August 23 2014

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Sarah Jessica Parker fans who helped make her first signature scents, Lovely and Covet, worldwide smash hits might want to clear some room in the ole perfume shrine. The Sex and the City star has just completed work on her third fragrance with Coty Inc., which, unlike the first two, was created to have much closer ties to her Manolo-loving alter ego, Carrie Bradshaw. Called SJP NYC, it is intended to be a “party in a bottle,” as Parker told WWD, evoking the big-city lifestyle to which so many women have aspired since the HBO show premiered in the late nineties. To really translate that idea of It bags, Cosmos, and brunching with girlfriends into scent form, Firmenich nose Honorine Blanc and Parker—who is extensively involved in the formulation process—looked to the strawberry. It’s a seemingly juvenile choice, but the tween-centric note is tempered by more sophisticated gardenia and musk essences that are meant to help prevent any sugar-sweet aftereffects. The fruity floral bows in March to correspond with the film’s release and will include a whole host of incentives to lure moviegoers from the theater to department stores, including bangles equipped with perfume solids and reversible tote bags—a far cry from a Birkin but a good piece of ephemera nevertheless.

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Angelina, Back In Front Of The Camera?


When word got out a few weeks back that Giorgio Armani was planning to use Couture week as a launch pad for the visuals of his new women’s scent, Idole d’Armani, it seemed a fitting preface to the fragrance coup he’s hoping to create when the perfume hits the shelves this autumn. Should it all fall short of his expectations, however, rumor has it that there is a plan B: Angelina Jolie. The mother of six has allegedly inked a deal to front her own Armani fragrance campaign later this year and will have supervision over the print and TV ads to boot (perhaps she’ll enlist her budding photographer husband to do the honors?). Whether her likeness will be used as part of the Idole d’Armani push fronted by model/actress Kasia Smutniak, for a different olfactory endeavor altogether, or just as fodder for speculation-fueled publicity remains to be seen. Ah, the intrigue.

Update: Option C, as it turns out. According to Armani PR, “Angelina is not the face of Idole, nor are we working with her on any upcoming projects.” Alas. We’ll always have those St. John ads.

Photo: George Pimentel / FilmMagic

Paris To Sing “Siren” Song


It was recently announced that Paris Hilton will take home the Celebrity of the Year award at the Fifis on May 27th, thus joining Katie “Jordan” Price—her why-is-she-famous U.K. counterpart—who just received the same honor across the pond. Coupled with that new five-year contract we told you about last month, it’s safe to say that the fragrance world wants more Paris, and more Paris they shall receive. One of our favorite perfume blogs just reported that the follow-up to the heiress’ successful Fairy Dust franchise will be called Siren. While no information on the new scent has been released yet, we can see the ad campaign now: Paris as water nymph, leading (hulking, greased-up) sailors astray with her sea song. Long, crimped extensions to simulate beach hair will likely abound. Any other predictions for the creative visuals? Hilton half naked and/or in something skin tight is also a given.

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Halle Berry, Bottled


Halle Berry fans, take note: The Oscar winner’s first fragrance, a woody oriental she collaborated on with Coty, hits shelves next week. A nose in her own right (the starlet reportedly delights in mixing and layering scents to create her own signature eau de parfum), Berry’s Halle by Halle Berry features mimosa and fig essences that the press materials explain are intended to evoke “the spirit of a woman who is effortlessly sexy, stylish, and elegant.” If you’re looking for something that’s more deliberately sexy, tacky, and borderline trashy, Jenna Jameson has also just launched her own scent, Heartbreaker by Jenna. (In the world of celebrity fragrance, there is something for everyone.)

Photo: Courtesy of Coty

The Genie’s Got Her Own Bottle


Celebrating her first fragrance to be released outside of Europe, Christina Aguilera will unveil Inspire today at Macy’s, and will be doling out the inspiration in person to a few select fans pulled from a line that is likely already forming in Herald Square (pre-purchase of the fragrance is required to queue up). Apparently conceived out of Aguilera’s love for pop art, the fruity-floral fragrance counts mango, freesia, and Valencia orange flower among its accords and is being touted as “energetic, fun, and colorful”—which is fairly evident from its bejeweled box and pink juice. We’d make a comment about how the pop star needs to hurry up with fragrances two and three in order to upstage Britney Spears’ olfactory franchise, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that Xtina is the better (off) Mouseketeer. No need to add insult to injury.

Christina Aguilera will be at the Macy’s Herald Square location in New York today, beginning at 5 p.m.