August 21 2014

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Jennifer Aniston Talks “Good Hair Days”


When it was announced last October that Jennifer Aniston had inked a deal with the tech-savvy, MIT-born hair-care brand, Living Proof, it may have seemed like a fairly ordinary piece of celebrity endorsement news. But as more details emerged about the partnership, it became clear that this particular celebrity endorsement was quite different, considering Aniston had signed on not only as the face of the range, but as a part-owner and product creator. “That’s what’s interesting about it,” the actress explained yesterday at the launch of her first official campaign for the brand, a three-part video series called “Good Hair Days.” “Being just the face of a name—I’ve done that. But as I get older, and see how I want to expand as a business woman, this is something that’s almost a no-brainer. It’s exciting—and more interesting,” she continued, pointing out that she’s been to the MIT labs and met with the scientists responsible for coming up with the line’s unique PolyfluoroEster molecule that creates a weightless shield around hair to prevent moisture flux as it coats the cuticle—without silicone—thus reducing build-up and unmanageable frizz in the process.

When the conversation turns to Aniston’s reign as one of the most oft-referenced celebrity hair icons—from the moment her trusted stylist Chris McMillan snipped “the Rachel,” to latter-day incarnations of the style that have seen Aniston immortalize the “lob,” and a coveted kind of honeyed highlight—she’s surprisingly humble. “It’s never honestly been a big deal to me,” she insists in the first installment of the new video shorts, which premieres today and polls real women on their hair obsessions and confessions, followed by “Good Hair Day Lessons” with Aniston and McMillan.

What has been a big deal to Aniston is the quality of her hair, which is frequently battered on movie sets, and which she says legitimately changed when she first started using the line. “I’m not a scientist, I’m an actor; but I know how my hair feels,” she says, staring deep into the camera. “It feels thicker, it feels stronger”—affirmations you can’t help but believe for the same reason you tuned into to watch her on Friends in the late nineties: Aniston is incredibly likable, and plenty comfortable sharing some of the trials and tribulations from her own journey to good hair. “I was obsessed with Valerie Bertinelli and brought a picture of her into the salon and ended up with a mullet,” she recalled of a particularly “bad hair” moment from a life that has also known $6 trims at New York’s no frills-favorite Astor Hair; an Aqua Net addiction—”It reminds me of the Palladium!”; and a set of her own hair icons: “I’ve always loved Kate Moss’ hair—and Gisele.”

As the remaining two videos roll out this month, Aniston embarks on the beginning of what will likely be a fruitful partnership for both herself and Living Proof—one that will also include product creation, as advertised. “I’ve got ideas,” she said coyly, careful to keep any specifics on those developments under wraps. We imagine plenty of women will be excited to hear about them.

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Living Proof

Ryan Gosling Gets The Part; Axe To Go Into Orbit; And More…


Ryan Gosling’s serious acting chops are largely responsible for his big-screen success. But some credit must be given to the part in his hair, which has traveled from the side to the center and back over the last twenty years as he has ascended the Hollywood ranks. [Vulture]

To promote a new line of men’s personal-care products called Apollo, Axe has announced a consumer contest to win twenty-two tickets into space. Unsurprisingly, it has also named Buzz Aldrin the face of the new range. [NYT]

Here’s an unfortunate new finding for the exercise fiends out there who still can’t seem to shed pounds. A new study has determined that there are indeed “fat genes” that make it difficult for some people to lose weight, despite efforts to eat well and work out. [Huff Po]

One of Jennifer Aniston’s first orders of business as co-owner of Living Proof haircare was to install Chris McMillan, her longtime stylist and the inventor of “the Rachel,” within the company. The Boston-based brand is about to get (another) serious injection of star power. [WWD]

Photo: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Michelle Williams Lightens Up


While Michelle Williams couldn’t quite figure out how to describe her strapless, tiered custom Louis Vuitton gown last night, calling it “coral” and “watermelon” before ABC red-carpet correspondent and Project Runway judge Tim Gunn finally declared it “coral,” one thing was certain: The actress’ formerly honey gold hair color simply would not have worked with the dress that looked plain-old red on camera. Williams went lighter this weekend, right before the Independent Spirit Awards, cashing in her formerly warm, medium-dark blonde for something a little more flaxen that neared the platinum she sported at Cannes two years ago, albeit a little less icy. It was then up to Williams’ trusted stylist, Chris McMillan, to style her signature pixie accordingly. His first order of business was to massage Couture Colour’s Pequi Oil into Williams’ damp hair. “I am often afraid of oils on blondes,” he admits, as they can alter true color ever so slightly. But this treatment product instantly absorbs without leaving behind a tint, McMillan maintains. A touch of volumizing mousse and a precise layering effort of two shades of Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Paradis, a pink coral, and Destinee, a light plum, courtesy of makeup artist Angela Levin, ensured that Williams’ beauty look was just enough of a subdued statement to balance her bright, showstopping dress. “Ladies in Hollywood are either fashionable or glamorous,” McMilan surmises. “[But] Michelle is fashionably glamorous.” Agreed.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /

The 411: Pati Dubroff


If you were to scan your favorite red-carpet photos from the past few years, a great number of them would likely bear the handiwork of Pati Dubroff. The widely respected makeup artist has counted leading ladies like Naomi Watts, Julianne Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, Eva Mendes, and Hilary Swank as clients. She’s collaborated with photographers like Patrick Demarchelier, Peter Lindbergh, and Annie Leibovitz, and is responsible for a number of our favorite recent cover beauty looks, too, including Emma Watson on December’s Marie Claire, Julianne Moore on November’s Allure, and Lindsay Lohan’s Grace Kelly-inspired turn on October’s Vanity Fair. When she’s not tending to a bevy of boldfacers, Dubroff is busy in her new role as official makeup artist for Clarins USA (she previously spent a number of years as an international spokesperson for Dior). Besides having a ridiculously impressive résumé, Dubroff also happens to be one of the coolest, most positive-minded ladies we have ever had the pleasure of knowing—with a freakishly radiant complexion to boot. Eager to find out more about her own routine, we asked Dubroff—who splits her time between New York and L.A.—for a few of her favorite bicoastal beauty destinations.

The At-Home Spa products: Clarins Relax

“My bathroom is my sanctuary. This is where I go daily to decompress, refresh, and restore my body, mind, and spirit. My favorite products are from the Clarins Relax body line. I especially love the jar of body scrub followed by a self-massage with the body oil. This oil is the very first product developed by Clarins and it hasn’t changed in over 50 years. Don’t mess with perfection!”

Clarins Relax Body Treatment Oil, $52,

The Hair Team: Chris McMillan and Negin Zand

“I’ve been very fortunate to be able to work with the best hairdressers in the world. I’m very low-maintenance but I know that a great haircut and color make a huge difference. Chris McMillan is the only person who I trust to cut my hair. He recently gave me ‘the Freja’ and he was right; it’s perfect for me. And for many years I have entrusted my color to Negin Zand at Sally Hershberger. She gets it right every time, whether it’s rich chocolate or beachy highlights.”

Chris McMillan Salon, 8944 Burton Way, L.A., (310) 285-0088,; Negin Zand at Sally Hershberger Salon, 760 North La Cienega Blvd., L.A., (310) 854-4922,

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