April 23 2014

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Jourdan Dunn Named Newest Spokesmodel for Maybelline


MOS_0507.320x480Not to toot our own horns or anything, but Maybelline New York’s freshest face, Jourdan Dunn, was named a Top 10 Newcomer by when she first arrived on the scene. What can we say, we know a good thing when we see it (as does Beyoncé, who cast the super in her “Yonce” video). And this Brit beauty isn’t just a one-trick pony who knows how to trot down a catwalk—when she’s not starring alongside Queen Bey, she hosts her own cooking show, Well Dunn, on Jay Z’s YouTube channel. (Jourdan, next time you have a dinner party, we hope you save us a place.) As for the answer to the beauty brand’s age-old question: Dunn’s definitely born with it.

Photo: InDigital

“She Really Does Wake Up Like This” and 7 Other Things We Learned From Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist



Face painter Francesca Tolot is Beyoncé’s go-to makeup artist—and has been since the Destiny’s Child days. She also counts Madonna, Diana Ross, and Elizabeth Taylor among her current and former clients. Helmut Newton, too, frequently called upon her services. NBD. The only time the pro has ever been starstruck was upon meeting Taylor on one of Newton’s shoots. “My mom adored her—she was her idol. She even dressed me like Cleopatra when I was little,” she said. “I took a Polaroid with [Taylor], and I never ask [clients] for a picture or autograph, but I had to do it so I could send it to my mom. To the day she died, she had that photo in her wallet.” I imagine many people’s parents today would feel the same way about Beyoncé. Here, Tolot reveals everything (well…almost everything) you ever wanted to know about the Queen:

Being a Member of the Carter Crew Is Like Working in the CIA: When asked how she kept the visual album under wraps, Tolot said, “The way I do it is I completely erase it from my mind. There are some things I don’t even tell my family, like when she was pregnant. I literally told no one, that way I’m sure if it goes out, it’s not me. It’s not that I don’t trust my family, I just don’t want to put the pressure on them to remember not to talk about it.” So essentially it’s like being an agent in the CIA? I quipped. “Exactly.”

Yoncé’s Tastes—Like Her Music—Have Evolved: Rewind to 2003 and you’ll see Tolot’s influence. “When I first met her [on the set of “Crazy in Love”], she was wearing a lot of makeup, as probably most people did around that time—especially in the music business. That was one thing I brought to her: no-makeup makeup, which made her look and feel good. She knows who she is—it was just a matter of presenting to her. She definitely bought into [the idea] immediately.”

You Have as Many Hours in a Day as Beyoncé: But you’ll never be Queen—even Tolot has never seen a celebrity with so much “drive.” When asked if Beyoncé ever sleeps while getting her hair and makeup done: “No, never. I’ve never seen that happen. She’s not one of those people that comes and falls asleep on set or in the makeup chair.”

Madge and Bey Have More Than Just Their Makeup Artist in Common: Tolot noted that both Beyoncé and Madonna run the show and don’t skimp on the details. “Madonna was always very much in charge in what the final look would be. She was very observant—she would remember if I did the liner one way and the next time I did it [differently]. She would know.”

She Gets Gorgeous on Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: As for the toughest place Tolot has ever had to primp Beyoncé: “On a bus on a windy street driving up a mountain—I get car sick. That was with Destiny’s Child when we were in Europe for some promotional tour.” And this coming from the woman who has applied mascara on a landing jet.

There’s More Than One Way to Get Her Glow: Shimmery bronzer or highlighter from MAC and NARS Blush in (what else?) Orgasm are the tools Tolot frequently employs to achieve Beyoncé’s luminous complexion. “Sometimes it’s just not using powder and leaving the sheen of the foundation,” she added. From the neck down, MAC body makeup, NARS Body Glow, and RCK Luminous Body Glow are all frequently on deck.

Queen Bey Is a Fearless Beauty Leader: “There isn’t anything she won’t try. She’s open to whatever it takes to achieve the idea and the result [she’s after]. As far as makeup goes, she’s not scared of anything.” As if I ever had any doubts.

Fresh Start, Fresh Fringe


joan-smallsSome of us take a vacation, and others—like Joan Smalls—use this downtime to revamp their look and party with Beyoncé at the Versace mansion. Sporting a new set of brow-grazing fringe (reminiscent of the kind she wore at Emilio Pucci’s Fall 2013 show), Smalls started out the New Year with a bang. As did Hillary Clinton, who arrived at the inauguration for Bill de Blasio with a layered set of her own. Times (and hairstyles), they are already a changin’.

