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Diane Kruger for Chanel Skincare; Beauty Lessons To Be Learned From Margaret Thatcher; And More…


“No matter what makeup you do, flawless skin is your canvas for everything,” Diane Kruger told us in an interview last year. Now it appears as though the actress’ devotion to her complexion has paid off. Kruger has just been named the first-ever face of Chanel skincare. [HuffPo]

Lauren Bush Lauren and her FEED initiative have teamed up with Clarins for a second charitable collaboration that pairs a newly designed FEED bag with a six-piece product lineup, which will offer Macy’s customers a “gift with purpose” through April 20. [People]

Margaret Thatcher, who passed away this morning at age 87, was as much of a beauty icon as a political legend. “However late and however tired, I use cleanser to get the makeup off, and then a good moisturizer,” she once said of her skincare regimen, adding “there is a nonsense about intelligent women not being beautiful. There is no genetic link between brains and beauty. Most women are far more intelligent than people give them credit for.” [Telegraph]

…Yet somehow, all these years later, the debate rages on. Following an offhanded comment in which President Obama called friend and supporter California Attorney General Kamala Harris “the best-looking” AG in the country, a new study found that comments like this can tarnish the perception of women in executive roles. The moment a woman contending for power within the system of power gets talked about as if she’s contending for top marks within the system of beauty, it diminishes her standing in the other power realm, the findings contend. [The Atlantic]

Photo: Rob Kim/FilmMagic

Clarins Doubles Down


Twenty-seven years ago, a monumental addition to the Clarins family came into being—make that two monumental additions: 1985 marked the launch of the French brand’s original Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate, a multitasking elixir designed to tackle the skin’s five vital functions (hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection, and regeneration), and front-row regular Virginie Courtin-Clarins was born. While both are now fixtures in the fashion world, the former has gone through six formula upgrades—let’s call them makeovers—to keep it functioning at optimal levels as new technologies and new ingredients have come to light. “Most companies launch new products, and when the one on the market isn’t working anymore, they switch to a different one. Clarins has a different policy,” explains Nathalie Issachar, the line’s director of marketing development and scientific communication. “[We] have a policy of open formula, so we update only if we find scientific technology that’s news”—which is exactly what keeps happening with Double Serum, and exactly why it remains such a favorite among consumers, which is to say it still works, and well.

Thanks in part to the tireless work of Clarins’ resident ethnobotanist Jean-Pierre Nicolas, who sources ingredients from all over the world for the green-leaning French beauty brand, and a nifty new packaging idea, Double Serum has just gotten a new lease on life yet again. “We did three hundred trials, with hundreds of extracts,” Issachar divulges of the process by which she came upon the twenty natural extracts that bolster the new formula, which includes burdock root and marshmallow to boost hydration; macadamia and kiwi extracts to restore suppleness; maritime pine and arnica to enhance radiance; pistachio and quinoa to protect against premature aging; and green banana and hops to help maintain firmness and density. What shocked Issachar the most was not the diverse array of super-foods, fruits, and herbs that Nicolas presented her with but the efficacy they had when put together. “I used to work a lot with the well-known molecule retinol, which treats photoaging, and I have a lot of knowledge of retinoic acid,” she explains. “And what we have been able to demonstrate is a comparably effective retinoic acid—without the irritation. That surprised me.”

Exceptionally potent ingredients are only part of the story here, as they can do more harm than good if not harnessed properly. “Botanical extracts are very sensitive to light and oxidation. When you use a plant extract, you usually have problems, so when you have twenty plant extracts, you have twenty more problems, as far as increasing the potential for chemical and physical incapability,” she reveals. But a breakthrough bottle design that includes two entirely different chambers—one that contains hydric, or water-soluble, ingredients and the other that contains lipidic, or oil-soluble, ingredients—has let Clarins maximize its new formula’s potency without the risk of compromising its components. “You have two-thirds water and one-third lipids in your body, so we are reproducing the ratio you have in the skin,” Issachar says of the serum’s bi-phase system that blends together through a singular pump right before you apply it. “We are bio-mimicking,” she explains, and as a result, the product absorbs better and treats all signs of aging, instead of just one—that’s, wrinkles, enlarged pores, discoloration, et al. Here’s to another twenty-seven years of innovation.

