August 29 2014

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Beauty and the Beat: Urban Decay x Skullcandy



Chanel made a case for headphones as the accessory du jour on its Fall runway, and Adam Selman got in on the action by collaborating with Skullcandy on a black-and-white set (which made its debut backstage at New York fashion week). Now the electronics company is venturing into the beauty world by teaming up with Urban Decay to create a colorful pair to coordinate with the cosmetic company’s Electric Palette (featuring nearly-neon orange, yellow, purple, blue, and pink pigments). While matching your earmuffs to allover eyeshadow isn’t advisable, an angular wing applied over a silver base (like the look at Chanel) is an acceptable way to face the music.

Palette, $49; Headphones, $100;

Keira Knightley Talks Fragrance, Fashion Mishaps, and More


In an exclusive interview with Keira Knightley at Chanel’s Fall 2014 show, the Brit beauty and face of Coco Mademoiselle told’s Tim Blanks that the new advert would involve a speedboat on the Seine. With the third installment of the campaign making its debut today, the actress reveals a few more behind-the-scenes secrets—one being that director Joe Wright allowed her to kick up (or rather, off) her heels. “With my high heels, I was bouncing on the stairs and I was really afraid of breaking my neck. So Joe kindly allowed me to go down the stairs with bare feet. But don’t tell anyone!” In the video interview above, Knightley reveals a few other on-set stories, including a mishap involving her Chanel couture gown.

Flashback Friday: Banding Together


kim-rennebergFlashback Friday is a feature on Beauty Counter in which we pore over the pages of our favorite glossies from decades past in search of a little modern-day makeup and hair inspiration.

The Model: Kim Renneberg

The Moment: Pastel Wigs and Graphic Headbands

The Motivation: There are a number of things about this shot that caught our eye: for starters, the lush lashes (a huge trend for Fall 2014) and a supermarché backdrop (à la Chanel’s jaw-dropping set). But perhaps the most striking similarity to this season’s catwalks are Renneberg’s pale strands and thick headband—a duo we saw at Marc Jacobs’ show in New York just a few short weeks ago. The only difference: Where the stretchy accessory contrasts the nearly white wig in this nineties editorial, the current way to wear it is more tone on tone.

Photo: ‘90s, courtesy of

A Chic Supermarket Sweep, Backstage at Chanel



From double-C branded ketchup to white rubber dish gloves adorned with black camellia flowers, the aisles of the Chanel supermarché were abundant with color. The angular wings sketched onto the outer corners of the eyes reflected not only the range of shades in the collection (including pink, orange, green, and marine blue), but the bottles of fizzy, neon-hued “Tweed Bubble” soda lined up on shelves and ultra-ripe produce piled in the center of the set. The silver shadow base, however, played off the leather-and-chain-link shopping baskets that only this particular French grocery would have on hand.

The ponytails crafted by Sam McKnight were “blown up in proportion” and “exaggerated” courtesy of tweed rags, lace, and pearls that were braided and woven into crimped extensions. (Before being wrapped around the base of the pony, the faux strands were prepped with a combo of Fudge Salt Spray and Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.) The motley mix of textures in back (somewhat reminiscent of dreadlocks) contrasted with the sharp and smooth center parts at the front. If filling my fridge and pantry was always such a feast for the eyes, I might be tempted to skip Fresh Direct and stock up in person.


Photo: Instagram

Pound It


mingxiCuticle tattoos recently hit the mass market and the general public has fully embraced the midi ring concept (Chanel clipped glittery stacks around models’ fingers for Fall 2013 Couture). Backstage early this morning before Chanel’s supermarché-themed show, however, catwalker Ming Xi gave her Instagram followers a pound—the front of her fist stamped with Kawaii-style characters, designs, and thought bubbles. While this wasn’t part of the final look—instead, many of the girls sported fingerless gloves or had their hands shoved into jacket pockets—it appears nail art is still moving on up off the runway.