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Roll With It: The Scent You’ll Want to Take Everywhere



If there is one perfume I could bathe in (which I often do thanks to the bar soap and body wash) it’s Byredo’s Gypsy Water. Despite my best attempts to coat myself in the scent, it typically wanes by mid-afternoon—hence the reason I keep the recently released oil iteration close at hand (in my handbag, on my desktop, etc.). Not only does this alcohol-free blend have a longer lifespan than a traditional toilette when applied to pulse points, but the potent form allows you to use less and still achieve the same intensity as a generous spritz (or three). Along with my go-to eau, Bal D’Afrique, Bullion, La Tulipe, Rose Noir, Blanche, and Oud Immortel are available in rollerball form. And while $78 might sound a bit steep for a travel-sized vial, I promise the olfactory effects are anything but short-lived.

Available at

Byredo’s Newfound Flower Power



Seven and a half years and twenty-odd fragrances after launching his hit brand, Byredo, Ben Gorham reckons he has finally conquered his fear of florals. “Most of my initial work was on woody accords and incense—I was really self-indulgent in that respect. I had a fear of florals because to me they were very traditional.” Then, about six years ago, he traveled to Jaipur, where he gave his cousin away at her wedding. The visual and symbolic importance of the flowers (as well as their fragrant effect) during that weeklong festivity changed his mind. Flowerhead, Byredo’s rendition of the garlands traditionally worn by Indian brides, was created in collaboration with perfumers Olivia Giacobetti and Jerome Epinette and is composed around three blooms: rose, wild sambac jasmine, and tuberose. “We tried to capture a true floral but still keep it modern and relevant so that it does not smell like florals of the past,” he explained—an approach that comes through in notes of Sicilian lemon, angelica seeds, and lingonberry. It’s a new dimension for Byredo, and it may just be a foreshadowing of what’s yet to come, which Gorham told may have nothing to do with scent.


Photo: Courtesy of Byredo

Get Ready For Your Close-Up With Inez & Vinoodh


Byredo 1996

The husband-and-wife photography duo Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin know a thing or two about collaboration—they lensed Lady Gaga’s latest album cover and video, and most recently teamed up with TenThousandThings to create a line of jewelry. Not to mention they’ve worked side by side for twenty-five years and managed to remain a couple. Now, the Dutch pair has partnered with Ben Gorham of Stockholm-based fragrance house Byredo to produce a new scent: 1996. While the unique woody aroma was originally created as a Christmas present for the photographers’ closest friends and colleagues, once editors, stylists, and models got word (and whiff) of it, the secret was out and a bottle available to the public was in the works. Inspired by one of their images, taken ten years after they met, entitled Kirsten 1996 (seen above), Gorham used scent to interpret the juxtapositions that exist in the photo (such as the model’s wine-colored lips and porcelain skin, or her dark, transcendent expression and her innocent, angel-like visage), along with the personalities of the two people behind the camera. Composed of contrasting notes, the parfum opens with icy juniper berry, moves to a heart of creamy orris and soft violet, and finishes with warm and exotic hints of amber, leather, and patchouli. “This fragrance was created with our home as a base, our lives, our travels, all the smells and scents we’ve sort of collected along the way…we always wanted our house to be some sort of warm wooden place where you can’t really tell if we started living there in the seventies or now,” explain Inez and Vinoodh, who also said that Gorham perfectly captured the dualism present in their picture. Let’s just say 1996 was a very good year.

Available in September at Barneys New York and

Photo: Courtesy of Byredo

Kim Sears’ Winning Wimbledon Blow-Out; Ben Gorham Talks Summer Scents; Caffeinated Socks, and More…


Kim-Sears-hairKate Middleton has been the celebrity to watch at Wimbledon in recent years, but with the Duchess of Cambridge out on pre-maternity leave this time around, all eyes were on tournament champion Andy Murray’s girlfriend, Kim Sears. Sears’ near-flawless blow-outs have reportedly caused a spike in requests for The Kim cut at Charles Worthington in London. [Celebrity Red Carpet]

When studly perfumer Ben Gorham talks, we listen. The tattooed founder of Byredo gave Elle some thoughtful tips on choosing a warm-weather fragrance. “People should follow their own preferences…. There is nothing that says you can’t wear heavy scents in the summer. And to be honest, the only way to find out if it works or not is to try it,” he offered.

Got a mean case of summer-induced swamp feet? Ministry of Supply recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new line of futuristic socks called Atlas, which incorporate carbonized coffee that filters through the material to absorb sweat and odor. Yet another way to add java to your day. [Daily Mail]

Byredo In Bloom


Very little excites us quite like when a new Byredo scent crosses our desk—for a few reasons. First and foremost, it’s a pretty rare occurrence; founder and creative director Ben Gorham isn’t much for oversaturating the market with his incredibly well-conceived eaux, so they launch fairly sporadically, making them that much more desirable. Secondly, well, they’re incredibly well-conceived; we’re fairly picky about the scents we’ll actually wear (appreciating a perfume and living with one are two entirely different beasts), but there are a few Byredo creations that have worked their way into our arsenal, most notably 2011′s Seven Veils. The latest—which launches next week, on the eve of the official start of spring—is appropriately floral-centric. Called Inflorescence, the rose and pink freesia top notes give the scent a super fresh start, which becomes richer and almost creamy, courtesy of hints of magnolia, lily of the valley, and jasmine as they mingle with the warmth of the skin. It remains unclear when spring will actually grace us with its presence—particularly on the winter-weary East Coast—but a few whiffs of this certainly create the illusion of its arrival.

Available March 20 at

Photo: Courtesy of Byredo