August 23 2014

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True Blood



If you can’t make it to the pop-up exhibition of Them/Her in the Meatpacking during New York fashion week (running September 5-12), where one can explore the sexual subconscious through all five senses, then consider the take-home experience found in the multisensory book Zero Zero Vol 02 Them/Her, created by photographer Miles Aldridge, the artistic director of Diesel and BFF to Gaga, Nicola Formichetti, and conceptual artist Kaimin. In addition to the coffee-table-size publication containing pages of erotic photographs is a soundtrack, video, and a slightly tamer fragrance, Blood by Kaimin, that, unlike the rest of the package, could be deemed safe for work. This unique blend of cedar, rose, leather, patchouli, cocoa, and cinnamon notes—formulated by perfumer Darryl Ko, Joseph Quartana (the mastermind behind a collection of artisanal fragrances called Six Scents), and the artist after which the eau is named—is meant to enhance the natural smell of skin. Designed to be worn by both men and women, the purple-red juice, housed in a test-tube-like vile, leaves behind a “bloodstain” that quickly disappears once applied. If you’re going to miss the blood ritual performed at the opening reception on September 6—a choreographed dance that involves Kaimin, male models, red paint, and projectors—then consider this potent and provocative perfume the next best thing.

Available at the pop-up gallery, 402 W. 13th St., NYC (open noon to midnight), and Colette in Paris later in the month.