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Blake Lively Reveals the Man Who Made Her “Desperate,” Her Hot-Tool-Free Secret to Beachy Waves, and Her Ultimate Summer Side Dish



It’s hard to imagine any man playing games with Blake Lively’s heart—the bombshell blond is like a modern Veronica Lake who has the power to instantly capture an audience’s attention, male or female, with a singular whip of her beachy waves. But the infamous Backstreet Boys’ song was the example the star and beauty icon used to describe her relationship with a certain gentleman—and no, she wasn’t referring to husband Ryan Reynolds. Here, the self-proclaimed foodie and sex symbol with undeniable Southern charm reveals the boy who kept her waiting, the hot-tool-free secret to her tousled strands, her go-to summer side dish, and her biggest beauty blunder. (Hint: It involves Cyndi Lauper and The Goonies.)

What is the secret to getting your signature waves?
Well, it depends on which waves you see me with. Sometimes at my house they’re not so cute. [laughs] But I normally just dry my hair almost all the way—I leave it 3 percent wet so that it has a nice little hold. And then I’ll sometimes put the tiniest bit of mousse in it, and then I put it up in a ballerina bun so that when I do take it out, it has a deep, wide wave. Just a slight one—it gives it a little more bounce so it doesn’t dry flat. But my hair has a slight natural wave to it, so it will hold that.

Do you have a go-to mousse?
Honestly, I kind of just use whatever’s in my house. My sister has this red mousse because she has red hair, and I used that once, which is not advisable. Don’t use red mousse if you’re a blond!

What did that little mishap look like exactly?
Not so great. I looked a little like Cyndi Lauper in The Goonies.

What did your sister say when she discovered you borrowed her beauty products?
I don’t know. She just leaves her stuff at my house. But that’s the thing—when you have sisters, you’re just like all kind of wearing each other’s stuff, whether it be mousse or a bra. You’re like, “Where did I get this bra?!” And it’s, you know, my sister’s.


How do you maintain your golden blond?
I went a little blonder for the Met [Gala] after coming off a film where it was a little darker, but I really like not having blond to the root. It’s not as far as ombré, but I just like having a more natural base and then having the blond start a little later—you know, like how it looks in autumn. That’s a nice way to keep your blond up and keep it really natural rather than having stripy blond streaks all the way to the root—you kind of just start them a little lower on the head.

Are there any treatments that you use to keep your color looking its best?
Not necessarily for the blond, but I’m always trying to keep my hair thick and full and healthy. L’Oréal makes an amazing shampoo called [Elvive] Fibrology [Thickening Shampoo], which is great because I got to spend time in the lab. And you think, OK, I see these commercials and they do these fancy Spider-Man graphics, but does that really work? You’re sitting with these people in these lab coats who are showing you the before and afters and it’s really, really incredible. So all the [women] in my family are now on this shampoo and we all use it and all swear by it.

If you had to have one must-have hair tool, what would it be?
I don’t really use hair tools. I like to air-dry. I don’t know, because tools are used on my hair enough through work, so I really like to preserve the health of my hair [when I'm off]. I’ve also seen that YouTube video too many times where the girl teaches you how to curl your hair. [laughs] You know, the one with the 12-year-old girl? Oh, my God. It’s amazing. It’s really, really amazing.

Without hot tools at your disposal, how do you get those beachy waves we so often see you wear?
I did this thing that was probably really stupid, but it worked. My hair is always better in California than it is in New York, so I got a big water jug and I filled it with ocean, which is probably a really bad idea, but I would put it on my hair, and actually, it worked. It’s salt and it’s water and it makes your hair a little crunchier and holds it a little better. I mean, I don’t necessarily spray it; I just kind of put it in my hands. But I think if you mix salt and water…I don’t know, I’m giving you formulas that I’ve never made before! People’s hair is going to fall off and I’m going to get a lot of crap for this.


I’m pretty sure women would try anything to emulate your hair. After you go to the beach, or after you put the salt water in it, is there anything that you do in particular to keep your hair soft and avoid split ends?
Coconut oil is actually really great. That is actually a beauty tip that my mom taught me. She’d always put oil on her hair before shampooing it because you only want to get the oil out of the roots. That’s where your scalp is secreting oil and sweat, but you don’t want to dry out the rest of the hair because that needs [moisture]. So she’d put oil from her ears down and just shampoo the head. The oil would naturally wash out in the shower because the shampoo trickles down, but you’re not drying out the hair. That was a pretty good trick.

Speaking of formulas and creating your own recipes, I know you love to cook. What is your favorite thing to make in the summer?
Well, I normally go for lighter foods because it’s summertime. [I don't gravitate toward] mac and cheese and the heavy foods of winter, or the pies that are more comforting. In the summer I like anything that has brighter flavors. So more greens, more fruit, things that have a little pop or kick. I tend to lean toward that. I just had these great kale chips the other day at Lilette in New Orleans. They prepare them two ways: In the winter, they bake them and put Parmesan cheese on them; in the summer, they keep them brighter with a sort of citrus flavor, and I just thought that was neat how they interpret different times.

