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Extreme Juicing: A Editor Does a Double Cleanse



If I was ever going to repeat something, especially in a row, it wouldn’t be a juice cleanse. (Consecutive slices of pizza or glasses of champagne? Absolutely.) That’s why I left the detoxing up to our hard-core social media editor, Rachel Walgrove, who doubled up on Suja’s three-day program. (I like to think that she did a round for me.) While all of our editors bit the dust after a day or two, she was still sipping. Here, her thoughts on coming clean (twice):

During fashion month, it’s nearly impossible to maintain any sort of structured schedule—sleep and diet included. When shows end in New York and I’m cranking out content stateside while functioning on a CET time zone, I welcome any and all immune-boosting suggestions. And when desperate times call for last-minute measures, I find myself supplementing extra drops of B12 with quadruple shots of espresso. In a moment of weakness, I even tried caffeinated chocolate (FYI, it’s not nearly as good as it sounds). Truth be told, when it comes to maintaining (or resetting) my system, I prefer the natural route. Enter Suja, a California-based cold-pressed juice company that had been on my radar since the bottles popped up in my Instagram feed. Eager to give it a go, and pressed for adequate mealtimes, I doubled up on the three-day Suja Fresh Start pack and began a six-day foray into digestive rest. (Note: Suja recommends one-, three-, or five-day routines.) The most notable difference between Suja Fresh Start and similar programs is the selection of juices: The three green beverages (Glow, Fiji, and Green Supreme) are broken up by carrot-orange (Fuel) and beet-carrot (Purify) concoctions, until concluding the day with the usual nut-milk-based dessert substitute (Vanilla Cloud). Maybe it was my eagerness for dinnertime, but Green Supreme tasted so good, I found myself replicating the apple-kale-lemon concoction post-cleanse. Six days later, my energy levels were up and caffeine-induced crashes were a thing of the past (though I admittedly surrendered to my black coffee addiction four days in). Despite clashing claims over cleansing, I can happily attest that the occasional just-juice routine resets the system—and the second time really is the charm.

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A New Generation of Superfoods at Amchara Detox


Amchara Detox

If you are going to take a week and eat your way to beauty, you might as well do it in one of the U.K.’s most unsung beauty spots—Somerset. Here, in Bindon Hall, an atmospheric thirteenth-century manor complete with a baroque interior and masterpiece staircase, is where the Amchara Detox takes place. On first blush, Amchara is like any other juice/raw food fast retreat, complete with self-colonics and gentle yoga. The difference is that it is headed up by husband-and-wife team Justin Williams and Karen Boyle, basically two Sherpas guiding their clients into a new generation of little-known superfoods—eviscerating everything we thought we knew before.

So yup, if you are still in a loop of wheatgrass or açai, it’s official: Those are so 2012. At Amchara, whether a juice fast or a raw-food menu is chosen, each “meal” is accompanied by superfood shots designed to make you beautiful starting from the inside. A chlorella shot is first, dubbed a “dream food” by the Carnegie Institute for its one-two punch of protein and essential acids. Known to reduce body fat with its powerhouse of antioxidant properties, it is equally hardworking on the skin and hair front. Then there is the incredible blue green algae, the king of fighting free radicals and one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, with a too-good-to-be-true list of health and beauty benefits—Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center says that it can boost your immune system and has natural antiviral properties. Bringing up the rear is the mighty aloe ferox, nicknamed a “pharmacy in a plant.” This superfood is credited for preventing the formation of wrinkles, improving skin elasticity, aiding in skin regeneration, and being a natural immune-system booster. Take that, echinacea and raspberry ketones.

Amchara’s daily health lectures provide running commentary on superfoods we should all have stocked in our pantries. For example, who knew that barley grass has a dream list of proteins, iron, vitamin C, and calcium and has transformative effects on skin, hair, and nails? Or that chromium picolinate is excellent for warding off sugar and carb cravings. Maca root taken prior to training helps with endurance, and with its high level of calcium, it’s is a wonder food for women. In fact, with the weight falling off everywhere and clients’ blood sugar regulating itself, Amchara is adding a diabetes program, as type 2 diabetes and obesity are, according to the World Health Organization, major global epidemics.

A combination of all this, plus the colonics and infrared sauna, definitely beat the crap (so to speak) out of my lazy metabolic system—though it wasn’t easy to give up the coffee/bagel morning routine, never mind red wine. At week’s end, I was less elated with my eight-pound weight loss than I was with the fact that my skin looked like I spent the week in a derm’s office; my hair was glossy, Kardashian-style; and my eyes were clear and present. If there is a small negative side, it’s that, in the great hall, you may have to get past the ghost— a comforting, cute ghost in a form of a little girl, but a ghost, nonetheless. It is a thirteenth-century English manor, after all.

