August 23 2014

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Britt Maren: From Brunette, To Blonde, To Blonder?


Last night, the glitterati turned out to fête the arrival of François Nars’ new book, Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself, which is hitting shelves this month. But the nineties-era supermodels that the famed face painter is best known for primping were outnumbered by newcomers like Alana Zimmer, Ginta Lapina, Ajak Deng, and Britt Maren. The four catwalkers, all of whom have spent a fair bit of time in the makeup artist’s chair, were eager to talk skincare. “Always mix your foundation with a moisturizer,” Zimmer offered up as the best backstage beauty tip she’s ever gotten. “And wear skin oils,” Lapina added. Maren, who is back to blonde after spending the Fall show season a rich brunette, has an even simpler regimen: “For me it’s just really about drinking water and moisturizing. I use CeraVe when I want a plain basic one and I have Embryolisse, which I use all the time, too.” As for her ever-changing crop, Maren’s hair is slightly longer than it’s been recently and a pretty shade of honey gold. “Lena at Ion [Studio] took me back to blonde,” she pointed out, mentioning that her days as the poster child for platinum may not be behind her. “I did really like [the bleach],” Maren admits of the strand-damaging process Guido Palau brought back into popular favor at last spring’s Balenciaga show. “I was just talking about going a little bit lighter. It was something different.” There’s always next spring.

Photo: Clockwise from left, David X. Prutting and Neil Rasmus /; Luca Cannonieri /; Monica Feudi /

Brown Is The New Blond


“Balenciaga blond”—that perfectly platinum shade of bright flaxen that dominated at the Spring shows—seems to have fallen out of favor with the catwalking set. While Abbey Lee Kershaw is staying true to her Orlando Pita peroxide dye job, her icy-haired counterparts are switching it up. After Natasha Poly hinted at the chestnut change that was in the air at Givenchy last season, we have watched with relative awe over the past few weeks as Britt Maren and Emily Senko—both former blondes—turned up chocolate at Alexander Wang. Agnete Hegelund cashed in her platinum locks for a dark auburn that debuted at Couture and wowed at Rodarte as one of the only non-golden-wheat heads of hair to walk at the Mulleavys’ Midwest-inspired Fall outing. Even Ajak Deng’s platinum buzz cut—which was a signature at New York shows like Richard Chai, Nicole Miller, and Jen Kao—went noticeably missing in London, where she was back to her darker, natural color at Giles. But it wasn’t until we spotted Siri Tollerød at Fendi this morning that the brown-is-back movement really hit home. Not Siri! we thought when we saw the poster child for cornsilk white, Nordic strands sporting a dirty blond, bordering-on-light-brown look. “It’s hard to keep up,” Tollerød’s agent told us when we inquired about the transformation. After a bleach session with colorist Laurie Foley at Marc Jacobs two season ago, Tollerød has apparently embarked on a long grow-out phase in which the professionals at Ion Studio have taken her blond down a notch to blend in with her roots as they grow in. Words to the wise: Platinum makes for a pretty picture (and can skyrocket a runway career), but it’s brutal on the hair shaft. For Fall 2011, you’re better off brunette.

Photo: Matt Lever / Courtesy of Redken

“Balenciaga Blond”: Spring’s Must-Have Hair Color


Carmen Kass’ new crop at Balmain is only part of the big hair story developing in Paris this week. A hue we’re calling “Balenciaga Blond” is the other. The night before Nicholas Ghesquière sent his houndstooth coats and runway-ready brothel creepers down the catwalk, Redken’s Guido Palau was busy at work bleaching more than one head of hair. Dutch model Milou van Groesen (who was apparently “street cast” by Ghesquière but already has a huge following in the Netherlands) had her blond locks chopped, spiked, and turned platinum, as did Alexander Wang’s opener for Spring, Britt Maren, and Czech stunner Jana Knauerova, who went blond this May and platinum for Balenciaga. Our most favorite Palau transformation was Kasia Struss, who killed it at Balmain later in the day with her new, cornsilk-white hair.


The icy color is becoming something of a trend at the Spring shows. Iris Strubegger got in on the action at Hakaan, letting Christophe Robin lighten her locks for the show. And who can forget coif master Orlando Pita’s blond ambition for Abbey Lee Kershaw, who wowed at the New York shows with platinum strands, which she debuted at the Chanel Soho store opening?  According to sources, Lee’s hair hasn’t been taking too well to all the lightening—presumably because to keep the color that saturated, it needs to be re-dyed every three weeks, according to celebrity stylist Marie Robinson. “You shouldn’t wash it more than a few times a week, and it also needs protein,” Robinson—a platinum blonde herself—added, mentioning that Joico’s K Pak line is a good option for at-home treatment. As to why the color is having a moment for Spring, Robinson’s bet is that it has something to do with Hollywood. “There are all those Marilyn Monroe movies coming out,” she said. “And Michelle Williams did it [at Cannes]. Unless you’re super naturally blonde, though, it’s not a good idea to do it yourself,” the colorist advises for those of you hoping to get the look. “You’re asking for trouble.” Brunettes, consider yourselves warned.

Photo: Clockwise from top left, Luca Cannonieri / at Balmain; Monica Feudi / at Balenciaga; Gianni Pucci / at Fendi; Yannis Vlamos / at Dries Van Noten