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Pedal Pushers, Backstage At Dior Couture


With an array of tulip-shaped coats and dresses making their way down the Dior Couture runway yesterday, it was hard to take your eyes off of John Galliano’s bright bouquet of one-of-a-kind frocks. Unless, of course, you were already fixated on hairstylist Orlando Pita’s sculptural, sky-high coifs wrapped in Stephen Jones’ cellophane-inspired headgear, and the colorful, geometric makeup that came courtesy of face painter Pat McGrath. Pita built five different styles that each evoked images of flower buds about to open, teasing and spritzing hefty helpings of hair spray, like his T3 360-Degree Control, along the way for hold. As for the equally bold shapes the models sported on their lids, McGrath blocked out brows and drew on her own, more fantastic arches before whipping up a series of what amounted to boxy cat-eyes in a range of colors. Squaring off shades of orange, blue, green, and yellow at the inner corners, McGrath dragged her wet, pigment-dipped brush toward the temples with sharp precision. She then added requisite rows of fake eyelashes and a deep, wine-stained pout for additional shock value. It was a bloomin’ good time, to say the least.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /

Celebrity Skin Secrets From Cannes, Revealed


The perfectly painted lips, sultry smoky eyes, and polished coifs seen on the red carpet at Cannes over the past week don’t just happen. Hair and makeup teams have been flown to the Riviera from around the globe to attend to the bevy of starlets promoting their flicks there. Dior has even set up an entire beauty suite with hair help from Odile Gilbert and her team. Maintaining a radiant complexion on the premiere circuit takes more than an expert face painter, though. Enter the new U Spa Barrière at the Hôtel Majestic Barrière. The 450-square-meter relaxation cocoon with ocean views uses Sisley’s phyto-aromatic skincare line and features a “water paradise booth,” in which hot and cold showers intermingle with fragrance, sound, and light for a true multi-sensory experience. Naomi Campbell and Mary J. Blige have already been invited to experience the range of anti-stress, purifying, and energizing face and body rituals, and Kate Beckinsale indulged in Sisley’s new Supreme Anti-Age Treatment earlier this week. The house specialty, it combines the benefits of Sisley’s new Supremya at Night cream, an emollient salve that capitalizes on the most recent advances in the field of chronobiology and skin physiology, with an in-depth antiaging massage. The treatment is exclusive to the Barrière for six months, but fingers crossed it will arrive at other Sisley spas like, say, Sense at New York’s Carlyle Hotel, soon thereafter. The Upper East Side is no Cannes, but it is a tad more convenient for us.

Photo: Courtesy of Sisley Paris

Miss Dior Cherie, In 3-D


It looks like Alice in Wonderland-themed cosmetics ranges aren’t the only way the 3-D movie spectacular has infiltrated the beauty world. Dior has just released a new “augmented reality” Web site for its Miss Dior Cherie perfume to bring the popularity of three-dimensional technology to fragrance. The idea is to provide a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment with elements that are enhanced by computer-generated imagery. In this case, the physical real-world environment is a colored picture of the Dior fragrance ad that you can print out from your computer. Once it’s printed, you simply hold it up to your Web cam to reveal a pop-up book version of the image on your screen. From there, all the newly visible elements are clickable, including a bouquet of flowers that leads you to information about the feminine eau’s floral notes (which include violet, pink jasmine, and strawberry leaves) and a camera icon that takes you to a cut of Sofia Coppola’s fantastically happy commercial for the scent starring Maryna Linchuk. The short film itself is not in 3-D, unfortunately, but we would happily don a pair of those black-rimmed, cornea-bending glasses to watch its scenes of candy-colored macarons and warm Parisian sunlight jump out right in front of our face. Virtual reality can be oh-so satisfying.

Photo: Courtesy of Parfums Christian Dior

A Modest Proposal


Boudoir details have revealed themselves to be a major trend this season. It started for Fall at Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton; continued for spring at Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Dior, among many others; and has slowly but surely trickled down to mass market retailers—head to Urban Outfitters for all manner of lacy dresses, shoes, and bodysuits. But, whether because of plummeting temperatures or inherent prudishness, you would prefer not to show skin, you can still make a nod to the trend with a lacy headband. That this Goody number will cost you little more than a five spot makes it the ultimate holiday-party-ready cheap thrill.

$5.25, at Target stores.

A Boon To At-Home Brow Maintenance


I swear by my brow groomer. Jimena and I have been together for almost three years now and I won’t let anyone else tend to my arches—except, of course, myself, when intense workloads and social obligations conflict with my ability to get to Robin Evans Skincare every three weeks. While I’m fairly confident in my tweezing and trimming abilities (a borderline OCD personality demands bright light, a magnifying mirror, and a very sharp set of Tweezerman tweezers), every once in a while I take it a little too far, plucking one too many hairs and leaving some sparse areas. I still haven’t completely mastered the art of brow powders, pencils, and waxes, but it’s at these moments that I try to hone my skills. Dior’s Diorshow Brow Styler was the subject of my latest trial and error effort; it comes in one universal shade with a brush on the other end for blending. The deep brown color was a surprisingly good match for my onyx hairs once I realized that the trick was to tread lightly when using its ultra-fine point (a heavy-handed application is very, um, apparent and can leave you worse off than when you started). A few quick upward brushstrokes and my brows looked almost as good as if Jimena’s divine hands had shaped them herself. Almost.

Photo: Courtesy of Sephora