Photo: Instagram

Behind the Scenes with Beyoncé


Beyonce "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" - New York

If there are two things that I learned about Beyoncé performing at the Barclays Center last night in Brooklyn, it’s that a strategically placed fan always blows her honey-colored waves in the perfect direction and she sings the most beautiful, tear-inducing version of “Happy Birthday” I’ve ever heard (yep, that happened for a lucky 18-year-old girl on the floor). Backstage, however, Bey is at the helm of one very tight ship. It runs with the precision and secrecy of the Pentagon—if her crew knew about the “surprise” album drop, they weren’t at liberty to discuss it, at least according to one of her stylists, Timothy White. But many of them, her band and dancers included, didn’t have a clue. Or if they knew something was in the works, they didn’t know exactly what. The only explanation: Her staff of hundreds drank the Yoncé Kool-Aid and are loyal to the queen, and for good reason. “When you see someone working that hard you start to wonder if there’s a little door in the back where they put the batteries in,” said a member of The Mamas, Bey’s trio of backup vocalists, one of whom has been by her side for a decade. In other words, Mrs. Carter is a machine. Here, other surprising things I discovered behind the scenes:

Blue Ivy can twerk. No really, this baby has moves like Miley—at least according to Bey’s backup dancers. “She comes in our dressing room and does makeup with us,” they said.

Mrs. Carter has changed since becoming a mother. The Mamas, nicknamed that by the queen herself because they were the only women on tour with children, said, “She’s always been caring, but now it’s like, ‘Heeeyy, how’s JJ?’” And the fact that these singers travel the world with Beyoncé is NBD—at least to their kids. “It’s like we work at the 7-Eleven,” one of them quipped.

She keeps a close eye on everything. Not only does Beyoncé watch and critique her performance every night, but she notices the little things: “She’ll send a note [e-mail] saying that she likes your hair like that, so keep it that way,” explained one of her dancers. But everyone has freedom to do their own thing, as they’re all in charge of their own hair and makeup: “I’ve experimented with navy blue [lipstick] and a cat eye, and when we went to Brazil, I had the Brazilian flag [on my lids],” she added. And if you want that look to stay put while breaking it down behind Bey, their advice is to use a primer and a finishing spray.

Beyoncé gets pranked. “During the last tour, we did ‘Bootylicious’ and one of the dancers put a bunch of towels in her bottom so it looked like she had a big booty. We do little things to make her smile, but not mess up the whole show,” said a dancer.

She still has a few fashion tricks up her sleeve. Dsquared², Gucci, Givenchy, and Pucci are part of her regular performance lineup, but measures have to be to taken in order for these pieces to go from catwalk to Mrs. Carter-ready. “It comes in as couture and we have to turn it into a costume,” explained a seamstress. In other words, invisible zippers and dainty finishes are done away with. Plus, Beyoncé has fashion options the world has never seen—”an abundance” just waiting for her to decide when the time is right.

Bey’s a true Texas girl. “The real Beyoncé is humble and down-to-earth. She’s a country girl, she takes her shoes off, stands barefoot on stage, and gets grimy,” said one of her dancers. And then she slips on Giuseppe Zanotti heels just in time for curtain call.

When you’re with Beyoncé, nothing else matters. “We don’t know who won the Super Bowl; Beyoncé won!” said the dancers who performed in her halftime show in February.

So what’s up next for the woman that effectively launched an 14-track, 17-video album sneak attack? Expanding her fragrance empire of course. Beyoncé Rise—a blend of bergamot, apricot, orchid, and cashmere musk—drops February 2014.


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Social Climbers



There is no question that Instagram has affected how the world shares information—especially when it comes to beauty. From Beyoncé’s pixie to Jennifer Lawrence’s crop, one selfie (and a few snip-snips) can set the world on fire. JLaw told Barbara Walters last night that, after being selected as one of her 10 Most Fascinating People of 2013, “…the weirdest thing about all of this is probably seeing my haircut on the news.” (Oh, the power of social media.) And this week is no exception: Cara Delevingne dropped her YSL ad campaign; Rihanna revealed that a new namesake fragrance could be in the works (and that she’s the new face of Balmain); and Josephine Skriver showed off how she looks in a wig (one of the year’s most beloved accessories outside of Fendi’s Buggies).

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