August 23 2014

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Behold, The Blowout Bar Of Acne Care


With the arrival—and quick ascendance—of the blowout bar, the single-focus beauty shop has given rise to a number of different, successful start-ups. From Blushington‘s makeup-and-go idea to the Bang Station‘s fringe benefits, streamlining the primping process to cater to a single, specific need is the beauty industry’s million-dollar idea du jour. And yet skincare remains a category untapped by this approach—which was not lost on New York-based dermatologist Eric Schweiger. “It’s a full-service acne treatment center,” Dr. Schweiger says of Clear Clinic, his revolutionary new retail space and professional facility in one located in Manhattan’s Flatiron district.

As a physician at Mt. Sinai medical center who later started a private practice in Midtown, the good doctor noticed that for a lot of his patients in their twenties and thirties, acne was still a big issue. “But by the time they got to me, they were exhausted by the process,” he explains—a process that can include months of looking for a suitable dermatologist, determining if they accept your insurance, and then actually getting an appointment. The idea with Clear Clinic was to provide a designated outpost that specializes in the latest treatments for pervasive blemishes and the after-effects they can leave behind—Isolaz, a pulse light and suction treatment that functions as an alternative to antibiotics; photodynamic light therapy, which uses blue and red light to kill bacteria and then heal irritation; Fraxel, a specialized laser that attacks post-breakout scars; chemical peels, extractions, et al.—in a professional, albeit walk-in environment. “We’ll have a full appointment calendar,” Schweiger elaborates, “but for things like cortisone shots, you can just walk in. We don’t want you doing ‘bathroom surgery.’” It’s at this point in the spiel that our ears perk up. “Cortisone shots are often covered by your insurance,” he continues, “so you can just come in before an event [if you're having a flare up].” Good to know.

Dr. Schweiger’s team currently includes four dermatologists and three physicians assistants who will attend to six treatment rooms when the location officially opens next week. A retail area in the front of the clinic stocks a selection of acne-fighting topical agents from brands like Tanda, Tria, and Clarisonic, as well as ME Skin, a line Dr. Schweiger created with his sister. Adding to the groundbreaking nature of the entire concept is a station equipped with bright white iMacs where prospective clients can simply fill out their insurance information (“we accept all major carriers,” says Dr. Schweiger), which will be stored for future visits. That’s right; the acne treatment center of the future is here—and it’s paperless.

Clear Clinic, 21 West 19th Street, NYC, 212.828.3000;

Photo: Courtesy of Clear Clinic