April 19 2014

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Rihanna Goes Gray; Introducing the Five-Minute Facial; Kate Bosworth’s Doable Fitness Plan; and More


riri_resizeSometimes it seems that Rihanna changes her hair more often than she does her outfit, and last night her fans went wild when the songstress posted a series of selfies on Instagram that revealed her new icy-gray tresses. “Bad Gal RiRi” wrote, “Call it #Brrr,” and “Grey is the new black! Blondies, it’s quiet for y’all!” Kristen McMenamy and the other silver foxes out there will surely agree.

With the rise of convenient, in-and-out blow-dry bars and quickie manicure spots, it was only a matter of time before facials moved into the express lane. Southern California company Skin Laundry is offering noninvasive laser treatments that stimulate collagen and rejuvenate skin in five to ten minutes, for on-the-go customers. While the services are still only offered on the West Coast at this point, New York skincare entrepreneurs are sure to take notice.

It’s still high bikini season, and boot camps remain a popular exercise option for men and women looking for a tough workout and quick results. The Guardian broke down the fitness fad, offering pointers on how to choose the right program: “Make an effort to find out what the culture is like—from the level of fitness to how much interaction between members there is, even down to the type of music they play—and make sure that it fits your personality,” they recommend. “Find out if they provide a nutritional framework to up the ante and complement their training programme. If they don’t, think twice. Nutrition is a key part of any exercise programme and if they’re not addressing it they’re not looking after you properly.”

There’s no denying that Kate Bosworth is consistently one of the most beautiful, best-dressed women in any room. The stylish actress, and face of SK-II, spoke with Marie Claire, sharing everything from her favorite Twitter handles to follow (@michelleobama and @lenadunham) to her go-to beauty products (SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and Cellumination Cream EX, naturally) to her workout routine: “A mix of running, boxing, and weights. I think if I can do it four times a week, that is excellent, but it’s more like two times a week.” Reasonable enough, right?

The Best Early-Bird Special Outside Of Boca


Never mind eating dinner at five o’clock just to save a few bucks on a distinctly Americanized version of steak au poivre. Starting Monday, Bumble and Bumble’s uptown location will be providing a service that early-rising New Yorkers can actually use—particularly those for whom straight, bouncy, smooth hair is a priority. We bring you the “Early Morning Blowout,” one of the best blowouts in the biz, now between the hours of 7:30 and 9:30 a.m.—pastries and coffee included. To book your appointment, call (212) 521-6500.

Beauty On DVD


If you tend to identify with the technorati just as much as the glitterati, then it’s likely that Topshop Unique’s homage to Bananarama’s beauty secrets sent you straight to your Netflix queue, where Essential Music Videos: Totally 80s was pushed way up to the top of the list for more ideas in head scarves, big hair, and excessive eyeliner. It’s also likely that you’ll be interested in this tidbit, courtesy of a friend of Beauty Counter: It turns out there’s an entire Style & Beauty section waiting to be explored on the DVD delivery site, offering a slew of documentaries and how-to instructional videos focusing on the powder-puff industry. If you’re a loyal Blow Out fan, you’ll love 2004′s Hair World, which explores the cut-throat world of hair styling competitions. An aspiring manicurist, are we? Sounds like you need to take The ABC of Nails out for a spin. And then there’s I Wanna Be a Beauty Queen, Richard Gayor’s film about the 1978 Miss Alternative World pageant, where a circus tent full of drag queens battling it out for the title of South London’s Clapham Common is a surefire recipe for family fun. Worth a gander, if only to relieve you of that current romantic comedy binge you’ve been on—turns out you can see too many Julia Roberts movies.

Photo: Marcio Madeira