April 24 2014

styledotcom .@marinalarroude rounds up the best black & gold finds from Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs & more:

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Beauty 411: Jordana Mattioli


jordana-mattioliOnce you experience your first facial with Jordana Mattioli, you feel like you’ve discovered a well-guarded secret. The soft-spoken facialist who dons a regular uniform of dark-rimmed specs and chambray holds court from a corner in Dr. Adam Kolker’s (plastic surgeon to the city’s well-heeled) uptown office, oftentimes tending to patients before and after their procedures with the doctor. But many, myself included, beeline to the office just to see Mattioli, who always manages to leave your complexion looking more glow-y and immaculate than you ever dreamed possible without makeup. Here, this Manhattan’s skin sensei shares some of her own beauty favorites.


“I’m either in gloves or washing my hands with strong antibacterial soaps all day long, so I never go to bed without a slathering of hand cream from Jo Malone or Amore Pacific. And manis and pedis are hands down (no pun intended) the best at Jin Soon Nail Spa; the girls there tease me that I refuse to ever do colors—it’s only always a pale, creamy pink.”

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“I give myself light peels or microdermabrasion every four to five weeks, Botox every six months, and Fraxel laser treatments once a year to keep my skin tight and firm. Once in a while I also have Dr. Kolker inject my face with my own blood; how cool is that?! The process is called Selphyl, and it’s a method for producing new cells and collagen, but it’s very subtle and natural. I’m all about taking little preventative measures early on.”

710 Park Avenue, New York, (212) 744-6500;


“Almost every skincare line has a few great things and a few not so great things. I review, use, and recommend products solely based on the ingredients—if the label says it’s going to do a certain thing, I want to see the ingredients to back it up. There are also some great finds at the drugstore: Olay has a few state-of-the-art formulas that are better than some $100 creams I’ve seen. Our AKMD Hydrating Peptide Gel is my holy grail of hydration; it can truly be used on all skin types, from acne-prone to sensitive, and it’s also awesome for plumping up and smoothing the under-eye area instantly. And prescription retinoids (Retina-A, Renova) are still my gold standard when it comes to night treatments to fix just about any skin issue. The secret is to not use them all the time, just two to three times a week.”

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“Great skin shouldn’t need gobs of foundation and concealer; that’s always the goal with my clients. I love to make my eyebrows thicker with eyebrow pencil from Anastasia in Ash Brunette, and Chanel makes the most gorgeous colors of nonsticky glosses and lipsticks. Lash extensions have become so popular, and they do look really good, but I like to use Latisse a few times a week instead. Once, they got so long I had to stop applying it because they kept [banging] into my eyeglasses!”

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Magic Touch


Chanel Nail Polish

When Chanel launches a new shade of nail polish, it’s not unlike a magician’s prop in that it seemingly vanishes before your eyes. The new duo that appeared on today is likely to perform the same disappearing act as the many bottles of limited-edition colors (like the elusive Jade) that came before it. Magic, an indigo, and Cosmic, a black lacquer laced with blue and silver pearl, are both designed with the night sky in mind. Reminiscent of the house’s Fall 2013 collection, the onyx hue evokes the glittery tweeds sent down the runway, and the cerulean tone is similar to the blue fur hats fitted on select models’ heads, or the double-breasted jacket worn by Cara Delevingne. Karl Lagerfeld and makeup artist Peter Philips intended the celestial lids dotted with jumbo silver sparkles (created for this season) to be seen from the last row at the Grand Palais, but these subtle yet festive varnishes are to be viewed at cocktail-party range—subtly catching the light as you tip back your flute of champagne.

$27 each,

Artist in Residence



Similar to the way Myspace used to be the social media outlet of choice for musicians, many young visual artists and creative types are using Tumblr as a platform for self-expression. Phace-Side, a blog that recently caught my eye, features intriguing drawings of notable people by 28-year-old Brooklyn-based costume designer and stylist Savannah Wyatt. “I used to make blind contour drawings of my friends for laughs, and I thought it would be funny to draw celebrities,” she says. The simple lines and bright colors juxtaposed with stark white paper call to mind the face charts used by makeup artists to plan and document a look. “I love the way that designers, like Marc Jacobs, use hair and makeup to get their stories across,” she adds. Above, five drawings Wyatt created exclusively for, inspired by her favorite hair and makeup statements from the Spring 2014 runways.

Artists in Residence



This past season, one of the most impressive runway displays was the double-C branded “art gallery” at Chanel. It was dreamed up by (who else?) Karl Lagerfeld, and makeup guru Peter Philips took his cues for the painterly eyes from the freestanding sculptures and canvases flanking the catwalk. Hairstylist Sam McKnight was also influenced by this world, but instead of the actual pieces hanging on the walls, the flared-out wigs were inspired by the women that buy and sell them: “In my head, I was thinking that [the models] should look like those expert art ladies who are dressed in all black and slightly eccentric,” he explained backstage. With so much creativity coming into play for Spring 2014, we asked the beauty pros for the cultural hot spots—ranging from ballet to Basel—they’ll be hitting this holiday season and beyond in this month’s guide.

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Makeup Movers and Shakers


Jessica Biel and Coco Rocha

When celebrities take a risk, I have to applaud, as there’s only so much red lipstick and glow-y skin one writer can rave about. Whether it was the bright strokes of emerald liner Jessica Biel wore to the MoMA Film Benefit honoring Tilda Swinton last night (shades of Chanel Resort 2014), or Coco Rocha lashing out for a luncheon in Australia (falsies for day, why not?), this dynamic duo deserves a slow clap for their beauty bravery.

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