August 22 2014

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The Master Cleanse, A Master Guide; Rihanna Goes Long; And More…


The Master Cleanse is back. After years of watching his liquid detox get blasted by misinformation and false claims on the Internet, the Cleanse’s creator, Peter Glickman, has published a new book, The Master Cleanse Coach, to set the record on the regimen straight. [NYDN]

Like most of Rihanna’s hairstyles, her recent return to a faded boy cut was short-lived. Her latest mane move involves long, side-swept, highlighted extensions. [Hollywood Life]

Pregnant just fourteen weeks, Kim Kardashian is already vying for some new brand endorsements. “It prevents wrinkles around my eyes and stretch marks over my body,” the mother-to-be recently said of the drugstore favorite Bio-Oil. [Daily Mail]

Improving your post-holiday complexion may be as easy as eating more—and better. Foods rich in essential fatty acids, like olive and flaxseed oil, proteins such as lean beef and eggs, as well as antioxidant-packed vegetables, like carrots and red bell peppers, can boost clarity and brightness. [Shape]

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Drugstore Discovery Of The Week


Bio Oil

Bio Oil

As previously mentioned, we’re currently doing battle with dry skin—and winning! Our patented mask/face oil/cream moisturizer strategy is doing wonders for our face, but sadly, our body is still suffering. Having shortsightedly left our hippie skin salve at home when we ventured across the pond last week, we were forced to peruse London’s drugstore aisles for something to use in the interim, which is when we discovered Bio-Oil. It gained Euro cult status a few years ago when it appeared on the scene as a revolutionary new stretch-mark treatment/scar healer, but we were drawn to the white-capped, peach bottle for its other claims, which include combating uneven skin tone and revitalizing aging and dehydrated skin. Boasting a clean, fresh almondlike scent, the surprisingly thin, nongreasy oil is formulated with PurCellin Oil, a laboratory re-creation of the preen gland oil of ducks, which distributes a lubricant film over the bird’s entire plumage to allow for enhanced swimming abilities. In skincare form, this acts as a carrier, helping to deliver vitamins A and E to the skin for improved elasticity and softness; also included are hefty helpings of clarifying calendula oil and soothing lavender and rosemary oils. Bio-Oil does contain paraffinum liquidum, a.k.a mineral oil, a.k.a a no-no for true green-leaning types. But if you’re willing to look beyond that, you’ll probably really enjoy slathering this one all over your parched limbs. And conveniently enough, it’s available stateside at a CVS near you.

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