August 30 2014

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D.I.Y. Bows, Bands, And Barrettes


Minnie Mouse acolytes worldwide presumably let out of a collective shout of glee last week when jumbo-sized bows colored the Marc by Marc Jacobs presentation. A second showing at Luella yesterday no doubt sent them into excitement overload. Yes, bows—the bigger the better—appear to be having a moment. In fact, there’s a substantial hair accessories trend in the air for Spring. Designers are crafting ties, clips, and the like to cajole impulse purchases at the register, but their handiwork, as it turns out, is quite duplicable at home. See below for our guide to dressing up your tresses on the cheap.

Bowing Out

The key to getting maximum fullness to your bow like the one hairstylist Guido Palau fastened at Marc by Marc Jacobs is making sure that the fabric you tie up in your hair is thinner in the middle then on the ends.

How To: Pick your favorite print, cut out a thick ribbon that is about three feet in length and at its narrowest width in the center, tie, and fan out for maximum impact.

Just Bead It

For her Spring presentation, Carolina Herrera wanted pops of sparkle to peek out of models’ hair, so she fashioned a headband with long strands of opalescent beads, which hairstylist Orlando Pita displayed through loose chignons.

How To: The headband itself should be worn further back on your head than usual, even underneath a top layer of hair to create an element of surprise for the beads. Measure from wherever you place the band to the end of the longest point of your hair and string up strands of your gemstones of choice at that length, gluing them to a thin metal headband as you go. Style accordingly.

Snap On

The hair at 3.1 Phillip Lim was meant to look like a combination of Lee Miller and “a little girl,” explained Odile Gilbert—simple and clean, but still fresh and beautiful. As such, Gilbert gave all of the models a very deep side part up front and a complex twisted chignon that sat low above the nape of their necks, adorning each section with its own red braided clip to add a “modern and artistic” element to the coifs.

How To: Lim designed his barrettes with leather, but a sturdy string will work just fine. Braid one thick or two thin rows and glue on to a plain silver barrette three to four inches in length to accentuate a part or an updo.

Photo: Greg Kessler / Olivier Claisse

Hair Hardware Has Its Day


Hairstylists Orlando Pita and Eugene Souleiman were in something of a hairpin-off backstage yesterday as they competed to see who could put more accessories into models’ hair. “70 to 100,” was Pita’s guesstimation at Carolina Herrera, where he incorporated plain bobby pins and others with floral clusters that came directly from the embellishments on the collection’s clothes and accessories. Keeping a little volume at the top of the head, Pita sprayed his hand with T3 Control Hairspray and finger-combed hair backward to maintain softness and femininity. He then rolled the hair into a chignon, which was barely visible beneath its coat of copper armor. Downtown at Donna Karan, Souleiman was going for a more masculine look in front, where models sported sleek and deep side parts that evolved into softer, off center buns in the back. He painstakingly placed “about 100″ straight black hairpins, starting from behind the ear and moving around the chignon, so that the rounded tips of each pin were visible from the top of the look, almost like elaborate, 3-D scales. “I wanted it to appear really pretty, but hard at the same time,” he said, an objective he definitely managed to pull off.

Photo: Greg Kessler

First Look: 212 On Ice


The limited-edition bottle of Carolina Herrera’s citrus floral 212 scent makes its debut in March. The familiar notes of grapefruit, rose, gardenia, and musk will remain the same, but it’s called 212 on Ice, as the original oval-shaped flacon has been given a Spring color makeover and is now encased in a clear cube. The packaging is a little “teen-y” for our taste, but we’re classicists when it comes to our perfume bottles—the more timeless the better. What say you?

Photo: Courtesy of Carolina Herrera