August 27 2014

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Bows Nouveau


Balenciaga - Nina Ricci

Confession: I’m bow curious. I’ve fallen for the hair bows worn by Nouvelle Vague-era actresses Catherine Deneuve, Anna Karina, and Brigitte Bardot, but can’t figure out how they managed to turn a perky cheerleader accessory into something stylish and even sex-kittenish. Can a grown woman—who isn’t one of the most beautiful women of all time—really clip a bow in her hair without looking ridiculous?

Recently, I found proof that it’s possible (see: the Spring 2014 Balenciaga and Nina Ricci collections), but I knew that if I wanted to experiment, I’d need professional help. Enter Tommy Buckett of the Serge Normant salon, who created a sixties-inspired style for the Kate Spade Spring 2014 presentation. To avoid one of my major concerns of appearing too juvenile, Buckett ruled out bow-adorned headbands. “You don’t want to look girly or like Alice in Wonderland,” he says. Instead, do as he did at Kate Spade and pull hair up into a topknot, then use Garnier Surfer Hair Power Putty to rough it up and create flyaways. The kiss of death—and fastest way to look like a leftover from Gossip Girl—is not mussing it up a bit. Buckett’s number one rule: “More texture makes it modern.”

If you’re going the topknot route, Buckett suggests playing around with the number of bows: Try one big bow pinned in front of the chignon, or three or five little ones going down the nape of the neck. Another fresh idea is to make a low samurai-style looped ponytail, then tie a satin ribbon in a bow around the base. Finally, if you’re going to try the half-up, half-down look à la Deneuve, avoid her teased, bouncy texture. Buckett’s version: Take a section of hair from one corner of your eye to the other, keep the top part completely flat and straight, and add texture to the bottom with surf spray for a rumpled (but not wavy) finish. The finishing touch: a ribbon where the ponytail holder sits. “The key to the bow,” Buckett says, “is to make it not so pretty.”

Photo: Getty Images; Gianni Pucci /

Beauty Sound Bites: A Frisky-Business Flush



“If you think you look like shit, put on blush. Don’t sweat the concealer. There is this mythology that if you’re not dark under the eyes, you’ll look well—you won’t, that’s just not how it works. You want to look like you’ve been shagged, or you’ve had a run, or something good is going on in your life, [all of] which concealer doesn’t do. It just erases whatever mystery thing is bothering you.”

Above we pay homage to the makeup guru’s advice with an image of Catherine Deneuve from Belle de Jour, a woman who got her kicks (and pretty glow) by means other than the rosy cosmetic.

Age-Defying Beauties, Jake Gyllenhaal As Samson, And More…


Helen Mirren, Catherine Deneuve, and Sophia Loren round out a new top ten list of the most beautiful women in the world. “The difference between pretty and beautiful is that pretty is temporal, whereas beautiful is eternal,” according to Claudia Schiffer, who, at 40 years old, came in second behind Penélope Cruz. It looks like both beauty and wisdom can increase with age. [Express]

Forbes has just released its own top five list of the most lucrative careers launched on YouTube. Coming in right behind Justin “The Bangs” Bieber is one Michelle Phan—YouTube handle, RiceBunny—whose makeup tutorials have garnered hundreds of millions of views and earned her a Lancôme contract. Ladies, to your flip cameras. [Forbes]

How did Jake Gyllenhaal get so buff for his latest role in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time? “It’s really all about the hair,” Gyllenhaal insists. “It’s about growing the hair—when you grow the hair and shampoo it every day, you know, you really get strong muscles.” Our vast knowledge of scrawny, long-haired hipsters seems to be evidence to the contrary, but we’ll defer to you on this one, Jake. [AP]

Paris Hilton is back at the fragrance game, working on Tease, her tenth perfume, which will launch this summer and is inspired by Marilyn Monroe. The advertising visuals really write themselves for this one. [Scented Salamander]

All hail the return of the Pob. Victoria Beckham is apparently back to the asymmetrical bob she made famous back in 2007. A host of second-generation VB imitators will likely follow suit. [FabSugar U.K.]

Photo: Andrew Cooper, SMPSP © Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Jerry Bruckheimer, Inc. All rights reserved.

Amber Valletta As Catherine Deneuve, Take Two


Amber Valletta already proved herself capable of taking on the role of Catherine Deneuve once (the supermodel reenacted the actress’ legendary character from Belle de Jour in François Nars’ much-lauded photo book 15×15). So when the face painter decided to base his entire Spring collection around another Deneuve heroine—Lucile, from Alain Cavalier’s 1968 film La Chamade—Valletta obviously got spokesperson dibs. Nars is calling this season a time to “embrace color and get noticed,” and his new campaign image reflects the sentiment with bright, golden moss-hued eyes courtesy of his new Camargue Duo Cream Eyeshadow; a strong pink cheek, which Nars created using his Amour Blush; and a glossy nude lip that’s been amplified with a contrasting Lip Pencil in Borneo. The result is retro yet still modern—not to mention a pretty good homage, don’t you think?

Photo: Courtesy of NARS Cosmetics