September 2 2014

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Christy Turlington Burns Talks Posing in Her Calvins Past 40 and Keeping It All in Perspective



Dubbed by some as the least retouched body in the business, Christy Turlington Burns shows no signs of giving up the title. In her latest ad for Calvin Klein’s classic fragrance Eternity—a campaign she first shot twenty-six years ago in 1988 alongside Mark Vanderloo—it’s almost as if time has stopped for the super (save for the fact that writer, director, actor, and husband Edward Burns has recently replaced the male model, and the brand is launching a newly revamped version of the iconic eau, Eternity Night, out in August). Bring up the lack of airbrushing her famous face and physique requires and Turlington Burns will likely question your source. “I don’t know if I believe that,” she laughed. “I was retouched when I was 15 and I’m retouched today—it’s part of the business. I hope that people know there’s a bit of smoke and mirrors and that not everybody has no tan lines, no freckles, no scars.”

Throughout the catwalker’s long and illustrious career, however, it appears she’s needed less Photoshop magic than most—a fact one could attribute to her daily yoga practice, runs along Manhattan’s West Side, or penchant for juicing. Her Zen-like attitude and grounded approach to life might also be to blame, as Turlington Burns counts success not in the number of fine lines she’s managed to avoid over the years, but in her accomplishments as a mother and philanthropist. She started Every Mother Counts, a charity focused on maternal health, after encountering complications during her delivery with daughter Grace (now 10). “It was a great experience up until the unexpected happened, and then suddenly something that I felt so prepared for [was out of my hands]. I could never understand why, and in trying to understand and researching, I came across these incredibly staggering figures from around the world [regarding] women and girls who were dying from similar complications to the one I had endured and survived with very basic care,” she explained. “Once I learned that information, I couldn’t not do something about it.” Here, how the supermodel continues to stay centered, strong, and sane.

How does it feel to see the Calvin Klein Eternity campaign a second time around?
For starters, I’m still adjusting to the fact that I’m in them with my husband [Edward Burns]. But I love them—I think they’re beautiful. After having done it for so long, I think they still feel very fresh and classic at the same time, which I think is a hard thing to pull off.

Did you give your husband any modeling tips?
I was telling somebody this recently, but he was like, “I just kind of want to follow her lead—if she’s doing this, she’s doing that…” I’d kind of, like, move his body here and there. But obviously he’s been on camera many times, and he has even done a few ads before, so it’s not completely foreign, but being with someone I think is also different.


How has your life changed after becoming a mother? And more specifically, how has your beauty routine changed?
I have less free time and I haven’t been bored since I became a mom. It’s kind of a funny thing that you think when you’re a single person, What am I going to do today? [As a mother], every moment there’s something that needs to be done. But that’s also wonderful, too. It makes you feel very grounded in the best of ways. I know that if I’m traveling, [my family is] there. Their existence in the world makes me feel somehow balanced or tethered in a really positive way. And in terms of beauty, I’ve always been kind of a less-is-more person. I don’t put a lot of attention and time into myself. When I do that kind of work, it’s done for me, so I’m not really used to doing that myself. I can barely shave my legs, honestly. And then as a mom you don’t have enough time: I schlep on some cream in the morning, take them to school, go to exercise—you just try to squeeze in as much as you possibly can.

Is there one thing you indulged in before you had children that you just haven’t even thought about since?
I never go to the movie theater, and I miss that. I sometimes go to the theater-theater, but even that’s a really rare occasion. I’d say it’s more that kind of stuff. I mean, spontaneity, like, “Oh! I’ve got two tickets to see…” That’s a hard thing to pull off for me. Everything has to be very planned. And because I work and I have to travel for work, when I’m home, I want to be home. And the nighttime is our most precious family time.

How do you balance it all?
I don’t even like the word balance. I like to think of integration because that’s what you really need to do in order to aspire to balance, I suppose. I’ve been a yoga practitioner for most of my life—well, more than half—and I feel like that allows me to be tapped in and feel very connected. There’s not a lot that makes me feel shaken or worried or stressed. And if I do get that way, I have the tools within myself through that practice to be able to get back on track. There’s nothing like a really good night’s sleep and a yoga practice.

Is there a particular pose that helps you de-stress?
I love inversions mainly. Anything that just kind of changes everything up, oxygenates, wakes me up, and makes me get going and moving. But I don’t do any one pose every day in the same way—I just do whatever I feel pulled toward. But it’s great to be able to have so many tools to be able to draw upon.


