April 19 2014

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Show Me Your Teeth


cara-delevingneI was hoping this 2013 trend would be put to bed in the New Year, but gilded teeth are still going strong. Super Cara Delevingne sported a gold snarl created by Parisian grillz designer du jour, Dolly Cohen, for a shoot with Lurve magazine. Fans of the former dental technician’s work include the model’s pop star bestie, Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, and fellow catwalker Chanel Iman.

Photo: Instagram

Beyoncé’s Split Beauty Personalities



Beyoncé released her surprise, self-titled “visual album” early this morning. In addition to appearances by Jay-Z, Blue Ivy, Drake, Frank Ocean, Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn, and Joan Smalls in the seventeen videos, a bevy of looks—including the twenty-four-hour pixie cut that set the social media world on fire, and vampire-style grill that debuted on Instagram—were put on display. (Bey’s recent spout of beauty ADD makes so much more sense now.) Here, we survey some of our favorites:


Either the people at Pantone have psychic abilities or they took cues from Queen Bey when naming Radiant Orchid as the color of the year.


Reminiscent of the hair at the Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 show, we have a feeling crimps are going to stage a serious comeback.


Two of this past season’s biggest trends in one frame: blue shadow and a loud mouth.


Bold bordeaux lips paired with a matching trench make for a dynamic duo.


From barely there makeup to head-to-toe black body paint, the looks in the video for “Ghost” run the gamut.


Smoky eyes, a berry-colored pout, and marcel waves? Talk about a triple threat.


Angular eyeliner reminiscent of the teal and cobalt slashes seen on Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2014 runway.


Who doesn’t love a good beauty flashback?

The Met Gala: Best Of Beauty


The sea of Givenchy dresses aside, last night’s Met gala was as much about beauty as it was about fashion—which shouldn’t be that much of a surprise; after all, punk’s lasting legacy has done just as much for the advancement of black eyeliner and hair color as it has for studs and safety pins. Miley’s spikes, Madonna’s black bob, and Diane von Furstenberg’s epic curls come to mind as some of the evening’s biggest beauty moments, although there was plenty more to talk about—or text about, as it were; we were engaged in a steady stream of phone commentary with no less than three style-savvy friends at once as the chaos and couture unfolded on the red carpet. Below, we’ve listed a few of our favorite punk trends, reimagined for the red carpet—and in face-off form—because while the Met isn’t an awards show, per se, there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition.

The Look: Peroxide Goes Platinum
The Contenders: Anne Hathaway vs. Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie and her hairstylist, Luke Chamberlain, set out to make a color statement on the red carpet via Chamberlain’s silver-white, spray-in streaks, but the night’s mane event belonged to Anne Hathaway, who showed up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a brand-new, bright blonde dye job. “I decided to go for a look that [was] glam, edgy, and yet very youthful and fun,” celebrity hairstylist Sascha Breuer explained of the slicked up style she gave Hathaway’s crop, which was freshly bleached courtesy of Marie Robinson.

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Models Who Love Music


As the dust settles over the first weekend of Coachella, it appears as if 2012 will go down as the most model-friendly year in the annual event’s history. Spotted: Karlie Kloss, Chanel Iman, Raquel Zimmermann, and Ruby Aldridge taking in the vocal stylings of the Black Keys, Radiohead, and a little Dr. Dre for good measure. Also there: Kasia Struss, Hanne Gaby Odile, and Jacquelyn Jablonski, all of whom who partook in the nouveau-hippie extravaganza’s two Fs: fringe and face paint. The three girls seemed to have dipped their manicured fingertips into the same pot of fluorescent yellow pigment, swiping thumbprints of the neon color across their cheekbones. What would Pat McGrath say?! Thoughts on the off-duty catwalkers’ music festival moment?

Photo: David X. Prutting /

Fujifilm, For Your Face; Chanel Iman’s Diptyque Devotion; And More…


You may associate Fujifilm with cameras, but the Japanese brand has its sights set on skincare domination. Astalift, its antiaging line, has become a bona fide hit since launching domestically in 2007, and after a successful expansion into China last year, the company has orchestrated distribution deals in France, Germany, and Spain. We sincerely hope they’ve
capitalized on the opportunity to incorporate the tagline “picture-perfect skin” into their ad visuals. [WWD]

More evidence has emerged that chemicals found in common beauty products can have detrimental neurological effects on children exposed to them—in the womb and in the early stages of development. A new study from Mount Sinai’s
Children’s Environmental Health Center found that children aged four to nine who were exposed to phthalates showed an increase in depression, aggression, and conduct disorders. Yikes. [NYDN]

As an in-demand model who’s constantly on the go, Chanel Iman has a few travel essentials that she won’t leave home without, including Smith’s Rosebud Salve, Rodin Olio Lusso, and Diptyque candles. “I like vanilla or lavender. [They] make my hotel room feel homey.” [Allure]

Selena Gomez’s forthcoming fragrance is truly for the people. The teen sensation is asking her fans to sign on to a dedicated Web site to help her pick its top, middle, and base notes, for a chance to win a free sample and maybe even a trip to New York to help compose the final eau. Fingers crossed a freak encounter with Gomez’s beau, Justin Bieber, is also included in that packaged deal. [Just Jared]

Since Thierry Mugler introduced the perfume world to gourmand scents in 1992 with his smash-hit Angel, the business of food-turned-fragrance notes has boomed. So hot right now: scents with a “lickable” quality. [NYT]

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