August 21 2014

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The Best Berry Lips of Summer



Typically reserved for fall, a berry pout made a significant resurgence during the steamy months. Take Cara Delevingne’s deep purple lips, for example, which she paired with smoky eyes at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation gala in Saint-Tropez. Another favorite: French actress Adèle Exarchopoulos’ look at this year’s Met Gala. The Blue Is the Warmest Color star’s Bordeaux-colored mouth and Hollywood waves upped the glamour factor and didn’t seem the least bit moody. And speaking of the Met Gala, no list of beauty favorites would be complete without a nod to a Givenchy-clad Beyoncé, whose oxblood lips were just the right kind of Gothic. We’re partial, however, to Kate Hudson’s subtly frosted iteration (yes, frosted), which she sported at the screening of her new film, Wish I Was Here, early last month. Whether you prefer a dark, Lorde-like maroon or a bright-but-still-bold raspberry, we plan to continue this trend long after summer days drift into cool, crisp nights.

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Get Up Close and Personal With Beyoncé



It’s no secret that Queen Bey possesses an otherworldly glow. In fact, we’ve written about it in-depth here on Beauty Counter and even produced a video tutorial dedicated to the subject. But the selfie the beauty icon posted to Instagram last night took our obsession up a notch. (Not to mention it made us long for nude stiletto nails branded with our own initials instead of J+B, two letters emblazoned on much of the On the Run tour merchandise.) I confirmed with her go-to makeup man, Sir John, that there was no filter on this particular photo. (Yep, she really does wake up like this.) For mere mortals with visible pores, he suggests reaching for a glycolic scrub or fruit enzyme peel twice a week to smooth your complexion. Follow that up by slathering a rich eye cream all over. The other half of Beyoncé’s onstage summer radiance prescription: While your moisturizer is still tacky, apply a lightweight foundation for a dewy finish, then dust a matte peach blush on the apples and a “dark cinnamon” shade in the hollows of your cheeks. To take luminosity to the next level, smudge a pearlescent shimmer on the tops of cheekbones, above your brows, and down the bridge of your nose with your ring finger. Highlight eyes with a touch of glitter liner on top of a black gel formula, a trick Sir John employed for the past three shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco. “It looked like a strip of emeralds on the monitors,” he said. And when all else fails, select Hefe before posting your self-portrait to social channels to instantly amp up the bronze factor. Modern technology: Blessing the rest of us with Beyoncé’s supernatural skin.


Photo: Instagram; Parkwood Entertainment

The Best Beauty Moments From Katy Perry’s “This Is How We Do”



It appears that every beauty trick Beyoncé pulled out for her visual album was employed by Katy Perry (and then some) for her latest song release, “This Is How We Do.” The parallels I noted: the strategic use of a black light (this time spotlighting a tennis headband in lieu of Day-Glo lips), fluffy curls, and multiple scene-stealing pouts. (Keep an eye on Perry’s backup dancers for some serious lipstick game.) A few new ideas Perry brought to the table: a gravity-defying, Mondrian-inspired updo; electric eyeliner (reminiscent of Chanel’s Fall 2014 show and Dior Addict’s It-Line campaign starring Sasha Luss); glittery lids; a pastel ponytail; cornrows; baby buns; scrunchies; Marlene Dietrich-like arches; “Japanese-y” pizza nails; and an angular, asymmetrical bob. And as one would expect, there was no shortage of candy-colored wigs. Though the chorus says otherwise, packing this many hair and makeup moves into a three-minute-and-30-second music video is a very big deal, indeed. Straight stuntin.












Beyoncé’s Trick For Beating Summer Shine



“When Beyoncé does a quick change, it’s like the Daytona 500, when the cars come in and they have to hurry up and change the wheels in, like, twenty seconds. When she comes back, everyone is grabbing a piece of her. I’m rebuilding—powdering, reapplying a lip; the eyes are always OK. We just want to make sure that when she runs out that she’s not [shiny] in the T-zone, that she’s glowy everywhere else, and that her lip is perfect. I’m watching the monitor from the start of the show to the end to make sure everything is impeccable, and I have razor-sharp focus to make sure nothing is messed up.”

Bey might be a well-oiled machine, but she never looks greasy. And though we all can’t have the queen’s Formula One-caliber team at the ready—speedily transforming a sweaty mess into a glowy and gorgeous music magnate—you can try Sir John’s secret, shine-canceling weapon: Press a tissue lightly over the center of your face, gently peel off, and finish with a light dusting of powder. Blotting before applying additional pigment prevents your makeup from caking.

Photo: Robin Harper

EXCLUSIVE: The Step-by-Step to Beyoncé’s On the Run Makeup Straight From Sir John



This summer Beyoncé is On the Run and her makeup artist, Sir John, is keeping pace. We caught him on a rare day off between the tour and shooting an ad campaign with Joan Smalls before he heads back to Bey’s side for the remainder of the summer. Here, the pro breaks down how to get the “Rolls-Royce of smoky eyes,” Mrs. Carter’s fifteen-minute face, and the secret to her allover glow.