Do you practice every day?
I practice yoga every day. I don’t practice asanas every day—asanas are just one part of eight limbs of yoga. I try to practice a couple times a week in a class. I like classes more than I do home practice, but really it’s more in my daily life—I practice seva yoga, which is service, and that’s kind of what I do through the nonprofit. I do that as a mother with my children. It’s the idea of being very present and mindful of other people at all times. And then obviously pranayama, which is a breathing practice. We all breathe, but we don’t all do it so mindfully, so I try to do mindful breathing.

How do you make time for exercise? Are you up at the crack of dawn?
I wish. Whenever I can squeeze it in. I’m not a big morning person, so my day usually starts when the kids are at school, and then I’ll go to yoga class or I’ll go for a run, and then I go to work. That’s the way I have to do it. Sometimes I try to squeeze in something later, but it’s much harder. Once they’re home and once we have the homework and we have our lives, to get that sort of solitude is really hard.

So how much time do you normally carve out of your day for your yoga practice?
An hour to two—somewhere in there.

Aside from yoga, is there anything else you do to keep your body in such amazing shape?
Oh, thank you. No, yoga is the main thing. I run, which I started doing really because of my organization. I started running the marathon, running other races to raise awareness. I ran as a child; I ran track and field when I was very young, so it’s kind of in me, but I never enjoyed just running for exercise. Now that I run as part of a team and because of the organization, I love it in a way that I had forgotten that I did. I love to be disconnected from my phone. I don’t take music. I’m just either by myself or with my team—[which is comprised of] colleagues and supporters of [Every Mother Counts]—and we do long and short runs together. We join races, and they’re so fulfilling on so many levels that now I’m like, “I’m a runner—and I’m a yogi!”


Do you have a favorite place to run?
When I’m in the city, I run up the West Side Highway. I drop off my kids at school; I run to the highway, and you can go up as far as the George Washington Bridge or go to the park and do a loop…But I run wherever I am. I’ll run in whatever city, and it’s nice to get out and discover new small streets. It’s fun.

Do you take any vitamins or do any cleanses to stay healthy and energized?
Since I’ve been doing yoga, I’ve done cleanses—usually on an annual or seasonal basis—and I’ve done different kinds over the years. So I believe in juice cleansing, but more in the summer months when it’s warm. It’s really hard to do when it’s cold. And [I'm not attached] to one thing in particular; it could be a day or two—it’s sort of just what I feel. I also started working for Imedeen [an antiaging skincare tablet]. I started taking a supplement for my skin, which I started doing early last summer, and I really liked the results. My skin has always been on the drier side, in particular because I travel a lot. As I’ve gotten older, it’s gotten drier. I’ve noticed that it has sort of restored moisture in a way that I haven’t really experienced. I mean, I could be decadent with whatever oil and cream [I'm using], but that only gets me so far. I think doing something from within is an important thing. I had a skincare company for a while, so I have a good understanding of how the skin works as an organ, and it just makes a lot of sense. It’s also been great for my hair; it’s made my hair much thicker and it’s growing really fast, so it has this double positive effect, which I like.

Do you have a go-to cleanse?
I’ve kind of tried them all. I’m not crazy about BluePrint. I’ve done the Clean Cleanse a couple of times. My husband started doing it before I did, and I’ve known [Dr.] Alejandro [Junger] for many, many years. I like his a lot, but it’s twenty-one days, so it can be [difficult] depending on what’s going on in your life. And it’s not all juice. It’s more of a commitment, and it depends on my travel schedule—but you feel great, and the idea is that twenty-one days changes habits. I’m a healthy eater to begin with, but it’s a nice reset if you’re coming out of the holidays or whatever. We have so many Juice Press places now in the neighborhood—it’s one of the best things that has happened. By my kids’ school is Melvin’s [Juice Box], and Melvin [Major Jr.] himself used to be the juice guy at Lifethyme when I lived in the West Village. It’s my neighborhood place, and I feel like he does really, really fresh, yummy juices. But I just love that [juice cleanses] are so accessible now and you don’t have to do all the work on your own at home with a juice machine. It’s much easier.


