August 29 2014

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Self Kelp


BLADDERWRACK (blad-der rak) / n. / 1. Fucus vesiculosus, a type of brown algae found in U.S. and European coastal regions with thick fronds that contain air pockets to help keep the plant afloat; / n. / 2. An often encapsulated dried powder made from algae, taken orally for thyroid problems, gastritis, and heartburn; / n. / 3. A supplemental source of iodine; / n. / 4. A kelp that, applied topically or taken orally, boosts metabolism, relieves inflammation, and balances lipids to combat obesity and cellulite, e.g., “After a rub-down with bladderwrack, you’ll feel more optimistic about bikini season.”

Cowshed’s Slender Cow Detoxifying Salt Scrub with Bladderwrack, $54.00,

Photo:Courtesy of the Cowshed Spa