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That’s a Wrap


2013 American Music Awards - Press RoomThe “doobie” (no, not that kind of doobie) Rihanna wore to last night’s American Music Awards wave was strangely familiar. Initially, I racked my brain for past runway shows (finding it somewhat reminiscent of the look at Christian Dior’s Fall 2009 show), but it wasn’t until a friend schooled me in the hairstyle’s humble origins that I realized where I’d seen it before: the subway. Often crafted at Dominican hair salons, this technique prolongs a roller set and keeps bounce intact until the long pins are pulled out. And I’ve noticed many a woman on the train unintentionally rocking this sculptural look home from the hairdresser long before RiRi wore it on the red carpet. But if issue five of is any indication, turning to the street for inspiration is never a bad idea.

Photo: Getty Images

In Gold We Trust


Dior-gold-cropThere was no shortage of the precious metal backstage this past season—everything from deep side parts to lashes were given the gilt trip at Dries Van Noten, while gold glitter was liberally sprinkled onto lids at Jason Wu. And Dior’s latest advertorial efforts (the fourth Dior Magazine) offers a brilliant display of the metallic hue, on model Karlina Caune, to celebrate the label’s Golden Winter makeup collection. Jean Cocteau is even said to have told the designer that his surname, when broken down in French (dieu and or), translated to “God of Gold.” If the last page of this issue’s beauty feature (seen here) and the auriferous eyes at the house’s Spring 2014 runway show are any indication, crowning Christian with this particular title was right on track.

Photo: Ben Hassett

Pat McGrath’s Golden Touch


DiorGetting ahold of one of the most in-demand makeup artists during Paris fashion week is a feat unto itself, but I finally managed to snag Pat McGrath (for one minute and twelve seconds, to be exact) to discuss the gilded details at Dior.

The “brocade” brows covered in layers of glue, metallic theatrical paint, and glitter were as textural as they were striking—appearing as if they were cast from the precious metal itself. McGrath built upon this element (similar to the approach taken at Derek Lam) by adding “organic sweeps” of the same paint on lids and lower lash lines. The third and final touch was a band of baby blue or sea foam green eyeliner that played upon Raf Simons’ flora-strewn wonderland.

While you wouldn’t catch the majority of the fashion and beauty set within a mile radius of the Golden Arches, I have a feeling they’ll be lusting after the looks McGrath was serving up on the runway.

Photo: Sonny Vandevelde /

A Quick Beauty Recap From Christian Dior



In contrast to the futuristic-looking golden arches, gilded lids, and flashes of color rimmed along the upper lash lines (more to come on the maquillage later), the hair created by Guido Palau was “classic Dior.” “Raf [Simons] didn’t want to reference a particular era,” the hairstylist explained—so, when in doubt, a simple chignon was made modern with a “boyish” side part and a slick comb-over. Palau used Redken Hardwear 16 (a strong-hold gel) for hold and shape, twisted strands into a low knot, and secured in place near the nape of the neck. Shine Flash 02 was misted all over to mimic the metallic finish created with makeup only inches below.

Photo: Sonny Vandevelde and Gianni Pucci /

Bedazzled Beauty Redux


Christian Dior - Vibe Vixen

Throwback Thursday is a column on Beauty Counter in which we pore over the pages of our favorite glossies from decades past in search of a little modern-day makeup and hair inspiration.

The Moment: Jewel-Encrusted Lips

The Motivation: I had one of those “Hey, I’ve seen that before” moments when I saw the ruby-red, rhinestone-covered lips (created by Pat McGrath) at the Spring 2013 Christian Dior Couture show. It turns out bejeweled lipstick has made not one, but two prior appearances on the newsstand. Singer Kelis first sported it on the Holiday 2006 cover of Vibe Vixen (which now only exists in the digital the space), and Katy Perry wore the glamorous look for the Harper’s Bazaar December 2010 issue. We wouldn’t suggest re-creating this in real life—unless you have a steady hand, time to kill, and plan on going on a liquid diet, sipped through a straw, for the day—but part of its appeal is that, unlike nail polish, we haven’t seen much texture innovation in the lip category. We’re not asking for fuzzy-coat lipstick or crackle lip gloss, but it would be nice to have an interesting new finish to break up the monotony of the satin, shiny, and matte options that we’ve seen so far this season (and have been around for ages). Here’s hoping a makeup artist in London, Milan, or Paris takes us up on the challenge.

Photos: Luca Cannonieri/InDigital I GoRunway; Vibe Vixen