July 13 2014

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Karl’s Shanghai Brow-Raiser


Bleached brows may have ruled the Spring 2010 runways, but at Karl Lagerfeld’s pre-fall spectacular in Shanghai last night, the fuller the brows, the better. Under the direction of makeup artist Peter Philips, models were given thin black cat-eyes and filled-in forehead fringe to add to the general opulence afoot on the barge-cum-catwalk that was docked in the Huangpu River for the night’s festivities. If you’re interested in achieving a similar look at home—you know, when dreaming up your own cinematic version of “Coco Goes to China”—create a slight flick that extends beyond the upper lash line using Chanel’s Automatic Liquid Eyeliner and draw in your arches with its Precision Brow Definer, straying outside your natural shape to create an exaggerated thickness. As for the fine-jewelry hair pins, we advise going with some bedazzled bobby pins and really trying to suspend your disbelief.

Photo: Philippe Lopez / Getty Images

The All-Natural Boob Job; The Return of “Heavage”; And More…


As sternum-bearing becomes all the rage for women, the number of men showing their cleavage, a.k.a. “heavage,” is also apparently on the rise. The seventies are having a moment… [WSJ]

If you’ve been contemplating a boob job and simultaneously wondering what to do with those burgeoning love handles, a solution: The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has recently deemed fat grafting a safe method for breast augmentation. Two birds, one stone. [NYT]

Turns out, wearing Chanel No. 5 can earn you more than just “classy gal” status. A new survey shows that the iconic fragrance can also do wonders for getting you a date and into a relationship. Spinsters, apply liberally. [NY Daily News]

News from the “Because He’s Worth It” trial. Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, the granddaughter of L’Oréal’s founder, has applied to a guardianship judge in Paris to obtain legal protection for her elderly mother, Liliane Bettencourt. No, we haven’t heard all of the testimony yet, but, like, since when is taking comfort in the company of a younger man—and subsequently giving him gifts totaling over $1 billion—a crime?[WWD]

Photo: Getty Images

If You Can’t Go Green, Go Bordeaux


As a completely sold-out Chanel Jade soars past the $100 mark on eBay, imitations are springing up. Essie recently launched its Mint Candy Apple, a creamy pastel green that’s presumably meant to rival Peter Philips’ Chanel lacquer. On its own it’s a pretty enough shade, but we’re going to be flat-out honest with you, dear reader: It’s no Jade. Essie does have a one-up on Chanel, though. Bordeaux’s bold burgundy puts it in the same family as Vamp, but in our humble opinion it’s actually superior to the hyped-up, metallic-flecked polish. The Essie color possesses a gorgeous scarlet undertone that a lot of other deep berry shades don’t, so it’s a touch warmer—and dare we say, classier—than its competitors, but every bit as edgy. Extra bonus: It has a unique sanguine quality that should excite all the vampire enthusiasts out there.

Photo: Courtesy of Essie

Kruger Vs. Lively In An Eyeliner Showdown


At last night’s Chanel Fine Jewelry Fête d’Hiver benefit in New York, black and navy were the evening’s big colors, with similarly dark shades of eyeliner also getting a lot of play. If you can focus your attention beyond the ginormous diamond-encrusted camellia around Blake Lively’s neck, how do you like the liner on the inner rims of her eyes with mascara on both the top and bottom lash lines? Do you prefer Diane Kruger’s full brow and softer top-lid-only liner with mauve-y shadow pulled underneath the lower lashes for a touch of subtle smoke? Let us know below.

Photo: Neilson Barnard /Getty Images; Mark Von Holden /WireImage

Fight The Sun With Fashion, Japan’s Beauty Kings, And More


Piling on SPF creams isn’t the only way to protect yourself from UV rays. A new study reveals that fabric and clothing color choice can play an integral role in thwarting premature photoaging, too. A passion for fashion can be good for you, after all. [NYT]

Harajuku girls are out. The big new beauty trend in Japan is for the boys. Male “aesthetic salons” and cosmetics lines are on the upswing in the Land of the Rising Sun, as an obsession with personal, masculine beauty—not necessarily metrosexuality—gains popularity. Ah, the Japanese. Always ahead of the curve. [Independent]

Histoire du No. 5 Chanel, Un Numéro Intemporel (The Story of Chanel No. 5, A Timeless Number) debuted today in select European countries. The illustrated book details the mystique surrounding Coco Chanel’s 1921 cult perfume, and includes such fascinating details as how the fragrance got its name and the origin of its classic flacon. In other words, a real page-turner for fragrance fans and true Chanel devotees. [WWD]

Microdermabrasion may have fallen from favor when some experts argued that its strong scrubbing action could actually be doing more harm than good, but the technique might have its moment in the spotlight yet again. Researchers are trying to assess how to use the treatment to stimulate maximum collagen production with minimal damage. It could be cool to slough in the very near future. [L.A. Times]

Photo: Courtesy of Chanel