When you’re not juicing, what is your must-have snack?
I’m a nut person. I eat nuts constantly. If I were a kid in this age where everybody’s allergic to nuts, I would just probably shrivel up and die. I snack all the time, and I like almonds, I like any kind of pepitas. I’m constantly eating sunflower seeds and nuts. I also [take them] when I’m traveling because they’re really good for your skin, energy, and protein.

What is your favorite signature dish to cook for your family?
I’m a good roast chicken person. It’s the easy go-to if I don’t know what to make, and it will always be good and consistent.

What is your idea of an amazing night in?
Staying up for a full episode of any of the shows that are on right now. Eddie and I, we can’t keep up! And we [watch] them together, too, so I can’t just watch one and get ahead of him.

Is there a particular series you’re following?
We finally caught up on Homeland, so we finished that. And my husband just directed a pilot for a series that is also a period piece from the mid-sixties [and set in] New York, so his will hopefully be the next up-and-coming show. It’s called Public Morals. We’re very into the Mad Men thing because it’s leading up to that same time.


What did you do to prepare for your most recent Calvin Klein underwear campaign [shot at age 44]? Did you step up the workouts?
I did not have a whole lot of time to prepare, and I did not step up on anything! But I was running already—I’d run my first marathon, so I think I was probably fairly fit from that. Yoga—and I started Spinning, too, a couple of years ago, only because running outside in the winter was sort of hard, especially this winter. So I started Spinning at SoulCycle once a week just to do another cardio. But I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare. It was like, “Oh, do you want to do this? OK! We’re going to do it next month!”

Is there a particular part of your body that’s more difficult to tone than the rest?
Not that much. I normally am not that kind of person. They [Calvin Klein] like my body. I like athletic bodies more than I like skinny bodies, so for a long time I used to say my ideal body type was Steffi Graf. She’s just powerful and super-toned. I have a really hard time building muscle, so for me it’s not hard to be thin, it’s [harder] to be defined and toned. But there’s not a lot I can do about it, to be honest. It just is what it is. But I have skinny arms, so I like to have a little bit of definition and do some upper-body stuff to have some muscles.

If skinny arms are the biggest problem you have when wearing nothing but your Calvins, I’d say you’re doing all right.

Through May 31, all proceeds from in-store sales of the limited-edition Eternity Calvin Klein 25th Anniversary bottle will support Every Mother Counts.

Exclusive: Our Q&A With Naomi Watts and Her Go-To Girl, Jeanann Williams


The IFP, CALVIN KLEIN COLLECTION & EUPHORIA CALVIN KLEIN Celebrate Women in Film at the 67th Cannes Film FestivalIn addition to an endless supply of red-carpet fashion (you can follow our daily updates here), we’ve seen our fair share of must-try beauty moves in Cannes—including Naomi Watts’ look at last night’s Calvin Klein Euphoria party. While the celeb is no stranger to the current trends, we can always count on her to keep things simple and chic. Last night’s head-to-toe look—a blush pink tea-length Calvin Klein Collection dress paired with a black blazer, dewy skin, and swept-back ponytail—was one of our favorites of the week. We caught up with Watts and her stylist of choice, Jeanann Williams, for an exclusive glimpse into their red-carpet routine.

Why did you choose this particular dress?
JW: The dress was something Francisco [Costa] dreamt up for Naomi. We worked closely with Calvin Klein on the design process, starting from a sketch. We loved the color on Naomi—so fresh. And the silhouette had that glam factor so perfect for Cannes but with a modern take, which we always know we can get from Calvin. At the last fitting, we decided to make it tea length.

How did you decide on the hair and makeup look?
JW: We wanted to keep it fresh-faced and modern. We had fun with the hair for this look.

Did you get in any spa treatments in preparation for tonight?
JW: Facials are always a good way to start, if time allows. You want that glow.

What was the must-have beauty product you packed for the Calvin Klein party?
NW: Burberry lipstick in English Rose.

What makes Cannes different from other red-carpet events?
NW: Cannes is all about the glamour. You can really go for it—trains, big jewels. You can bring that old Hollywood feel and take advantage of the amazing light in Cannes. It’s all in a feeling.

How will your daytime looks for Cannes differ from evening events?
NW: Day will include a hat to avoid the sun. And something lightweight—maybe a sundress and sandals.

JW: Yesterday she wore a lightweight white suit by none other than Calvin Klein. So chic, yet easy. Isabel Marant separates always make it into the mix as well.

How did you and Naomi relax post-red carpet?
JW: Naomi was craving French bread and cheese, so we ordered dinner the moment we hit the car. It was ready upon our arrival at Hotel du Cap.

When you’re not working and attending films, what is your favorite thing to do, see, buy, or eat in Cannes?
NW: Taking a swim in the sea, enjoying amazing French food—cheeses and baguettes—and a visit to Monoprix to shop for my kids. They have the best-quality kids clothing, and it’s well-priced.

Here, a few behind-the-scenes snaps from the dynamic duo:





Doutzen Kroes: Calvin Klein’s Freshest Face



In addition to resurrecting campaigns (like Christy Turlington and Mark Vanderloo’s 1995 ad for Calvin Klein Eternity), the brand is simultaneously signing up new talent. Doutzen Kroes announced her new appointment as the face of Reveal Calvin Klein (out in September), via Instagram, just hours ago. The model and mommy-to-be appears to be powering through her pregnancy—silver stilettos and all. The question that remains: Will the Dutch super’s photo stand the test of time like Turlington’s?

Vanessa Axente Gets Ready for Her Close-up


Hungarian model Vanessa Axente may only be 18-years-old, but her list of accomplishments is already impressive: She’s become a muse for Steven Meisel, walked in a slew of runway shows (21, to be exact, for Spring 2014), and graced the covers of the Japanese, German, and Italian editions of Vogue. Not bad for someone who can’t even drink. While primping for the Gotham Independent Film Awards this week (photo diary below), the new face of Calvin Klein and the brand’s forthcoming eau, Endless Euphoria, shared her low-key beauty habits.

Her red-carpet ritual: “[The night before an event] I go to bed before 11:00, and I always take a hot bath. I put olive oil, lavender oil, and milk in the water to moisturize my body. It makes me feel so relaxed, and after that I’m ready for bed.”

On her look for the Gotham Awards: “My makeup is very simple, but it’s still sexy because of the eyeliner. I went with a more natural look, because I’m young. The hair is very Calvin Klein—straight but also a little wavy. The whole look is kind of masculine, but still feminine, because the back of the top is so pretty.”

Her secret for gorgeous skin: “I always wash my makeup off at night with Chanel cleansing water, and once a week I exfoliate my face with brown sugar, to keep it soft.”

Her tricks for makeup that won’t budge: “If I need my makeup to last all day long, I spritz my face with Avène water, because it refreshes my skin but it doesn’t mess up the makeup. To make my lipstick last, I apply concealer and lip liner first. A makeup artist taught me that.”

What she loves about Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria: “It’s fresh, youthful, and it fits my personality perfectly. It gets your attention, but it’s not too overpowering.”

And where does she like to spritz? “I like to apply fragrance on my neck and wrists—that’s where you smell it the most.”

Endless Euphoria Calvin Klein (the blush-colored bottle at left)—a blend of cherry blossom, violet, and sandalwood—is available beginning March 2014.

Photos: Steve Eichner

EXCLUSIVE: Lara Stone Named New Face Of L’Oréal Paris


lara-stoneShe’s one of the most coveted models (and bodies) in the business—serving as the face for Calvin Klein, Givenchy, and Belstaff, among others. Now, Lara Stone will utter global beauty giant L’Oréal Paris’ four famous words to women all over the world: Because you’re worth it. “I think that’s a pretty incredible message to convey,” says Stone. As for joining the ranks of supers and stars like Laetitia Casta, Beyoncé Knowles, Doutzen Kroes, Julianne Moore, and Jane Fonda, she says, “It wasn’t really anything I ever expected to happen in my career…I never could really see myself in their lineup.” While her gap-toothed smile, sensual curves, and “X-rated lips,” as described by Calvin Klein, make Stone anything but the stereotypical, lithe catwalker, it’s these non-cookie-cutter features that have earned her opening spots and exclusives on multiple runways. Designer Riccardo Tisci told W magazine that he “fell in love” upon first meeting the voluptuous and soft-spoken Dutch beauty in 2006 during castings for Givenchy’s couture show—an effect, it seems, she continues to have on many.

For more behind-the-scenes action from the ad campaign, watch the video below:

Check back on Friday to discover Stone’s beauty essentials.

Photo/Video: Courtesy of L’Oréal Paris