August 28 2014

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Beauty Nostalgia: Reminiscing With…Charlotte Ronson


The Pro: Charlotte Ronson, fashion designer and founder of the Charlotte Ronson beauty collection for Sephora.

The Product: “Some of my fondest memories growing up revolve around Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. My mom would always wear it on her lips. It’s both shiny and matte, and has that distinctive waxy, Vaseline-y smell that reminds me of trips to the Elizabeth Arden salon when we moved to New York from London. My mom took me there for my first manicure on my sixth birthday—and that’s where the manicures stopped! During the colder months in the city, my sister, Sam, my brother, Mark, and I would put the Eight Hour Cream on our lips, under our noses, and pretty much smear it all over to protect from the wind and cold. It was a funny sight—our hair would stick to our faces in the wind. Sam and I were thrilled about using our mother’s product but our brother wasn’t so into it! Today, I still use [it] to keep my lips and skin soft and moisturized. And I put a little under my nose to prevent germs on the plane. But I did stop smearing it all over my face!”

Photo: Courtesy of Elizabeth Arden

The Perfect Pour


The flower fight broke out around 10 p.m. last night at New York’s The Hole gallery, where fashion and art stars had gathered to celebrate the opening of Holton Rower’s solo show. “It’s happening,” effused an elated Zani Gugelmann as she picked up a handful of freshly torn petals off the table and tossed them in the direction of Charlotte Ronson and Tallulah Harlech as Julian Schnabel looked on. Dinner was served in the middle of the gallery’s main show space, the walls of which have been lined with Rower’s large-scale “pour paintings” since his exhibition officially opened last weekend. “It’s the best-looking show we’ve done,” Hole director Kathy Grayson said of the multicolored boards created by different cups of plastic paint that are poured into one another, thus “pushing” the previous color outward, according to Rower, who has used up to 50 gallons of plastic artist paint in up to 500 different colors to create some of his bigger pieces.

“The thing about this, it’s not just the surface, it’s about material, it’s about body. You could just paint that painting,” Rower said, motioning to a 16-by-16-foot wall hanging. “But the fact that it’s physical, that the paint was pushed around obstacles…it’s like the paint is fighting,” he continued of the amorphous shapes that his custom-mixed pigments take on when they move around purposefully positioned platforms—or, as was the case last night, bottles of Dior nail polish. To coincide with the 50th anniversary of its Vernis—which was the first-ever line of designer lacquer when it launched in 1962—Dior Beauty sponsored the evening and gave Rower five different varnish shades, which inspired Hole creative director Fabiola Beracasa’s super-pro nail designs and the final colors the artist added to the live pour piece he created after dinner, including the iconic Rouge Altesse No. 999, a fiery red, and Gris Montaigne No. 707, a steely slate. “In your gift bags, you have these five colors,” he told a fawning crown before doing a little fawning himself. “Oooh, pretty,” he cooed as he poured. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

C. Ronson X Sephora


Charlotte Ronson has made a career of packaging her downtown cool-girl vibe for the masses. Her New York-meets-L.A. fashion philosophy is for sale at JCPenney, and her debut makeup collaboration is now bringing “effortless beauty under any spotlight” to “I think every girl loves to play with makeup and cute packaging,” Ronson said at the line’s New York launch party last night at Hotel Chantelle on the Lower East Side. “And certain friends of mine really know so much about makeup.” Friends like Nicole Richie, Drea de Matteo, and Dani Stahl—all of whom have been immortalized with special shades of Ronson’s All Eye Need Eyeshadow Quads. Ronson’s A Perfect Kiss gloss also pays homage to her inner circle, with sisters Samantha Ronson and Annabelle Dexter-Jones getting their own shades of the six-piece color range—a pale shimmery pink and a sheer red, respectively. Rounding out the collection are a bronzer trio, light-filtering finishing powder, face and body glow, and hair styling spray, the lattermost of which is dedicated to Ronson’s mom, Ann Dexter-Jones, and her wild mane of beachy-textured blond waves. “I texted her Mazel tov on the way here,” Dexter-Jones told us. As far as the best beauty wisdom she’s ever given her daughter, Dexter-Jones is pretty modest. “I get the tips from Charlotte. She always advises me on the mascara. I’m always smudging and she says to me, ‘Mommy, just a little liner.’ “

Photo: Jamie McCarthy / Wire Image

Charlotte Ronson Shines For Sebastian Professional


Sebastian Professional is keeping up its commitment to combine “fearless” product innovation with style inspiration. This summer, Cory Kennedy fronted the ad campaign for Whipped Crème from its Foundation, Form and Flow collection. And come January, you’ll be able to partake in its new Flaunt Collection, a series of shine-enhancing styling products, including Trilliant, a multi-phase spray that will be promoted by Charlotte Ronson. The fashion designer will star in a series of ads for the brand wearing her own clothes and sporting a series of blow outs and updos with, that’s right, high-gloss finishes—a far cry from her signature highlights and matted-down waves (Yes, that’s actually her in the image at left).

Photo: Courtesy of Sebastian Professional