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An Herbal Refreshment (For Your Skin)


CHINESE FIGWORT / (chy-neez fig-wort) / n. / 1. Commonly known as Bei Xuan-Shen in its native country, Scrophularia buergeriana is a perennial plant that grows on the lower mountain slopes and wet grasslands of northern China and boasts dark green leaves; / n. / 2. A dried root used in traditional Chinese medicine as an anti-inflammatory to treat high blood pressure, fever, and laryngitis; / n./ 3. A toxin-flushing herbal tincture; / n. / 4. A common topical treatment that helps soothe itching or irritation while clearing-up skin, e.g., “Cleanse your body and soothe your skin with Chinese figwort.”

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Photo: Courtesy of Sulwhasoo