September 3 2014

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Fresh Direct


Clan Chloé’s perfume ties run pretty deep. Women who wear the French house’s original parfum and its corresponding eau de toilette are undyingly loyal, and from what we can tell, it’s the combination of the scent’s delicate peony, freesia, magnolia, and rose bouquet coupled with its classic, bow-tied beveled glass bottle that inspires such dedication. Its most avid fans are presumably now torn, though, as their beloved eau has just received a fresh update. The brand-new L’Eau de Chloé works off the same signature rose essences that made the original such a hit. However, this time, it’s a crisp concoction of rose petals blended with 22 percent natural rose water rather than pure rose extracts that lies at the perfume’s heart. A hit of cool citrus reminiscent of a cup of ice-cold lemonade in the summer adds a certain zest to the aroma, so that its classic sweetness is now tempered by a refreshing bite. Needless to say, it makes a compelling argument to switch allegiances, although there’s no harm in alternating—or even layering—L’Eau de Chloé with its predecessors. We won’t tell.

Photo: Courtesy of Chloe

Emma’s In Love With Lancôme—For Real, This Time; L’Eau de Chloé Is On Its Way; And More…


Remember that Emma Watson campaign for Lancôme’s Rouge In Love Lipstick that leaked onto the Internet last week? Turns out it was just a prototype. But have no fear: The actual ad has also leaked. [Racked]

Titanic enthusiasts, ready your checkbooks: Thousands of artifacts salvaged from the great ship’s underwater grave—including a number of “still-fragrant,” turn-of- the-century perfume bottles—will be auctioned off in April. [NYT]

Renowned fashion critic Cathy Horyn has published her own rendition of the year’s most memorable (and most forgettable) fashion moments. At the top of her list? Designers’ embrace of nail polish collaborations, which she seems to have tired of. “Fashion should look for a new accessory,” Horyn writes. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Prepare yourselves for the reemergence of the nude nail. [Fashionista]

Good news for Chloé fragrance fans: a new flanker of the house’s much-loved signature scent will arrive in February in the form of L’Eau de Chloé, a distilled rose water, citrus, and patchouli eau. [WWD]

Photo: Courtesy of Racked

Bella Fleck Tones


We penned a love letter to freckles earlier this summer, and now that Fall is making its rapid return we’re realizing that all of those adorable speckled flecks don’t have to fade with our tan. At least that seems to be the message the makeup artistry establishment is trying to send. At Chloé, face painter Charlotte Tilbury turned to MAC’s trusty Lip Pencil in Hodge Podge to stencil a few light spots across models’ cheekbones, and in the September issue of Vogue Paris, Chanel creative director of makeup, Peter Philips, did the same for a “Hippie Living” story starring Anja Rubik. In classic Philips form, Rubik’s beauty marks come in a range of colors—yellow, pink, white, and dark green—a perfect complement to the multi-hued beaded braids that coiffing star Christiaan wove around her face. It’s a little costume-y, sure, but turning your eyeliners and lip pencils into multi-use face pigments can be a good look when executed well at the right venue—say, the Spring shows? That ought to get the street style bloggers’ attention.

Photo: Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Paris, September 2011; Luca Cannonieri /

It’s In The Bag


The seasons are a-changing, which means the time to start looking for new boots, sweaters, and jackets is now (click here for some inspiration). Picking up a cool new cosmetics case might not be top of mind, but there are so many chic (and functional!) new makeup bags out there (some of which could do double duty as cool clutches), they too deserve a place on your fall shopping list. Here, our top five picks.

Deep Blue Something
Every spring and fall, Smythson introduces new colors and materials for its leather goods. This time around, the luxe British label is all about blue lizard print. Glossy cobalt calfskin covers its mini and medium-sized cosmetic cases, which have an inside pocket for stashing brushes and an oil-resistant fabric lining so you can toss in your products without fear of destroying the interior.

Smythson Lapis cosmetics case, $220,

Bright Future

We’re obsessed with Comme des Garçons wallets, so it’s no surprise that we’re equally enamored with its new fluorescent makeup pouch. The slim shape is perfect for stashing cosmetics, and the bright colors (it comes in three retina-burning shades) make it particularly easy to locate, even in our giant overstuffed PS1.

Comme des Garçons Super Fluo small cosmetic pouch, $105,

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Kim Kardashian As Kate Middleton; Stress Can Cause Gray Hair; And More…


If somehow you’ve managed to miss the global news bulletin, Kim Kardashian got married this weekend in what she billed as her own version of the royal wedding. The bride sported a similar makeup look to the Duchess of Cambridge, too—full brows, rosy cheeks, heavily lined eyes, and a glossy mouth—although unlike Kate Middleton, who famously did her own makeup, Kardashian enlisted the services of her trusted face painter, Mario Dedivanovic, not to mention a few rows of fake eyelashes. [Us]

We introduced you to Chloé’s latest fragrance face a few weeks back. Now you can catch Imogen Poots in a teaser trailer for her new ad campaign for the eau de parfum. [Grazia]

“Deviated septums” might not be the cause of most nose jobs after all. According to a new study, a third of rhinoplasty patients also have body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), which causes them to be preoccupied with imagined physical defects that others cannot see. [NPR]

Here’s one for your ever growing beauty lexicon: “porexia,” i.e., an increased obsession with enlarged pores and a readiness to go to until-now-unheard-of lengths to reduce them in size. [Daily Mail]

The truth comes out: Stress can lead to a range of physical manifestations, including gray hair. [Telegraph]