August 28 2014

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Bobbi Brown’s Top Tricks for Women Who Wear Glasses



Ask a makeup artist about eye makeup (which we saw a lot of on the runways this season) and he or she can likely wax on for hours. Ask a face painter about eyeglasses and the ones that look best on you and you’ll likely hear crickets chirping. While the two are typically disparate subjects, they should, in reality, go hand in hand. Here to bridge that gap is Bobbi Brown, a beauty mogul who has worn glasses “every single day” since her late 30s and is launching a new collection of optics in tandem with her Perfectly Defined range of makeup (including new gel liner pencils, smudge-proof mascara, and a gentle lash curler designed for women with almond-shaped eyes). With more and more celebs ditching the contact lenses in favor of traditional lenses on the red carpet (hello, Tina Fey and Meryl Streep), it’s about time someone focused on framing your eyes with more than just eyeliner. Here, Brown’s best tips:

Set it and forget it. To avoid having concealer or foundation transfer onto your frames, skip the primer (“It’s too thick,” Brown says), minimize the amount of eye cream you apply, and dust the area under your eyes and around the bridge of your nose with a thin layer of powder.

Define your brows. Lightly filled-in arches provide a “bit of lift” and lend a “polished” finish, she explained. “Makeup under glasses gives you more style and strength in your face.”

Disguise dark circles. Not only do frames help hide a multitude of sins—like crow’s-feet and fine lines—but they’re excellent camouflage for shady areas, like the inner corners, notes Brown. “You don’t see small, tired eyes, you just see the glasses,” she said.

Beware of the tortoise. The pattern is timeless, but a too-orange tone can make skin look sallow—especially if you fall into the fair category.

Skip the sticky stuff. The wet-eye look often created by coating shadow with gloss or Vaseline? Just don’t. “The only trend [you can’t wear with glasses] is really textural,” said Brown.