a happy coincidence.

It’s hard to tell the Jennifer Herrema of 1988 apart from the Jennifer Herrema of 2012. What’s your age-defying secret?

You know, I have good genes. I chalk it up to my mom, she’s the same way. And I’m pretty healthy: I take a lot of vitamins, I eat super-healthy—I’m a vegetarian—I exercise a lot, and I spend a lot of money on face products. So part of it just might be psychological; I’ve willed myself into remaining the same via products and potions!

Tell me more about these alleged face products.

One is Euoko. They just use all sorts of really weird natural ingredients. The one that works really well, the Intense Lift Concentrate, was given to me as a gift. Then I was like, “Damn, this shit is awesome!” It’s super-expensive—it’s $500—but it lasted for a real long time, and I ended up buying it again for myself because it really is awesome. They do so much research, and it’s all for a good cause: my face.

How do you fit in exercise with touring, recording, and working on your various side projects?

In the summer months I surf, which is a major workout. Right now I’m just doing yoga and floor pilates. I also just completed a series of these vitamin B12 shots—they’re awesome—because I’m starting to feel sick. I went to a doctor across the street and he just straight up gave me a series of B12 shots—in the butt. They definitely helped my energy level, and I didn’t get sick.

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