Photo: Courtesy of Clarins

The Fab Five: Eye Candy


If the influx of shoppers and Christmas decorations on Fifth Avenue hasn’t tipped you off, the holiday shopping season is in full swing. The most wonderful time of the year ushers in a month-long frenzy of overspending and overindulging, the latter of which just so happens to extend to our daily caloric intake and our eye makeup preferences as well. Lids that were once neutral and bare often get a little sparkle these days, which can be done in a way that’s not too over-the-top for the glitter-phobics among you. Whether you sweep on a fine sheen of shimmering powder or blend in a luminescent cream, these five pigment pots and palettes should help get you into the festive spirit—if those limited-edition, seasonal red Starbucks cups haven’t already done the trick.

Four Play
Clarins Eye Quartet
While it looks almost too pretty to touch, this palette contains the perfect mix of subtle, luminescent hues ideal for daytime wear, as well a gilded chunky glitter/shimmer hybrid that can be built up into a molten gold finish.

Green Goddess
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Loose Color Concentrates in Nori
OCC’s products not only boast a 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free tag, they’re also extremely pigmented and long-lasting. A splash of the loose glitter (available in 36 dazzling shades) can be used on eyes, lips, cheeks, or brows and contains light-reflecting mica for ultimate sparkle. We’re particularly feeling Nori right now, a dark hunter green.

Gold Standard
Estée Lauder Pure Color Gélee Powder Eyeshadow in Cyber Gold
Makeup maestro Tom Pecheux is the genius behind these incredibly soft, easy-to-use pigments, which have a silky-smooth formula that applies like a gel but dries to a powder. Bonus: Each one, like the gorgeous Cyber Gold, provides enough shimmer to open up your eyes yet still look sophisticated.

Purple Haze
Dr. Hauschka Eye Shadow Solo in Smoky Violet
A favorite of the style and celebrity set, Dr. Hauschka’s holistic skincare offerings are beloved for their soothing, skin-saving ingredients. Containing extracts of black tea to nurture the delicate skin around your eye, this talc-infused iridescent powder provides a subtle sheen and will help keep puffy eyes at bay. Also, this aubergine color makes makes hazel eyes pop.

Into the Blue
Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Shadow in Tenacious Teal
Feeling dry from the winter cold? Go with a cream shadow formula, which provides more moisture than powders. We’re obsessed with the boldness of this hue, which can be ultra-vivid when layered into an opaque finnish. Once applied, it won’t budge but is still easily removable after a long night of merrymaking.

Beauty Nostalgia: Reminiscing With…Gucci Westman


Beauty Nostalgia is a new, weekly column on Beauty Counter in which we ask influencers, tastemakers, and some of our favorite industry experts to wax poetic on the sticks, salves, and sprays that helped shape who they are today.

The Pro: Gucci Westman, global artistic director for Revlon

The Product: “When I was 18, I was au pair to a family in Switzerland. I took care of two children, who were 2 and 9 years old, and I lived in the bedroom above the garage. I didn’t speak much French but the mother was a fashion journalist and she was always giving me products. I was just getting into skincare around this time, and I remember she gave me Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. The texture felt rich and luxurious, like a real cream. It had a peach color and smelled a little fruity with a floral undertone. This was my cream and it made me feel like a European woman. After that summer I moved back to Sweden and all my girlfriends wanted it. Anytime one of us was traveling we’d give each other money to buy it at Duty Free. We called it Baume Beauté Eclair to feel more French. Smelling it now reminds me of being 18 again and the feeling of putting it on before bed and having the scent waft around my face when I hit the pillow.” —As told to Kari Molvar

Photo: Courtesy of Clarins

The Most Offensive Of All Fragrance Ads; Snow White And The Huntsman: The Nail Polish; And More…


Sophie Dahl’s unforgettable campaign for YSL Opium ranks as the eighth most offensive ad in the last 50 years, apparently. And by offensive, we’re assuming they mean iconic. [Telegraph]

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of its classic L’Eau Dynamisante scent, Clarins has taken over the windows at Colette through June 2, showcasing 25 original bottles of the legendary fragrance designed by fashion houses, artists, and designers including Chantal Thomass, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Mugler, and Zadig & Voltaire. [WWD]

And so the movie-inspired nail polish releases continue. Following lacquer lines for everything from The Muppets to The Hunger Games, Deborah Lippmann has released a new varnish duo inspired by Snow White and the Huntsman. [Racked]

The high-stakes games of hotel amenities is getting even higher as big-name chains and smaller boutique brands are rushing to stock their rooms with choice skincare, haircare, nail polishes—and even lipstick; after creating custom nail shades for Hotel Costes in Paris, Uslu Airlines is reportedly working on a lipstick that will be exclusive to the property. [NYT]

Photo: Courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent