August 23 2014

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Brows and Black Liner: The Ultimate Summer Beauty Duo


The fashion set flocked to London’s Hyde Park for the Serpentine Gallery’s annual summer soiree. It was the catwalkers who kept it simple last night, however, that ultimately won out (in terms of beauty, at least): Arizona Muse and Cara Delevingne.

Both models kept their looks fairly unfussy, ensuring that melted makeup and incessant touch-ups wouldn’t be a part of their party agenda. Delevingne, whose brows have always been an iconic asset, paired her arches with a thick, black band along her top lashes, while Muse accentuated her dark blond strands with defined brows, liner, and a few swipes of mascara. As we venture into the dog days of summer, we’ll be keeping the following budge-proof basics close at hand: MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set and Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Precision Longwear Eyeliner.

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Rita Ora’s Brows: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow



Eyebrow transplants surged this year, tweezer sales plummeted, and brow pencils and powders picked up steam. But after all the fuss about bulked up brows, is the Cara Delevingne-fueled craze finally taking a backseat to bleach? Rita Ora posted an arch-less photo to Instagram today, and Katy Perry pulled a similar move last week. While it’s a common occurrence backstage (both Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs sent brow-less beauties down their Fall 2014 runways), we’re hoping this is one trend that doesn’t take off. One of the things that set Ora apart from the legions of platinum converts out there were her perfectly articulated arches. In an earlier interview with, she said, “I trim my brows a lot because I’m Albanian and I’m pretty hairy.” Unless you’re Andy Warhol, who famously stated, “I had a lot of dates, but I decided to stay home and dye my eyebrows,” when it comes to the hair above your eyes, the bolder, the better.

Photos: Instagram

Flashback Friday: Big Brows, Bigger Hair


cindy-crawfordFlashback Friday is a feature on Beauty Counter in which we pore over the pages of our favorite glossies from decades past in search of a little modern-day makeup and hair inspiration.

The Model: Cindy Crawford

The Moment: The higher the hair, the closer to heaven

The Motivation: If we’ve learned anything from Cara Delevingne, it’s that the less tweezer action in the arch area, the better. But before Cara there was Cindy Crawford, who boasted a pair of glorious, untamed brows in 1986 (six years before the Brit beauty was born). The super’s larger-than-life hair also reminds us of a similarly voluminous look from Chanel’s recent Cruise show in Dubai. Perhaps this is the industry’s rebellion to all things minimalist, but tossing the tweezers and picking up a teasing comb never seemed like a better idea.

Photo: Eric Boman for Vogue US, 1986; courtesy of

32 Is Apparently the Perfect Time to Diet—and Other Interesting Beauty News


cara-delevingneNot only can you fake fuller eyelashes, but you can bluff about the size of your brows now, too. They’re called lace-front eyebrows, and much like the wig iteration, these faux arches—or “furry brow stickers,” as Refinery29 calls them—are sewn onto layers of lace, which are essentially glued onto your natural set. Maybe achieving Cara Delevingne-like brows isn’t so wildly unattainable after all. (We’re kidding. Sort of.)

Apparently your early 30s—specifically, age 32—is the ideal time for dieting, according to a new study. “Diets are more likely to go awry in the 20s because people are more likely to be single and to party more,” reports the Daily Mail. But in their mid-30s, people are “not so bothered about their appearance as aging takes its toll and they embrace middle age,” therefore making 32 the sweet spot for optimal weight loss. (Bring on the pizza.)

A new study published in The Atlantic answers the age-old question: Why do women wear so much makeup? The study, in which forty-four women in their early 20s applied products as though they were “getting ready for a night out,” suggests that women actually tend to wear more makeup than necessary—that is, if what’s necessary is measured by a man’s preference. Eye roll.

Speaking of standards, The Cut interviewed Elena Rossini, the 34-year-old filmmaker and producer of The Illusionists, a new documentary that explores the globalization of Western beauty ideals and their effects on women. (View her Kickstarter campaign here.)

Photo: Indigital

Beauty Sound Bites: Singular Sensation



“I want to bring back the unibrow. Full brows are in—so one brow just might be next!”

Although it still remains to be seen if thick or thin will be in for Spring ’14, we’re paying homage to Streicher’s arch forecast above. Will Frida Kahlo’s famously connected brows be the inspiration backstage at the shows? Or will tweezers rise again? Only time will tell.

Photos: Michele Morosi / InDigital | GoRunway; Getty Images