September 2 2014

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Twiggy Takes Her Wrinkles In Stride; The Fancification Of Drugstores Rages On; And More…


Twiggy is embracing a “getting old gracefully” mantra, publicly swearing off Botox while adhering to a time-tested skincare regimen that includes a “heavy, thick English cream” and “popping a packet of frozen peas” under her eyes to reduce bags. However, she does admit to being open to some youth-enhancing procedures, extreme Photoshopping, we gather, chief among them.[Stylelist]

As anyone who has been into a Duane Reade recently can attest, drugstores are upping their game. On-site makeup consultants, eyebrow bars, and niche product ranges are just a few of the things you can expect to find at your local purveyor of toothpaste and other such necessities. Fancy department stores, be afraid. [WSJ]

The beauty industry’s ever-growing green movement now mandates that it’s not only what’s on the inside that counts. Prepare yourself for a “sustainable packaging” onslaught, one that will hopefully include more of those boxes embedded with seeds that sprout when planted. Love them. [NYT]

File this under things that will likely be making its way to an infomercial near you soon: the “bumkini” is a bra for your posterior designed to be worn under pants to provide the kind of derriere that could’ve earned you a spot on the Prada Fall runway. Curves are in, don’t you know? [Daily Mail]

If the vinegar smell proliferating out of the bulk vats at the Whole Foods Market on Bowery hasn’t already tipped you off, fermented kombucha tea has become a wildly popular beverage to soothe what ails ya—from boosting your immune system to better digestion and everything in between. Never mind the fizzy sour taste. That’s how you know it’s working. [NYT]

Photo: Joel Ryan / AP Photo