April 21 2014

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Beauty Sound Bites: Shade Shifters



With so many models switching up their strands this season and the entire cast at Prada undergoing dye jobs in less than forty-eight hours to form “gangs” of “antiqued” brunettes, blondes, redheads, and raven-haired beauties, Spring 2014 made a strong case for the power of change…a shade change, that is.

“Color can give you a stronger identity,” said hairstylist Duffy. He went on to add that “Charlotte Free is the American Kate Moss” because of her decision to defy her agent and think pink. Seems like showing your true colors (or at least rocking the hue you believe you should have been born with) not only sets you apart, but also helps pave the way to the top.

Photo: WWD

Charlotte Free For Maybelline; “Diet Glasses” Cometh; And More…


Petite, pink-haired model Charlotte Free has just been named the newest face of Maybelline, a development that was “leaked” online via P’Trique, the fashion world’s favorite YouTube star-of-the-moment. [Fashionista]

Cool as she is, the 18-year-old California native’s appointment may or may not skew well with consumers. According to a new study, 78 percent of females would like to see “real women” in beauty ad images, rather than celebrities and teenage models. [Daily Mail]

After news spread that Louis Vuitton would be venturing back into the fragrance arena following its departure in the early twentieth century, the house is proving that it has no intentions of skimping on the process. The French brand is reportedly breaking ground on its very own “perfume creation workshop” in Grasse. [Invest in Cote d'Azur]

Your eyes are bigger than your stomach, as the old adage goes. But what if they weren’t? That’s the premise behind new “diet glasses,” which, according to a group of Japanese researchers, make forkfuls appear bigger, thus tricking your brain into thinking you are eating more than you actually are. Only in Japan… [NYDN]

Photo: Courtesy of IMG

(Still) Pretty In Pink


As frequent readers of this blog are well aware, we haven’t been shy about expressing our exhaustion with ombré colored streaks. And the trend that just won’t die continues to get play. While the runways are no longer littered with hints of green, blue, purple, and peach, celebrities haven’t yet tired of the technique. Just last month January Jones added a few pieces of light pink to her corn silk strands. This said, we find ourselves surprisingly amenable to Charlotte Free’s signature bubble-gum dye job. Maybe it’s the fact that the Southern California native’s Manic Panic habit preceded her start in the modeling industry, or that she’s kept it the same shade of cotton candy throughout two seasons of runway shows and editorials. Either way, Free is one of the only people we actually enjoy seeing with off-beat hair hues—”fashion” colors, as they’re called in the biz—like the one hairstylist Leonardo Manetti played with for the latest issue of Numéro Tokyo. Jury’s out as to how long Free will continue to pick pink, but it sure seems to be working for her for now.

Photo: Eric Guillemain for Numéro Tokyo, May 2012

The Power Of Pink


As we’ve been flipping through modeling show packages for the upcoming round of Fall shows, familiarizing ourselves with different agencies’ rosters of girls, one particular card jumped out from the pack. But it wasn’t Charlotte Free’s chiseled cheeks and perfectly symmetrical features that made the 18-year-old newcomer stand out. It was her hair. “I go through color moods,” the fresh-faced L.A. native told us about her ombré magenta locks, which she’s been dyeing herself with a mix of Special Effects (in Virgin Rose and Cupcake Pink) and Manic Panic (in Hot Hot Pink and Cotton Candy) for the last few years. Discovered last fall at an arcade in Southern California while playing Bust a Move, the natural brunette—”it’s usually brown at the top, blond at the bottom with gold in between,” she says—was approached by a photographer who snapped a few pictures and sent them to IMG. She was on a plane to New York in December and managed to book two fairly impressive editorials her first day in town (look out for the slight, 5′ 7″ beauty in the February issue of VMan and Interview‘s March edition). Free’s dye jobs are now left to Keith Shore at Sally Hershberger Downtown. “He knows what’s up,” Free says of Shore, who uses her same hodge-podge mix of product, albeit with a lighter, more professional hand. As for why she chose to go pink and stay pink, it had nothing to do with fashion. “I was really unhappy, so I dyed my hair. And then I wasn’t sad anymore.” Words to live by in these bleak February days.

Photo: Courtesy of IMG Models