August 22 2014

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Hey, Baby. What’s Your Sign?



Astrology and fashion have long been bedfellows—think Susan Miller, women’s magazines, the 1970s—and the relationship continues with Valentino’s Spring 2014 star sign jewelry. Now the cosmos are aligning with the beauty world via Black Cat Lacquer’s Zodiac nail polish collection. Founder and concocter-in-chief Sabrina Randell, a California-based makeup artist who’s “always been fancy with my nails,” was inspired by her astrologist BFF Rochelle Cooper to distill the signs into bottles. While Randell fretted over things like how much celestial glitter an Aquarius would want (a lot, it turns out), Cooper wrote horoscopes for the twelve polishes. So, what does your nail color say about you? For example, if you’re an Aries, that shimmery crimson shade means: “You are one badass beeyotch, taking orders from no one, driving too fast, and generally kicking butt and taking names at everything you do.” That’s a look I bet every woman can get behind, no matter when she was born.

Black Cat Lacquer Zodiac nail polish (shown here in Virgo, accompanied by the Virgo constellation), $9 to $11,

Photos: Courtesy of Black Cat Lacquer; Getty Images