What’s your summer drink of choice?
Hmm, I really like a mint tea. A good, Moroccan mint tea. Yeah! You can dilute it so it’s not too strong. Coming from a Southern family, I want to say lemonade, but it can be overpowering. But a nice, light mint tea—it’s pretty good. Cafe Gitane in New York City makes the best.

Do you grill or does Ryan?
He’s definitely more of the grill man-er than I am. I like making the sides. Because with grilling, you have to stand there and it takes forever…but the sides, that’s where you get to put all the flavors in and all that good stuff.


Is there a side dish you specialize in?
I make this corn soufflé that’s pretty amazing. I’m always doing different takes on it. And it works anytime of the year, so I’ll do it at Thanksgiving and it’s a little heavier and you put some butter on it, or summer because it’s a bright summer flavor as well. But I made it recently at the Lilette—they let me come in and cook for the evening. It was really cool, and I made the staff a meal and [the chef] actually put my things on the menu for the night. He served some of my [dishes] to some of the special guests, which made me feel good, because he’s a tough one. For, like, five years I’ve been stalking this chef. “Please! Let me work in your kitchen! I’ll just clean! Just please let me in there!” And he would never let me in, chef John Harris. And I was just, oh my gosh, so desperate! And he played it so cool—it was like a Backstreet Boys song, “Quit Playing Games With My Heart.” And then finally after four years, he’s like, “You can come in our kitchen this weekend.” And then he handed me chef’s robes with my name embroidered on them. And I said, “You took the time to have my name embroidered on these chef’s robes?! How long did that take? You’ve been telling me no!” So that was pretty cool, and I made my corn pudding there. But I did it as a dessert, so I added some sugar and did a basil ice cream with it and a truffle whipped cream at the top to add a little odd, savory twist.

What is Ryan’s favorite meal that you make?
He’s kind of biased. He kind of likes a lot of it. He’s a good liar. It’s a good way to stay fed all the time. He’s like, “Oh, this is wonderful!” I’m like, “Oh, wonderful. Positive feedback. I will feed you more!” All my family does that—they ooh and ahh and you learn very quickly that if you ooh and ahh over food or over presents at Christmas, you get more. They’ve learned the system very well.

What is your ultimate comfort food?
Anytime? Oh, boy. My mama’s Thanksgiving meal. I don’t know what she does because I almost don’t want to know. It’s so great that only she knows how to make it and only she can replicate it, so it’s kind of a sacred thing. But she makes this thing called chicken n’ dressin’, which she just calls “Southern poor people food,” because what they would do is take all the leftovers—it’s kind of like stuffing, I guess, but just so much better—but you take all the leftovers from the chicken and the bread and the corn, just everything, and you make a casserole out of it. I mean, it sounds just like mush, but it’s the most delicious thing you will ever eat. It’s an emotional experience.


After a big dinner—especially one laced with tryptophan—what’s your idea of the perfect night in?
Just a good homemade meal and watching some TCM [Turner Classic Movies]. That’s a pretty good night in.

Do you have a favorite TCM movie?
What’s so great about watching TCM is that you not only get to experience the film, but you get to experience the backstory of the actors and the making of it. Robert Osborne is a national treasure. And then hearing other icons speak to how different actors influence them, and I’m exposed to people I’ve never heard of—it’s really neat because you get that well-rounded experience in a way that you don’t get when you just watch the film.

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Blake Lively Talks Hair, Overcoming Her Fear of the Red Carpet, and Where She Partied Post-Met Ball


The Metropolitan Museum of Art's COSTUME INSTITUTE Benefit Celebrating the Opening of Charles James: Beyond Fashion and the Anna Wintour Costume Center - Red Carpet ArrivalsBlake Lively knows how to make an entrance—one flip of her honey-colored hair has the power to set off hundreds of flashbulbs simultaneously. But walking a red carpet isn’t a “comfortable” place for the blond bombshell (having husband Ryan Reynolds as Gucci-clad arm candy, however, certainly boosted her confidence at Monday’s Met ball—as it would any woman on this planet). “It’s always easier with help. I’ll get my sisters out there. I’ll bring my high school mascot if I need to! It’s always such an intimidating experience,” Lively explained. Last year, she and “dear friend” Florence Welch braced the wall of paparazzi together: “We said, ‘We’re like the kid at prom who doesn’t have a date, we have to go together.’ We were trying to only take pictures together on the red carpet so people knew we had a friend. But then they said, ‘You have to take pictures separately—stop that!’”

