August 22 2014

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Die Hard With A Fragrance, and More…


First came Demi’s Wanted; now ex-husband Bruce Willis is getting in on the fragrance game. Willis has inked a licensing deal with a German cosmetics maker to debut his first signature scent this summer. No word on what it will be called, but oh, how our minds are wandering. Pure Action, perhaps? [WWD]

Speaking of men’s personal care products, if you’ve been curious as to what caused the boom in this sector over the past year, the answer is simple: women. According to a new survey, it’s the fairer sex who has been investing in men’s skincare products to stop their partners from stealing their moisturizers and face scrubs. Because the couple that sloughs together, stays together. [Daily Mail]

Some good news for the guys (and gals) out there with premature thinning: The balding gene has been identified, which could lead to a “cure” for hair loss. Long, flowing locks for everyone! [Telegraph]

Photo: Dave Allocca / Startraks Photo