July 29 2014

styledotcom .@nicolaannepeltz is the breakout beauty star of the summer:

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Nicola Peltz Perfects the Liquid Liner Look



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Nicola Peltz is the breakout beauty star of the summer. From smoky eyes to colorful lids, the 19-year-old is quickly becoming a fashion force to be reckoned with. And at last night’s Japanese premiere of Transformers: Age of Extinction in Tokyo, Peltz arrived on the red carpet wearing a tangerine Prada dress with a plunging neckline and razor-sharp black liner reminiscent of screen sirens like Sophia Loren, or the dramatic wings recently seen on the Atelier Versace runway. While I’ve watched many a YouTube tutorial that suggests applying Scotch tape to achieve that crisp line (a makeup move that can damage delicate skin), a safer trick to a foolproof flick is to hold a business card flat to the outer corner of your eye and use the edge as a stencil.

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The Most Iconic Lipstick Looks of All Time



For nearly every day of the year there is a seemingly insignificant holiday—see Cheese Pizza Day, Talk Show Host Day, and Hug Your Cat Day. But today marks the arrival of one unaccredited holiday we definitely feel good about getting behind: National Lipstick Day. In celebration of our favorite magic bullet, we took a quick peek back at some of the greatest moments in lipstick of the past 100 years. Time to kiss and tell.

Why You Should Match Your Lipstick to Your Hair



What’s black, white, and red all over? Sasha Pivovarova in the August issue of French Vogue, for starters. In her David Sims-lensed editorial, the iconic catwalker wears stark black-and-white clothes to offset her fiery hair, persimmon lips, and glossy burnt-orange nails. We’ve noticed the matchy-matchy beauty trend take off elsewhere, too. There was model Natalie Westling’s Little Mermaid-inspired strands and sweater combo on Prabal Gurung’s runway, Marc Jacobs’ Fall ’14 head-to-toe pastel palette, and Kelly Osbourne’s coordinating lipstick and signature violet strands at last night’s Young Hollywood Awards. Double (or triple!) your color, double your beauty fun.


Taylor Swift and Lauryn Hill Discover Summer’s Power Pair



When it comes to wearing makeup during the dogs of summer, we always think less is more. This week, we’re loving the look of bold lips paired with one statement accessory—be it a cool chapeau or sophisticated sunglasses. Take a cue from chanteuse Lauryn Hill and let a vibrant violet pout peek out from beneath a wide-brim hat, or make like Taylor Swift and contrast black Wayfarers with a loud fuchsia mouth. (Either way, you won’t have to worry about perfecting a smoky eye or producing a bump-free band of liquid liner.) These two singers may differ in terms of musical style, but they’re definitely riding the same beauty wave. Consider us on board.

For 12 lipstick/sunglasses combos, click here.

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Zoe Saldana’s Shortcut to a Short Cut


Zoe Saldana understands the power of transformation—she underwent a five-hour paint job on a daily basis for her latest role as the electric-green Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy. “What your eye can see, yourself becomes,” the starlet noted in an earlier interview with Yesterday in Los Angeles, Saldana skipped the full-body metamorphosis and switched up her look with a simple, quick change. She started out with her signature medium-length waves for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and a few hours later sported a cropped cut for a red-carpet premiere. The trick to going from long to short sans scissors? The faux bob. With the help of a few strategically placed hairpins, pulling off this special effect is simple and perfect for commitment-phobes who want to test-drive losing their length or just keep cool when the heat is on. Even better, it doesn’t require frequent trips to the salon for trims—a fact that has deterred the low-maintenance Saldana from a permanent chop in the past. They say that blonds have more fun, but we think a summer without sweaty strands on your neck sounds pretty damn good, too.

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