This time around, Lively wore a Gucci dress accented by Gucci’s Première fragrance—which she mists and walks through to create an “aura of scent.” And her punky ponytail (seen at the 2013 ball) gave way to a forties-inspired “one-sided victory roll” to show off her Lorraine Schwartz earrings. “Both sides is a little much and a little too on the nose,” she noted of her hairstyle choice. But getting primped, donning custom ruby drops, and breathing the same air as Beyoncé was no match for the exclusive after-party to which only Lively, Reynolds, Welch, and her agent were invited. “The whole Met ball, we were like, ‘OK, we’re going to get hot fudge sundaes and frozen hot chocolate. That was a pretty great midnight snack and [it was fun] to walk into Serendipity in ball gowns. They actually had to kick us out because we were there for so long. The [staff] was like, ‘We do need to go home now,’” she said, laughing. “That was the highlight of the evening for me in a sense.”

But ice cream wasn’t the only crowning moment for Lively this week—the cherry on top was championing Gucci’s Chime for Change project, an initiative co-founded by Frida Giannini, Salma Hayek, and Beyoncé that supports multiple women’s charities and projects dedicated to health, education, and justice. “Women you look up to are giving voices to women who don’t have that,” she said of the power trio. “People’s value is so much greater than the monetary amount they can donate; their awareness and their investment in following the cause, seeing the outcome, and sharing it with other people can exponentially increase the productivity of these grassroots charities.” With the sale of five select Gucci fragrances—Flora, Guilty Pour Femme and Pour Homme, Première, and Made to Measure—consumers will receive a code that can be redeemed on the Chime for Change website and donated to the cause of their choice. (For example: One code can provide two days of education, food, and health care for a student in Kenya.) Lively might lack self-confidence on the crimson carpet, but making an impact both on and off it has never been an issue.

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The Best of Met Gala Beauty Trends: Vampy Lips and Retro Waves



With summer on the horizon, everyone has beachy hair, sun-kissed skin, and dewy makeup on the brain. It’s always a welcome change in our beauty routine, though we can’t help but mourn the winter products we’ll soon have to retire. But based upon the many moody mouths that made their way down last night’s red carpet, we may not be tucking away our burgundy bullets so fast. Two of the major trends that surfaced—vampy lips and retro, side-parted waves—are typically reserved for cooler climes but looked stunning at the relatively balmy (at least in comparison to recent weather we’ve experienced) New York event. Some of our favorite moments? Suki Waterhouse’s classic wine shade; Beyoncé’s gothic hue, which played off her Philip Treacy veil; Adèle Exarchopoulos’ brown-tinged maroon pout; Joan Smalls’ shocking violet deftly paired with a soft braid; and Elettra Wiedemann’s ruby rouge, which matched her glittering gown. Dark lips were an edgy yet elegant choice—perfect for a night that otherwise offered up bow ties and ball gowns.


Retro, side-parted waves upped the glamour quotient even further. Cara Delevingne’s crop top and tuxedo pants (both by Stella McCartney) were far from traditional, but bouncy waves brushed to one side felt undeniably classic. Short-haired stars such as Taylor Swift and Reese Witherspoon added big, loose curls à la Grace Kelly, and Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, and Riley Keough turned up with long, Veronica Lake-esque ringlets.

Our best tips for sporting these trends through the summer? Skip matte foundation, which would look too heavy-handed with dark lips, and invest in a humidity-blocking spray (like Oribe Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray) to keep your retro waves sleek and shiny.

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Kirsten Dunst Named Face of L’Oréal Professionnel


kirsten-dunstAfter a string of new model (Lara Stone) and celebrity (Blake Lively) partnerships for L’Oréal Paris in 2013, the brand’s Professionnel line signed Kirsten Dunst as its first spokesperson. According to WWD, the actress will serve as the face for styling launches from Beach Waves and Absolut Repair Lipidium in the New Year. From corkscrew curls in Interview with the Vampire to towering wigs in Marie Antoinette, Dunst certainly demonstrates range.

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Toni Garrn Left Her Heart (and Hair) in St. Barth’s; Blake Lively Befriends People With Pixie Cuts; And More


toni-garrnModels (and their wigs) have faked us out before, but Toni Garrn appears to have left a few inches beside her Victoria’s Secret bikini in St. Barth’s. [Instagram]

In other Instagram news, hairstylist Jimmy Paul (a.k.a. @jimmypaulhair) recently joined the legions of beauty pros who share their snaps from on set and backstage.

Things we learned about Blake Lively from a recent interview with The Cut: 1. Her signature scent is a blend of “cookies” and Gucci Premiere. 2. She gets “geeked out” by people with pixie cuts. “You see someone do that and you think, ‘I want to be friends with them,’” she said. (If 2013 was any indication, Lively was geeking out a lot and has seriously expanded her social circle.) 3. And if you’re wondering where to take the blond bombshell to dinner, look no further than New Jersey and The Cheesecake Factory. This food aficionado believes the chain should have “Michelin stars.” Ryan Reynolds snagged himself a deal come date night.

MAC’s beloved Heroine Lipstick is back—and this time for good. Fans voted the shade into the brand’s permanent lineup, which relaunched online today.