August 29 2014

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Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia: The Latest And Greatest Way To Soothe Your Skin


Move over, argan and seabuckthorn berry. There’s a new buzzword ingredient in town, according to famed dermatologist and certified nutrition specialist Dr. Nicholas Perricone. “[They] are the most exciting ‘new’ superfood I’ve come across,” the doctor says about chia seeds, which are native to Mexico and Central and South America and have been eaten for centuries by American Indian tribes as well as modern-day endurance runners as performance boosters that offer the perfect ratio of protein, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, and fiber. The tasty little black spheres can also be pressed into a fine oil, which is how Perricone is hoping to introduce them into the mainstream. His brand new O-Mega Oil, a chia-rich elixir, hits shelves this month. “In addition to its soothing qualities, chia seed oil improves skin barrier function and reduces trans-epidermal water loss, ensuring moisture is locked in and skin remains supple,” he explains of the fluid’s myriad functions. The latest edition to Dr. P’s Super range, O-Mega is also formulated with kukui nut oil for added moisture and meadowfoam seed oil, a well-known wrinkle reducer. What makes chia more exciting than the other hot-button extracts that have come before it is its “unsurpassed” levels of omega-3 fatty acids. “[They] act as natural anti-inflammatories, and it is chronic low-grade inflammation that accelerates aging in skin,” Perricone says. Additionally, the seeds can help balance natural oil production, thereby reducing sebum buildup (“bad” oil) that can lead to breakouts. Top this off with the fact that the easily absorbable emollient offers the perfect answer to weather-induced dry patches, and stocking up on winter skincare essentials just got way easier.

$42, available at

Photo: Courtesy of Super By Dr. Nicholas Perricone



CHIA (chee-uh) / n. / 1. Also known as Salvia hispanica, black and white seeds cultivated from a plant that is a member of the mint family; / n. / 2. Originally harvested in the Southwest and Mexico between 1500 and 900 BC, a regular component of the traditional Mayan and Aztec diets; / n. / 3. A natural energy booster and appetite suppressant; / n. / 4. An anti-inflammatory rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids that boosts skin’s elasticity and helps reduce redness caused by conditions like rosacea and eczema, e.g., “Calm inflamed complexions and help curb cravings with chia.”

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Photo: Courtesy of One Love Organics