Amchara Health Retreat, Somerset, United Kingdom, +44 207-603-7744,

L.A. Beauty Collab: The Doable Detox


Paleta-Sonya-Dakar-Beauty-DetoxTwo is the magic number for Los Angeles wellness duo Sonya Dakar (skincare kingpin) and Kelly Boyer (executive chef and founder of farm-to-table meal-delivery service Paleta). The pair met while collaborating on charitable events at Dakar’s Beverly Hills clinic and then became each other’s clients. “Sonya keeps my skin looking young and beautiful, and I keep her nourished,” explains Boyer. “We decided, why not put the two together to truly address the complexion?” The fruit of their labor: A shippable two-day, two-pronged Get Glowing! Beauty Detox, which aims to purify and balance—both inside and out.

Dakar contributes products from her newest collection, NutraSphere Detox, which harnesses the power of Marrubium and Buddleja (botanical stem cells that fight free radicals and purge toxins). Included in the face-saving plan: a two-week supply (Dakar says it takes that long to really see results) of Detox Wash, Detox Micro Scrub, and Detox Hydrator. As a bonus, she added two days’ worth of Organic Omega Booster (a moisturizing serum), Daily Face Shield SPF 30, and Perfect Women Multi Vitamins. “It’s not uncommon to break out when doing a juice cleanse,” Dakar explains. “We wanted to keep skin clear during the detoxification process [with an] ingestible and topical approach.”

For her part, Boyer—a health-conscious survivor of late-stage cancer—overnights two days’ worth of tasty cold-pressed juices, “magic milkshakes” (gourmet nut milks), handmade energy bars, bath salts, smoothies bolstered by Dakar’s Ultima Power Protein Powder, and special “boosts” that fuel regeneration and skin repair. The standouts: A pumpkin pie milkshake with antioxidants and nourishing coconut, and prickly pear juice—a blend of healing cactus and cleansing chlorophyll that help keep inflammation at bay. Drink (and wash) up!

Available in L.A. now and nationwide September 1, at and; $229.

Photo: Courtesy of Sonya Dakar and Paleta

Dr. Alejandro Junger On Over-Cleansing


This column features weekly tips and advice from a revolving cast of industry leaders on hand to discuss your beauty dilemmas, from blemishes to Botox. To submit a question, e-mail

You obviously are well aware of the health benefits that come with cleansing, but there are many people who constantly flit from one to another. Can you over-cleanse?

“We are living in a toxic world. There are toxins in our food, in our water, the air we breathe, our soaps and cosmetics, cleaning products, and our furniture. Our bodies have an amazing natural detoxification system, but we are so overwhelmed with toxins and heavy meals that most of us can’t adequately support that natural process fully. That is why a dedicated period of cleansing can be really helpful in optimizing health and wellness. The Clean Program is a wonderful way to rest your digestion, fill the body with good nutrition, and support that natural detox system.

“However, you can cleanse too much. Cleansing for an extended period of time can be very taxing on the body. So going from one cleanse to another, or being on a constant cleanse, is not the best route. We see more benefits from periodic cleansing followed by a reduction in your exposure to toxins between cleanses. You can reduce your overall toxic load and support your body’s daily maintenance work with better food choices and nontoxic cosmetics and cleaning products.

“How often someone should cleanse is very individual. The Clean Program can be done up to four times a year, but most people will do the full program only once or twice a year. How often you should cleanse will depend on your daily diet and your specific needs. It is always a good idea to discuss with your doctor before adopting any program or change in diet.”

The Uruguay-born, New York-based Dr. Alejandro Junger is a pioneer of the modern detox movement. His first book, Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself, was a New York Times Bestseller, and he is a favorite of Gwyneth Paltrow, among countless other well-known fans. Most recently, Junger teamed with L.A.-based The Detox Market to offer his groundbreaking Clean detoxification program to the masses.

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when it comes to cleansing, go green


This column features weekly tips and advice from a revolving cast of industry leaders, on hand to discuss your beauty dilemmas, from blemishes to Botox. The following query was culled from a private stock, but we’ll be accepting readers’ questions soon.
I feel like everyone is on a cleanse these days. I like the idea of them but am skeptical of things like the “lemonade diet,” which seems like starvation to me. Are there any good, less intense

I highly recommend Green Magma green drinks. They provide our bodies with a natural whole-food source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential and non-essential amino acids, as well as active enzymes, antioxidants, detoxifiers, and chlorophyll. Mix with water and drink on an empty stomach.

Nicholas Perricone, M.D. and Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, is a board-certified clinical and research dermatologist as well as the CEO of NV Perricone MD. The author of three New York Times No. 1 best-sellers, he is regarded as the father of the inflammation theory of aging. Known for a holistic approach to aging and general skincare, he treats his patients in three ways: through diet, nutriceutical supplements, and an eponymous line of cosmeceuticals.

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