August 22 2014

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Keep Your Eyes Open in 2014


As part of your post-New Year’s Eve plan, pick up a box of Chantecaille’s new Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Masks along with your standard day-after-the-ball-drops supplies (i.e., a bottle of Advil and a gallon of electrolyte-rich coconut water). Not only will these cooling pads laced with a complex containing matrikines and flavonoids help diffuse dark circles, but a blend of 24-karat gold serum and silk reduces inflammation and ramps up collagen production. In addition, a bionymph peptide (said to activate the DNA repair system), moisturizing sodium hyaluronate, plumping hyaluronic acid, and antiwrinkle hexapeptides help hydrate and minimize the appearance of fine lines in only twenty minutes. Now that’s something we’ll toast to at midnight.

$195 for eight sets,
Tomorrow we’ll be wearing these while taking a twenty-four-hour break from Beauty Counter. We suggest you do the same. See you Thursday—same time, same place…new year.

Photo: Courtesy of Chantecaille; Getty

Reminiscing With…Alex Chantecaille


fracas-cropBeauty Nostalgia is a column on Beauty Counter in which we ask influencers, tastemakers, and some of our favorite industry experts to wax poetic on the sticks, salves, and sprays that helped shape who they are today.

The Pro: Alex Chantecaille, vice president of sales for Chantecaille Beauté

The Product: “That little black bottle of Fracas by Robert Piguet brings back memories for me. My mother had the original concentrate from Paris on her bathroom vanity. I recall her telling me it was the most [potent] of all perfumes—pure tuberose. I think a miniature flacon of it sold for the astronomical price of $100; to an 8-year-old that sounded like a million dollars. I would always open the fragrance’s pearl-like topper very gingerly, dabbing only a small amount on my wrists or behind my ears. That felt endlessly more [glamorous] and feminine than an overwhelming spritz. Other times, I’d merely sniff it, breathing in the sweet aroma. Once, I fumbled and spilled the bottle in my mother’s sink, lacquering the bathroom with its exuberant scent. I felt as if I had dropped holy water! I think my mother kept the empty [flacon] for years afterward. It was a symbol of bygone elegance and awkward adolescence.”

Horse Whisperer


chantecaille-wild-horsesChantecaille has staged a crusade for many an endangered species (turtles, tigers, and sharks, oh my!). The latest addition to its menagerie of compacts: wild horses. Because more than 90,000 American wild horses have been forced off federally protected land since 2001 and 22 million acres of their habitat have been lost to the cattle, fracking, and mining industries, the beauty company is taking a stand in hopes of keeping this iconic creature of the West roaming free. In this palette you’ll find four pony-embossed powders in a range of surprisingly tame and earthy shades: Black Stallion, a shimmery ebony liner; Palomino, a soft gold shadow inspired by this breed’s signature blond mane; Mustang, a warm bronze for eyes; and Freedom, a pink blush that’s reminiscent of the sky at dusk. Available for pre-order on the Barneys website, 5 percent of this product’s proceeds will be donated to the Humane Society of the United States. Be sure to wrangle one of these limited-edition palettes before they ride off into the sunset for good.


Photo: Courtesy of Chantecaille

Reminiscing With…Olivia Chantecaille


Dior_resizeBeauty Nostalgia is a weekly column on Beauty Counter in which we ask influencers, tastemakers, and some of our favorite industry experts to wax poetic on the sticks, salves, and sprays that helped shape who they are today.

The Pro: Olivia Chantecaille, creative director of Chantecaille Cosmetics

The Product: “With my mother being from Paris, perfume played a prominent role in our home and upbringing. When I turned 13, my mother encouraged me to find my first fragrance—one that would suit me and be an extension of myself. She brought me back a bottle of Diorissimo, by Christian Dior, from Paris, which is a lovely, delicate scent of lily of the valley and embodies the beauty of innocence and youth. It felt like an important beauty rite of passage as I was entering the world of cosmetics and embracing a ritual loved by my mother and my grandmother. They showed me how to lightly spritz it on the back of my neck, right under my hair, so it would never be overwhelming. That way, the fragrance transforms and becomes your own, never smelling the same on two different people. This fragrance helped to solidify my love of flowers and how to incorporate them into my beauty routine. When I felt like I had outgrown Diorissimo, I moved on to a fragrance my mother created while at Prescriptives, called Calyx, a very modern creation based in green florals that suited me as I left the nest for school and work and explored the world on my own. Soon after, when we launched Chantecaille Cosmetics, we introduced a collection of natural floral fragrances, and I immediately fell in love with Tiare, with notes of refined Tahitian gardenia—a symbol of love. As I look back, I can fondly say that the perfumes I have worn have helped define me and are reminiscent of the special times in my life. They are like an olfactory photo album.”

Stealing Beauty: Behind The Scenes Makeup Secrets From The Bling Ring’s Roz Music


Emma-Watson-Bling-RingGatsby buzz aside, there is another movie premiering at Cannes this week that’s making us wish we were sipping cocktails on La Croisette, the torrential downpours that have been plaguing the Côte d’Azur not withstanding. That’d be The Bling Ring, Sofia Coppola’s new film about a group of celebrity-obsessed teenagers living in Los Angeles who decide, for kicks, to burglarize the homes of Hollywood stars. After raiding the million-dollar designer closets of their victims—including Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan—and soaking up fame along the way, the gang is eventually nabbed and brought to justice, sort of. Here’s the most scintillating part: It’s a true story, reported in an article Nancy Jo Sales wrote for Vanity Fair in 2010, and starring Emma Watson in the big-screen adaptation. For more on the ridiculous vanity captured in every scene, caught up with the film’s lead makeup artist, Roz Music, to talk about tramp stamps, weekly spray tans, and the discontinued Chanel lipstick that Coppola flew in from Paris in order to get the perfect pink for a single scene.


How did you get involved with The Bling Ring?
Sofia and I are old friends, I had heard she was doing this movie, and I hoped—and suspected—she would ask me to do the makeup. Especially since it was shot in my hometown [Los Angeles].


How much of the makeup look was inspired by the actual teenagers who the film is based on?
Very little. There are a million kids out here in L.A. that look like the main characters. It’s a very particular style. I just took my camera out and Instagrammed for days, taking pictures of kids in their natural environment. I didn’t want Teen Vogue‘s version of how their closet would look. I wanted to see real kids doing their own thing. So I took a million pictures and that was my research.


So how, exactly, would you describe that rich-kid-L.A. look?
It’s like kids who are trying to look older than they are. They’re sixteen, but with the hairstyles and shoes of a 30-year-old. They’ve got short shorts and high, high heels. Some of the stuff was outrageous. I mean, they’re indulgent, bratty teenagers.


Considering her previous reputation as a do-gooding wizard, how did you go about turning Emma Watson into an “indulgent, bratty teenager”?
Well, we gave her a tramp-stamp tattoo! Emma’s character is one of those spiritual people who wants to express it on the outside—as in, she does yoga and talks about it all the time. She’s an eye-roll-y character. We wanted the tattoo to be an expression of that, so we went with a lotus flower.


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