August 21 2014

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Jeremy Scott Makes a Case for Crimps



The nineties made a recent resurgence, care of the scrunchie worn by editors-about-town like Paula Goldstein Di Principe of and Eva Chen of Lucky, but if you look at the high, crimped ponytails on Charlotte Free in Jeremy Scott’s latest lookbook for Moschino, it appears that another totally awesome era is making a comeback. With the Old Farmer’s Almanac predicting a hot and muggy summer, we welcome this style that gets the hair off our necks and embraces the inevitable frizz. Now, to find our trusty can of AquaNet and crimping iron from the decade gone by…

Photo: Courtesy of Moschino

Forget Flower Crowns—Festivalgoers Think Pink



Wellies weren’t appearing en masse at Governors Ball this weekend, but we did notice that multiple peroxide blonds opted for a rosy tint. The hair color trend got off the ground at Chanel resort (with Charlotte Free opening the show with a distinctive shade of “porange”), but this more basic shade of blush is just as enchanting. If you’re afraid of having your white-hot strands turn green next time you hit the pool, preempt this beauty mishap by thinking pink. Crisis—and salon session—avoided.

Photo: Courtesy of; Melodie Jeng

Are Rainbow Bright Hair Colors Taking a Backseat to Hybrid Hues?


olaThe second Marc Jacobs sent washed-out dye jobs down his Fall 2014 runway, we at knew these “pulled-back” and “off” shades, as Guido Palau described them, were going to be the next big thing in hair color. On Saturday, model Ola Rudnicka walked in Nicolas Ghesquière’s Louis Vuitton Cruise collection sporting toned-down lilac strands in lieu of her signature white-blond. Similar to Charlotte Free’s unconventional porange (pronounced in a French accent as “poh-ranje”) seen at Chanel Resort, Rudnicka’s pale purple tresses appear to be a hybrid—one I affectionately dubbed plavender (a blend of grayed-out platinum and lavender). The distinguishing factor between these watercolor-like tints and the saturated, hi-def tones we’ve come to covet is that they appear more experimental than intentional. Talk about a happy accident.

Porange Is the New Black


BLOG_HairFashion’s either very bored with natural hair color or seriously feeling a need to rebel, because unconventional dye jobs are still going strong. Yesterday, Charlotte Free opened Chanel Cruise with a curious color choice I like to call “porange.” That is, because it exists somewhere between pink and orange. This instantly conjured up flashbacks of failed attempts to DIY “dye” my blond hair with a fluorescent pink highlighter in high school. (The result? Porange, of course.) But, if any luxury brand can turn one person’s idea of a flop into a chic success, it’s Chanel. Does this mean it’s time to stock up on markers? Probably not. But with My Little Pony-esque dye jobs feeling as ubiquitous as platinum, we find this ironic color sort of refreshing.

Photo: Gianni Pucci /

Beauty Sound Bites: Shade Shifters



With so many models switching up their strands this season and the entire cast at Prada undergoing dye jobs in less than forty-eight hours to form “gangs” of “antiqued” brunettes, blondes, redheads, and raven-haired beauties, Spring 2014 made a strong case for the power of change…a shade change, that is.

“Color can give you a stronger identity,” said hairstylist Duffy. He went on to add that “Charlotte Free is the American Kate Moss” because of her decision to defy her agent and think pink. Seems like showing your true colors (or at least rocking the hue you believe you should have been born with) not only sets you apart, but also helps pave the way to the top.

Photo: WWD