August 23 2014

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Clarisonic’s High-Tech Solution for Summer Skin Damage


Beauty_Counter[4]Ask any beauty editor her secret to smooth, radiant skin, and chances are she’s using a Clarisonic. The oscillating brush has long been a desert-island essential for deep cleaning (the bristles move 200 to 350 times per second and remove six times more dirt than your hands), shrinking pores, preventing breakouts, and imparting a luminous glow. The brand offers a brush head and cleanser for every skin type, whether yours is sensitive, dry, or acne-prone, but omitted one crucial antiaging concern: hyper-pigmentation. At least until now.

The new Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution promises to reduce the appearance of dark spots (i.e, that smattering of freckles you earned at the beach) in as little as two weeks. The kit includes the cult-favorite Aria body design with densely packed, super-soft bristles that “buff” pigment at the skin’s surface and fade excess melanin. Meant to be used twice daily, the Sonic Radiance Solution comes with a gentle, milky morning cleanser and a more intense Skin Renewing Peel Wash for night laced with LHA (an acid that gently resurfaces skin) and gylcolic acid, to improve texture and tone. The Brightening Activator Serum, which should be applied directly after cleansing, is packed with potent ellagic acid and phenylethyl resorcinol to minimize the damage you incurred during those long summer days in the sun.

Considering the number of underwhelming “glow-inducing” products out there, I was skeptical, but after using the system for a few days, I noticed a difference. The pillowy brush and antioxidant-rich products felt luxurious, and my complexion looked radiant after each scrubbing session. Any redness was diminished, and the overall tone was considerably more even—almost like a soft-blur effect. I might not be in the market for an extreme antiaging regimen (yet), but there isn’t a demographic on earth who doesn’t want to brighten up.


Power to the Pedi



I have finally resigned my feet to boots and, in doing so, have become totally unprepared for the quick beach getaway I’m taking over the Thanksgiving holiday. To get everything back into open-toed-shoe shape, I broke out the big gun: Clarisonic’s latest addition to the sonic-power family, the Pedi. This device, although it looks similar to the version designed for your face, should never be used to exfoliate your complexion. The motor on this model is far more powerful, and the oscillations more intense, in order to treat tough calluses. The system also comes with two heads (a metal smoothing disc meant to be used on dry skin) and a buffer (complete with short and long bristles, for a deeper cleanse). Used in conjunction with the three products included in the kit—a scrub (laced with lactic acid and a tri-fruit complex to dissolve rough spots), a peel (used twice a week to refine your skin’s texture via a combo of glycolic and lactic acids), and a balm (containing soothing shea butter, honey, and apricot oil)—this brush is guaranteed make your pumice stone look almost prehistoric.


Photo: Courtesy of Clarisonic

Clarisonic Strikes Oil


The Clarisonic loyal are an increasingly large—and diverse—bunch. Women and men swear by the oscillating skin brush that claims to reduce breakouts, minimize the physical signs of aging, and create a luminous, glowing finish. There’s a brush head for every skin type, too, from delicate to sensitive to normal—well, make that almost every skin type. Until recently, the truly oily have gone without a bristle design of their own. Enter the new Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Head. Specifically designed to get deep within the pores—even in hard to reach areas like behind the nostrils—its dual-action scrubbing motion ensures that cleansing is as gentle as it is thorough. We witnessed the brush do its magic at a demo this morning, where we also gleaned some info on keeping your Clarisonic clean: According to the brand’s co-founder Robb Akridge, the best way to care for your brush is to remove the head and rinse any cleanser deposits that may have formed about once a week. Bonus tip: To keep your brush in tiptop shape, throw it in with your whites the next time you hit the Laundromat.

Photo:Courtesy of Clarisonic

Beauty Throwdown: Battle Skin Brush


It was bound to happen. Clarisonic’s signature face brush had gone years without any other brands daring to knock off its design. But now, beauty behemoth Olay has ventured to do just that, trimming more than $100 off the price tag in the process! As a recent convert to the church of face-brush loyalists, I thought this new development warranted some brush-on-brush evaluation, so without further ado, meet the contenders: the Clarisonic Mia and the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System.

I opted to test-drive Clarisonic’s newer Mia style, versus the classic, because its smaller design is more comparable to Olay’s version. With that in mind, let’s talk size. Delicate types will gravitate toward the Olay, but those of you with big ol’ man hands like me will probably prefer the heft of the Clarisonic. And because the Clarisonic brush head has a greater circumference, it simply covers more territory.

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The 411: Poppy King


Poppy King has always been a woman totally obsessed with lips. At 18, an age when most of us are busy getting ill-advised tattoos, King launched her first beauty brand in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia. Called Poppy, the collection comprised pigment-rich, matte lipsticks befitting of 1940′s screen sirens. It was a stroke of genius—and so is her sophomore effort, Lipstick Queen. The line focuses on all things lip-related and has developed legions of devotees who appreciate its singular and thoughtful approach to the art of pout-painting, us included (King has already been the subject of our Beautiful Lives feature). A regular fixture on the streets of Nolita, where she can often be spotted wearing little else in the way of makeup than a bright red lip, King was kind enough to share her own beauty routine.

The Pro: Poppy King

Founder of Lipstick Queen.

The Lip: Better Off Red

“I am going through a huge stage of loving my Fired Up! It’s a sheer red gloss that suits every single skin tone and it looks like you have been locked in a kiss with a cherry.”

Lipstick Queen Fired Up, $18,

The Colorist: Double Trouble

“I swap between two fabulous colorists, Michael Angelo at Michael Angelo’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor and Brian Thompson at Marie Robinson. They are both so good at keeping me from going over the blonde edge and keeping it, well, not real, but not fried within an inch of its life.”

Michael Angelo’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor, 418 W. 13th St., NYC, (212) 524-2800,; Marie Robinson Salon, 155 Fifth Ave., 4th fl., NYC, (212) 358-7780,

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