September 2 2014

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The 411: Georgie Eisdell


Georgie-EisdellAmong the few celebrities whose red carpet moves we have historically tracked closely for beauty inspiration, Carey Mulligan ranks fairly high. Besides being remarkably easy on the eyes, the actress has mastered the fine art of elegance with a twist, both in her dress and beauty choices, when she hits the red carpet. For the latter, Mulligan has Aussie-born makeup artist Georgie Eisdell to thank. Eisdell, who kicked off her makeup career in Sydney while still a teenager, quickly climbed the beauty ranks, becoming an editorial darling and favorite among a coterie of style-savvy celebrities including Mulligan, Dianna Agron (with Eisdell, left), Diane Kruger, Christina Hendricks, and Saoirse Ronan. With Gatsby just hitting theaters, the past two weeks have seen Mulligan pounding the red carpet circuit hard. “My favorite looks for Carey vary,” shares Eisdell. “Her skin is incredible so I always love to enhance that and give her an extra glow. She is quite a chameleon so it makes it very easy for me; everything suits her.” Eisdell’s go-to red carpet products for Mulligan? “Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels; I use them on all my clients because they cool, de-puff, and tone the skin,” she says. “I love my Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen, too. I use it under the eyes to brighten the area and it’s so fine that it doesn’t cake. Lastly I can’t do without my La Mer The Powder; it sets makeup and is kind of my secret weapon to glowing skin.” Here, Eisdell shares some of the beauty bets she reserves for her own big nights out—and the daily grind in between.


The Balm Par Excellence: Lucas’ Papaw Ointment
“This is from Australia and is literally the best lip balm on the planet. There is nothing that heals chapped lips better. It is also amazing for bites, burns, and it’s great to put on dry elbows. The other thing I love to use this product for is when you are breaking in new shoes: Rub a little on the inside of the shoe where it rubs, and you find yourself blister free with perfectly broken in shoes from day one.”
Available at


The One and Only Moisturizer: Crème de la Mer Soft Cream
“I cannot live without this moisturizer. It is perfect for every season; I feel like it injects moisture into my skin instantly. It feels light, yet gives so much hydration. It’s the perfect base for makeup!”
Available at


The Desert Island Beauty Product: Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Medium
“If there was only one product I could have, this would be it. This bronzer is so light on the face; it doesn’t have a powdery finish so it can be used over powder, or on clean skin. The color is perfect! It’s so natural and never makes people look over-tanned or orange. It adds the perfect amount of sun-kissed color to the face.”
Available at


The Cleansing Necessity: Clarisonic
“This is the only way to wash your face fully. Other than it being a really chic looking appliance, it cleans the skin so well without being too harsh. It removes significantly more dirt, loosens impurities from your pores, and it leaves you so smooth and glowing.”
Available at


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Behind the Bob: Hairstyles of Gatsby‘s Rich and Famous


With the New York premiere this week of The Great Gatsby, Baz Luhrmann’s much-anticipated adaptation of the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel will begin its worldwide tour, most notably with a stop as the opening film at Cannes this month. And while much attention has already been paid to the Miuccia Prada-designed costumes, the extravagant deco sets, and, of course, the on-screen chemistry between Carey Mulligan’s Daisy Buchanan and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jay Gatsby, we’ve still got a few burning questions, mostly of the beauty variety. Here, chats with the film’s head hair designer, Kerry Warn, about bobs, finger waves, and making Mulligan’s strands look like they’d been “dipped in cream.”

How did you approach your research for the film?
The twenties was an incredibly well-recorded decade. We had mood boards all over the hair and makeup rooms, with images of real people, actresses, and society ladies from the era to keep everyone inspired. I also read the book and saw the movie with Mia Farrow and Robert Redford, but I didn’t want to get sidetracked—once you get a train of thought going, it’s important to stay on track.

The bob was obviously huge in the twenties. How did you determine the exact length and angle of Carey’s cut?
Louise Brooks was a big influence. Graduated bobs came into style in this era. The look was almost boyish, the way it was cut in the back, close in to the neck. It was known as a “semi-shingle,” but today we call it a graduated bob, as it gets longer in the crown area and drops down under the chin. That was our preferred length for the actresses in this film.

What about all the finger waving? Why was it important to have that textural element?
Once everyone cut their hair off [in the twenties], they started waving it. We tried to convey the modernity of the decade, and that these girls were being scandalous by cutting their hair off into bobs.

Let’s talk technique. What’s the easiest way to get those perfectly glossy ridges?
The finger wave has to be done on wet hair—you don’t want to make the hair too sticky, so you don’t use any product. I hold my comb at an angle, toward face, and pull the hair through, creating a ridge. I pin that section in place, then comb back the other way, following an “S” movement through the hair to get three or four waves down the side of the face.

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Carey Mulligan Lightens Up (Again)


Carey Mulligan sent tongues—specifically ours—wagging during the Fall shows last year when she turned up at The Row with a honey blond pixie cut, forsaking the deep auburn color we had grown so fond of. At the time, we were conflicted—”why, Carey?” we asked aloud, wondering what had compelled the Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps star to conform to Hollywood’s hair color of choice. After growing out her crop to a near shoulder-grazing bob, Mulligan ultimately went back to brunette this summer, at which point we found ourselves wanting the blond back (we’re hard to please, turns out). This weekend, she obliged us, asking Negin Zand of the Sally Hershberger salon in Los Angeles to take her flaxen for Comic-Con 2011. Balayage highlights, rather than a double-process dye job, made her second transition to lighter locks more of a seamless one—and much easier for us to support. You too?

Photo: John Shearer / Getty Images; Paul Zimmerman / WireImage / Getty Images

Spritz It Like Beckham; Carey Mulligan Goes Brunette; And More…


For those of you following the “Botox Mom” case, in which an English woman reportedly injected her 8-year-old beauty pageant contestant daughter with Botox and then had the child taken away from her by the authorities—some new developments to report. Apparently, it was all a hoax for a made-up newspaper article that earned the woman $200…which makes the lack of parental judgment almost worse, no? [Gawker]

Victoria Beckham may be putting her mark on the fashion industry with her highly regarded women’s collection, but her husband seems to have designs on the beauty world. David Beckham will launch his third olfactory effort, Homme by David Beckham, this September. [WWD]

Like models Emily Senko and Britt Maren, Carey Mulligan is getting back to her brunette roots. Brown is the new blonde, after all. [Grazia]

Two years after its announcement, Ellie Saab’s first fragrance, Le Parfum, will debut this summer. It’s been helmed by fragrance superstar Francis Kurkdjian. [Independent] 

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Carey Mulligan’s Hair Heartache; Politicos: Hot Or Not?; And More…


All the dying, bleaching, cropping, and cutting has apparently taken a toll on Carey Mulligan’s tresses. The actress is reportedly taking Kérastase protein pills to grow her hair back to its An Education-era length. Personally, we like her with a pixie. [Daily Mail]

Proving that politicians are not immune to our country’s fascination with youth and beauty, a new slideshow pits young and old images of political personalities against one another, asking readers to decide whether they were better off “young and fun” or if they look “better with age.” We’ll tell you this much: Hillary Rodham Clinton was a bookish fox back in the day. [msnbc]

After announcing in October that Amanda Seyfried would be its first ever celebrity spokesperson, Clé de Peau has leaked images of her ad campaign for the brand, lensed by David Sims. All eyes and pouty lips, Seyfried is a bona fide beauty star. We expect to hear about a hair contract for the young actress any day now. [Racked]

Ever wonder what Keira Knightley would look like with kohl-rimmed eyes and a drawn-on handlebar mustache? Yes? Well, here you go. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Photo: AP Photo/Peter Kramer