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How To Maintain Your Three-Day Weekend Glow


We’re coming off a gorgeous holiday weekend here in New York City, one in which the sun (if you can believe it) shined for four days straight. Out and about, we noticed two things: skin—lots of it—and sunburn. Such is the price a winter-weary populace pays when summer shows up and the layers come off. But if you heeded our advice to lather on the ‘screen, you’re presumably sporting a hue that’s more bronze than lobster red. Here, five new ways to prolong your glow, from shimmer lotions to bronzing oils.

NARS Laguna Body Illuminator
NARS Body Glow is something of a cult classic. This new version retains the same exotic, Tahitian monoi oil scent and moisturizing benefits as the original, while laying down a heftier dose of sheer color.

Laura Mercier Body Bronzing Makeup
Any makeup artist will tell you that light-reflecting particles are great for deflecting attention from imperfections. Laura Mercier’s new Body Bronzing Makeup is chock-full of the shimmer for light coverage that disguises discolorations—and the occasional wobbly bit.

Sephora Illuminating Bronzing Oil
This genius shimmering tinted spray oil is loaded with super-hydrating ingredients, like grapeseed and passion fruit oil, so you can skip the gloppy moisturizer and enjoy a streak-free finish.

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