Get Beyoncé’s “Three-Point” Gilded Lids:
“I think a lot of girls feel like, ‘I can’t do a smoky eye unless it’s a navy or a black or dark brown,’” said Sir John, “and I wanted to totally get rid of that myth and do a gold [version].” To get the look, he begins by “anchoring” the eye with a coffee-colored eye kohl on top and bottom, elongating the silhouette to create a feline shape. To keep Beyoncé’s shadow completely budge-proof while she breaks it down onstage, he bases the entire lid with a long-wear cream liner before topping it with matte taupe and brown shadows on the outer and inner corners and along the bottom lash lines. For more dimension and shine, he places “antique gold” pigment in the center and around the tear ducts to reflect light. “This technique works well for [anyone] with flatter lids because it gives the eye a three-dimensional quality,” he noted. And since Tammy Faye Bakker served as a beauty reference, there’s naturally tons of mascara and plenty of falsies. “We’re using about seven [clusters of individual lashes] per eye on the top, and about two on the bottom,” he explained. The true key to achieving a stage-worthy smoky effect, he said, is to start with the eyes before applying foundation or concealer and setting aside ample amount of time to get it right—Sir John suggests giving yourself at least twenty minutes. The finishing touch (aside from her signature glow) is a swipe of shimmery “cinnamon” lipstick.


Get Beyoncé’s “Fifteen-Minute” Face:
On nights when Bey and crew are pressed for time, Sir John whips out her second signature look: cat-eyes and shocking orange lips. “We’re going to go back and forth between the two, but what’s going to run parallel in both looks is the fact that there’s this feline sensibility to the eye,” he explained. Inspired by traditional Arabian liner, Sir John uses a black waterproof gel formula and brush to apply—placing a point on the outer corner where the wing will end to avoid any “lopsided situations.” He also rims underneath the top lash line for extra intensity. On the lower waterline he employs a coffee shade, blending it gently down onto the bottom lashes. “I do black on the top and [brown on the bottom], but all of this registers as black onstage,” he said. “If I do black [all the way around], it can make a person look tired.” After perfecting the shape with skinny cotton swabs, he polishes off the look with a shimmer-free “Crayola orange” lipstick. “It’s summertime, so there’s no better time to pull if off,” he said. “We’re in stadiums—like World Cup-size stadiums—so we wanted something that would read to the rafters and give her face a sense of life and vitality.” While he was inspired by ladies in straw hats and tangerine lipstick on the beaches in Florida, Sir John assured us that Bey doesn’t appear anything like a “retiree from Boca” onstage. “Shout-out to the retirees from Boca, though!” he quipped.


Get Beyoncé’s Summer Glow:
Unlike the Mrs. Carter tour, there’s no “dolly-ness” to the blush this time around. Sir John uses a “rusty peach” to add warmth to Beyoncé’s skin and create a “seventies, Bianca Jagger in the daytime” feel. The trick to her gorgeous sheen (and not a shiny T-zone) is to keep the front of Bey’s face free from shimmer—applying a matte peach on the apples and a “dark cinnamon shimmer” along the hollows of her cheekbones for shadow and depth. “It’s the perfect dichotomy of luster without looking sweaty,” he said. For additional color, he employs a trick used by music legends like Diana Ross and Cher: “Sometimes I’ll use that same matte peach—almost like the eighties—behind the brows, on the temples of the cheeks, and on the chin. When she’s onstage, you don’t know there’s blush on her forehead, it just gives her this ‘alive’ appearance.” For the rest of Bey’s body, Sir John lubes up her limbs with a rich face cream in lieu of a formula designed for all over. (And for her complexion, he reaches for eye cream.) “A lot of people expose their body to sun so much more than their face, so they should really approach [caring for] the skin on their body maybe even more [carefully] than they do their [complexion],” he said.


Get Beyoncé’s Budge-Proof Base:
In show where at times the Queen wears fishnet over her face and her makeup is up against sweat and humidity, Sir John’s biggest task is to prolong the life of her maquillage. His first step is to create a smooth canvas via a glycolic scrub or enzyme peel—something Bey uses once or twice a week. “When you increase your cell turnover [via a scrub or glycolic peel], your foundation is going to adhere a lot longer, your primer is going to work better, and your moisturizer is going to penetrate deeper,” he said. And when it comes to the cosmetics he layers on her complexion, if it doesn’t have long-wear technology or waterproof properties, Sir John doesn’t go near it. His other trick is to double up: “I use a foundation and also a powder. I use a cream highlighter and then a powder highlighter. I use a cream blush and then a powder blush. Everything I apply has a dual layer and doesn’t move.”


Come Clean Like Beyoncé:
With waterproof formulas comes the challenge of removal. Sir John packs Bey’s kit with an oil-based makeup remover so that she can apply it to a cotton pad, hold it on her eye, and wipe away that stay-put smoky eye en route to catch a flight to the next locale. “You don’t need to scrub or be so aggressive around your eye area,” he said. He also tucks a toner into her toiletry bag to “normalize and balance her complexion’s pH before she goes to bed.” It’s a step every woman should take. As they say, you have as much time in the day as Beyoncé, so don’t skimp on skincare.

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