August 31 2014

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Beth Ditto X MAC; Fragrance Butlers, Now At Your Service; And More…


First it was “Hitler youth” haircuts, and now The New York Times is reporting on another hipster hair movement that’s on the rise: the man bun. Breaking Brooklyn news, at its best. [NYT]

Beth Ditto is the latest boldfaced name to get her own color collection with MAC Cosmetics. The limited-edition offering is slated to hit shelves in June. [WWD]

In the meantime, MAC has issued a tweet with what appears to be shade names from said collection, including Love Long Distance, Embrace Me, Beth Mask, New Hue, Point Black, and Near Beth Experience. [Twitter]

Pantene is pumped up for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, and to prove it, the haircare company has signed 11 elite female athletes to join celebrities like Naomi Watts and Eva Mendes as new brand ambassadors. [WWD]

File this under “what will they think of next”: Rosewood Hotels has just started a new fragrance butler program at its locations, in which an informed perfume concierge helps guests choose from a handful of flacons handpicked for each property. [NYT]

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“Why Wear Pants When You Could Be Wearing A Muu Muu?” And Other Words Of Wisdom From Beth Ditto


In case you’ve somehow missed the Fashion’s Night Out flags flying high above streets from Fifth Avenue to Flatbush, the third annual one-night-only shopping extravaganza in which designers make public appearances, models sign limited-edition bottles of fragrance, and free Champagne spills onto the streets is upon us tomorrow night. Beautywise, there are a few not-to-be-missed events: manicures at Chanel boutiques with creative makeup director Peter Philips’ limited-edition Les Jeans de Chanel blue lacquers; the customized Make Up For Ever lash bar at the Louboutin store in the West Village; NARS’ limited-edition, pewter-hued Silver Odyssey collection at the brand’s flagship on Bleecker Street; and makeovers and a sneak peek at Tom Ford’s debut color collection at Saks.

Whether or not we’ll be able to hit up all of these destinations depends on just how long we end up hanging out at MAC’s Spring Street store in Soho, however, where Gossip front woman and friend-of-fashion Beth Ditto will be taking the stage at 8 p.m. Ditto, who’s currently recording in London, is making a cameo stateside to belt out some tunes—and to restock on her favorites from the makeup brand, of course. “I take this shit seriously,” the Arkansas native says of her beauty routine. The self-proclaimed “makeup collector” has a bevy of must-haves—and tips and tricks to boot. In fact, when we recently caught up with the singer to talk beauty icons, designer crushes, and her fashion week calendar, she managed to school us with her skincare knowledge. Needless to say, we’re impressed.

You’re obviously a big supporter of the black cat-eye. How did you develop your love for makeup?

I don’t how it happened, really. When I was younger I remember scanning the aisles of Wal-Mart for all the new makeup and flipping through the Avon catalog—I was all over that. Part of it was growing up in the nineties. There was a big sixties resurgence when the Riot Grrrl thing came around and Arkansas was really behind the times, so girls in the punk scene still had really big bangs, and bouffants and cat-eyes were a big deal. The cat-eye thing was something I always did discreetly, though, because when I came out as a lesbian, it wasn’t cool to wear makeup, so I would go into the bathroom and put on this immaculate eyeliner in private.

What about your obsession with strong brows? Where does that come from?

Priscilla Presley was always a beauty icon of mine—have you seen her hair and eyebrows?—so I was always obsessed with my brows, or lack thereof. I’m actually blonde naturally, so you either have to shave them off, or make them stronger. I became a connoisseur at lining my brows!

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Marc’s London Soirée Goes Off With a Bang


“Would I wear a man’s fragrance? Absolutely,” Daisy Lowe told us last night at Harvey Nichols for the launch of Marc Jacobs’ new men’s scent, Bang. “Especially this one. It is very peppery, but in an edgy, musky, woody way. Sort of like Marc himself,” Lowe added with a laugh. The raven-haired model showed up with buddies Mischa Barton, Jaime Winstone, Beth Ditto, Gareth Pugh, and Pixie Lott to celebrate the U.K. debut of Jacobs’ first male fragrance. Jacobs was on hand, too—trooper that he is, coming directly from the airport—and told us he was thrilled to be in London. “I love it, I have a lot of good friends here,” he said. That was evident from the mob scene that greeted him—Rifat Ozbek and Anna Sui took turns holding him in long embraces. “But I also love the architecture, the museums, the restaurants, the theater, everything. Especially, though, I love Claridge’s. It’s just a pity that I am leaving tomorrow.”

Conversation quickly turned to fragrance as Jacobs enlightened us on why he chose to venture into masculine scents after years of domination with more feminine offerings (this is the man, after all, who has blessed us with such girly olfactory treats as Lola and Daisy). “I felt it was the right time, and my partner Robert Duffy was quite into the idea, and it all came together really well. It took a while to get right, but we are really happy with the results.” And happy was the theme last night as catwalker-turned-DJ Jesus Luz (who couldn’t stop grinning—guess he loves deejaying more than modeling) spun tunes for party-ready guests. The closing song? “Celebration,” by Madonna, of course, throwing the crowd, led by Lowe, into a wild frenzy. “This is as crazy as it was in my day,” said sixties party legend Anita Pallenberg, observing the scene. “These people can really party.”

Beth Ditto’s Design Debut


Newly minted fashion darling Beth Ditto has designed a plus-size line for U.K. high street chain Evans, and the only thing that topped its star-studded launch party last night (hello, Kate, Daisy, Peaches, et al.) was the Gossip frontwoman’s spectacular face-painting job. That is indeed a fuchsia lip complemented by fuchsia blush at the temples and a crazy smoky-eye-meets-cat-eye that we wouldn’t even begin to know how to replicate at home. Fingers crossed she’ll be doing a cosmetics line next. Thoughts on the look?

Photo: Ferdaus Shamim / Getty Images

Beth Ditto, An American In Paris


Enjoying a special brand of fashion-darling status, as seen mostly in avant-garde Euro glossies and the occasional indie mag stateside, the Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto has been something of a fixture in Paris, popping up front-row—and with a signature set of black nails—at Loewe, Sonia Rykiel, and Karl Lagerfeld, among other shows. Here she is with Jeremy Scott, rocking a retro cat eye and a very vivid red lip stain. Thoughts on her future as beauty icon?

Photo: Eric Ryan/Getty Images