August 29 2014

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Scented Jewelry You’ll Actually Want to Wear



The mere mention of scented jewelry likely conjures up images of solid perfume baubles you either discarded from a gift-with-purchase or bought for your niece’s 10th birthday. It’s safe to say we’ve yet to find a stylish option since entering adulthood—that is, until we discovered By Kilian’s ultra-luxe range of wearable fragrances. If you normally spritz perfume on your neck, By Kilian’s rhodium and 18-karat gold-plated tassel necklaces are your next must-have. Each piece features either a ceramic disc scented with one of By Kilian’s twenty-nine fragrances or a silk cord that has been microencapsulated with one of six scents. They’re so discreet, one would never suspect you’re wearing a high-tech olfactory device; in fact, the necklaces look more like mementos picked up on some far-flung vacation.

Also included in By Kilian’s capsule collection are four leather bracelets, ranging from thick cuffs to wrap-around styles. Though technically for men, we think they would look especially chic on women. The leather is infused with one of five fragrances, inspired by traditional gantiers parfumeurs (French perfume experts from centuries past who infused men’s gloves with fragrances for an extra dose of luxury). Think of it this way: If you frequently gesture with your hands, the scent will waft ever-so-slightly with each flick of the wrist.

By Kilian bracelets, from $195 to $325; necklaces, from $245 to $465. For more information, visit

Photo: Courtesy of By Kilian

High Tea With By Kilian



If venti iced Americanos trump teatime in your world, By Kilian’s latest release may just be the shot of gentility you’re looking for. With its two new additions to the Asian Tales collection, the luxury fragrance house sets its sights firmly on the East with a little help from the transportive capabilities of scent. First there’s Sacred Wood, a tribute to Mysore’s infamously scarce sandalwood (no longer used in the production of perfumes). Perfumer Calice Becker created a blend that’s at once comforting and sheer, using notes of polished woods and spices. Slightly carmelized hints of hot milk make for a creamy drydown that should please even those avowed haters of gourmands. Imperial Tea, meanwhile, is a strikingly on-point homage to the delicate florals of a steaming cup of jasmine tea. It’s a masterful blend, with the sometimes-cloying jasmine tempered by the faintly astringent edge of strongly brewed green tea (but rest assured, the divisive flower’s headiness remains firmly intact). The pairing makes for an experience every bit as Zen as a fresh cuppa of sencha—antioxidants not included.

By Kilian Sacred Wood & Imperial Tea, $235 each, available beginning in April at Saks Fifth Avenue

Snake Charmer


bykilian-snakeWith awards season in full swing, it seems like no better time to launch a clutch-size atomizer—especially one as glamorous and red-carpet-worthy as this one from By Kilian. The 18-karat gold-plated serpent with Swarovski-studded eyes wraps around a 7.5-milliliter vial of Good Girl Gone Bad, a blend of jasmine, tuberose, narcissus, and amber. (Perfect for Rihanna’s next big night out, no?) This olfactory accessory can also be refilled with any of the brand’s travel sprays—convenient considering the number of events on the calendar in the coming weeks.


Kilian Joins the Downtown Crowd



After the successful launch of a freestanding store in Moscow last November, Kilian Hennessy has set his sights on New York City. The first By Kilian fragrance boutique in the U.S. debuts tonight at 804 Washington Street, a chic block nestled in the cobblestone landscape of the Meatpacking District. The black-and-white decor combines the sleek, sophisticated By Kilian aesthetic with the cool, industrial vibe of the neighborhood. Think custom-made furniture, Japanese lighting, and silk carpet, plus exposed brick painted in white lacquer. Customers will get to explore the brand’s complete collection of fragrances, including Apple Brandy, a sweet and woody scent that will only be sold at the NYC location. In between final preparations for the store opening, we got Hennessy to talk shop.

What made you want to open a boutique in New York City—and why now?
Who doesn’t dream of opening a store in New York City? We have actually been searching for the right location for a year!

Why did you choose the Meatpacking District?
We knew right from the start that we wanted to be downtown. When the space next to Louboutin Men’s and in front of Nicholas Kirkwood became available, we jumped on it. The square footage was perfect, and it will be amazing when the Whitney Museum opens in 2015.

What are some of the design elements that you wanted to include in the space?
I absolutely wanted the feeling of a downtown store, which is why we kept the exposed brick on the walls. To offset this, however, we lacquered the brick in white, added black marble flooring, and dropped in a black lacquered ceiling. I also really wanted to give our clients the feeling of entering into my private world. That’s why the [boutique] has been designed to mirror my apartment. For me, it is of utmost importance that anyone who enters the store feels at home. [A customer] can stay as long as she wants to discover our bespoke service offering, or to [experience] our collections of perfumes and evening bags.

Why did you decide to create an exclusive New York-inspired scent for the boutique, and how does it epitomize NYC?
I didn’t want my New York store to be a copy/paste of my Moscow store. Of course, the key visual identity elements will always stay, but I really want to keep the flavor of the city and its culture. I always want to preserve a sense of uniqueness. This comes through some design elements and through exclusive products. No other store in the world will carry [Apple Brandy]. This scent is very personal. It’s an accord of apple liqueur melting with woods. Of course, there is a wink to the Big Apple, but I would have never done it if the two didn’t blend so well together.

As a member of the family that developed one of the world’s most beloved cognacs, we trust that you know a thing or two about brandy. Looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

804 Washington St., New York, NY, (212) 600-1298;

Photo: George Chinsee

A Date with a Sweetly Scented Devil


By Kilian
When a fragrance is dubbed Playing with the Devil, I expect it to smell dark and fiery—not feminine with a slight edge. However, when Kilian Hennessy creates a perfume, one should never assume that he’d stay inside the box. Instead, he’ll design a covetable lacquered clutch (inspired by vintage Van Cleef & Arpels minaudières) adorned with a gold serpent (a design element he borrowed from 1940s cigarette cases) to hold the fourth addition to his In The Garden of Good and Evil collection. (The other three eaux in the line—In the City of Sin, Good Girl Gone Bad, and Forbidden Games—exhibit a similar theme and are housed in the same bottle with white frescoed sides emblazoned with tantalizing symbols, such as an apple, snake, door knocker, and grapevine.) “I wanted an item that would be an object of desire, an object that would come from the world of beauty, but with accents of danger,” explains Hennessy.

As for the olfactory tale this new eau tells, it’s the classic plot of saint versus sin. The top is composed of sweet forbidden fruits like blood orange, white peach, and lychee, mixed with spicy pimento berries and black pepper (meant to express the internal struggle to resist or surrender to temptation). A heart of warm cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, and jasmine leads to a more complex base—which blends provocative notes (such as resinous benzoin and smoky tonka bean) with demure yet sensuous vanilla. The end result, in a word: intoxicating.


Photo: Courtesy of By Kilian